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Employee Center

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Fareway provides a number of training and developmental related opportunities for its employees:

  • Annually, Fareway provides thousands of young employees the opportunity for a “first job”, practicing core foundational skills such as communication, professionalism, collaboration and adaptability, contributing to future success in the workplace.

  • Qualified high school students may elect to participate in a Registered Meat Cutting Apprenticeship program.

  • Work-Study programs are available with select school districts.

Fareway Branded Apparel- 

New, updated logo and customizable embroidery options are now available for NON-UNIFORM sportswear and accessories:

Fareway Grocery, Meat, & Bakery Personnel

Fareway Meat Market Personnel(Omaha 165, Lincoln, 179, Ames 189, Beaverdale 225, Olathe 226, Luverne 228)

Fareway Corporate/Boone Campus Personnel(Delivery available only to 380)

Midwest Quality Wholesale Private Store (Delivery available only to 380)

Internships and Programs

  • "In Location” Retail Internship offers a unique opportunity for part-time employees to focus on specific personalized objectives/ development of specific departmental expertise.

  • “Single Store Location” Retail Internship offers an eight to ten week-long internship opportunity in a location remote from student/employee’s home store location.

  • “Retail Sales Team” Retail Internship typically an eight to ten week traveling internship; focusing on merchandising; new store openings; departmental expertise, and leadership management skills.

  • “Corporate-Campus” Internship include opportunities in Supply Chain, Marketing, Information Technology, Accounting, Human Resources, Social Media, Category Management, Logistics, eCommerce, and other corporate areas of the business.  Objectives include timely/high visibility projects; frequently interacting/collaborating with company department leaders and officers with work based learning at the Corporate Campus in Boone, IA.

  • “Specialized” Internship – Reserved for qualified participants/specific qualifications required.

  • Delta Sigma Pi Internship - Specifically for members of the University of Iowa Delta Sigma Pi – Epsilon Chapter.

  • College Credit Internship - Internship may qualify for college credit with qualifying approval.

  • Retail Mentoring Program:
  • Six to eight week-long structured program including intensive/ hands-on training of specific retail-related competencies/skills.

  • Retail Sales Team Program:

  • Retail Management Training Program: (Grocery & Market) multi-year program focused on introducing, practicing, demonstrating and mastering retail management competencies.

    • Transfer Program participants typically transfer to multiple retail locations while completing the Management Training Program.

    • Non-Transfer (NT) Assistant Program participants typically remain in a single location or single geographical area. 

  • Two-year “participation by acceptance of application” program focusing on refinement and fine-tuning of Retail, Merchandising and Leadership/Management skills.


College Partnerships and Scholarship Opportunities-

Buena Vista University is proud to offer a Strategic Partnership with Fareway.

Upper Iowa University is proud to have a Corporate Advantage Partnership with Fareway. 

University of Dubuque LIFE Accelerated Adult Degree Program is proud to offer an Employer Partnership with Fareway.

IGIA Scholarship Eligibility: Awarding over $100,000 annually to Fareway employees or family members. 

Fast Forward Program: Up to $5000 reimbursement available for qualified student loan expense ($100/mo).

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