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Making a trip to the grocery store was always a nightmare for Amanda, mother of two. While 5-year old Jacob enjoys helping, it was an undertaking to get the simple task of grocery shopping completed. Amanda’s 2-year old son Benjamin cannot sit in a regular basket cart, as he suffers from a rare genetic mutation that causes epilepsy, visual problems and weak muscle tone. Amanda would have to wrestle with not only a grocery cart, but also Benjamin’s specialized stroller when she shopped. It was all she needed to feel out of place, as she took up an entire aisle or had Jacob push Benjamin. That’s when she discovered Caroline’s Carts, a cart designed for special needs - and more importantly, one that would suit Benjamin!

Family utilizes new shopping cart for special needs in Fareway Clinton store

When Clinton Store Manager Dennis Schut received a letter from Amanda requesting a Caroline’s Cart, he acted fast in securing one for the store. Now the task of grocery shopping doesn’t seem so daunting. It’s a blessing for Amanda and her family to have a normal shopping experience again. In her quest to find something that would benefit her family, she discovered a solution that would help other families with special needs members! 

Family shopping in Fareway Clinton store utilizing special needs cart

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