Shield of Honor

March 2018 - Mark Benbow 

Mark has been with Fareway for 42 years, and is the grocery manager for 597-1 Creston. He has worked at several locations before Creston, including: 467-Marshalltown, 625-Oskaloosa, 828-Sioux City, 933-Urbandale, 900-Des Moines, 657-Indianola, 790-Harlan, and 941-Greenfield. Mark started part-time as a sacker at the age of 16, and worked his way up to full-time department head, assistant manager, and currently, manager.

He has many fond memories of his younger years at his first store, Marshalltown. Mark remembers having a good time with his fellow employees playing softball games in the eighties and nineties against other stores.

Mark has three children. Two are currently in college at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. The other graduated from Des Moines Area Community College. (So we have to ask, Mark, what team do you cheer for?)

Mark enjoys golfing and is a Minnesota Vikings enthusiast. He likes working for Fareway because every day is different and has its own challenges. He also appreciates working for a company that has moral respect for the community, and enjoys interacting with a large variety of personalities.

He is especially proud of Fareway’s reputation throughout the state and the respect given for our values, including: being closed on Sundays, to-your-car carryout service, and the full-service market department. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says good-natured, fair, and kind.

We certainly appreciate your good-natured spirit over the last 42 years, Mark. Thank you for your commitment to the company!

February 2018 - Sharon Mitchell

Sharon started working part-time at 589-1 Decorah in September 1976 and will be celebrating 42 years with Fareway. After graduating high school in May 1978, a full-time opening came up and her manager at the time, Paul Eppel, asked if she would like the position. She responded by saying she would take it, because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to college or what the future held for her. And 42 years later, Sharon is still with Fareway!

During her time, Sharon has seen so many changes throughout the years. When she first started, health insurance was $2.50 per week, the store closed at 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and they would get paid in cash every Friday evening at 6 p.m. She says that Fareway has given her the opportunity to meet so many different people. The customers she has met and the many friends she has made over the span of 42 years has been really amazing.

Sharon has two daughters, Teresa and Allison, and four grandchildren: Dylan, Kyler, Elsa, and Lucy. She loves spoiling her grandkids whenever she gets the chance! Sharon is pictured with her granddaughter Elsa.

Thank you for 42 years of service, Sharon. We are glad to have you as part of the Fareway family!

January 2018 - Stacy Watson

Stacy will be celebrating 42 years in May 2018, and currently works in the warehouse as a 2010 Dock/ASRS Forklift Operator. He’s worked in various roles during his tenure, including the night shift as part-time rover, canned goods, health and beauty aids, store and market supplies, and day shift as a T.S. forklift operator, before coming into his current role. When he first started, Ron Sundall started calling him “Scoots”, as he scooted down the aisles putting up orders. He jokes that now he’s pushing 60, the name isn’t nearly as applicable.

Stacy fondly remembers that a couple nights after he first started, Bill Beckwith had him help put up some new racks. Bill often came out to the warehouse in the evenings to work on various projects. Stacy recalls that putting up the rack wasn’t a two-man job, nor did he specifically help get it done any faster. He later observed that Bill did this same thing with other new employees, and he came to realize that it was his way of getting to know them.

Stacy has been married to his wife Julie for 29 years. She is a home school mom and classical education tutor. They have two children, Eliana and Lane, who are both 11 years old. In his spare time, Stacy enjoys gardening, following the Minnesota Vikings, and studying reformed theology. Stacy also admits that he’d rather listen to Iowa and ISU football on the radio, than watch it on tv.

He is most proud of his family, and says that they are truly a blessing from the Lord. Stacy enjoys working for Fareway because of the job stability and his fellow employees.

When asked about how he would like to be remembered, Stacy says he would like to be remembered as a good steward of his job.

We are proud of your good stewardship in taking care of your job, Stacy. Thank you for your dedicated service and commitment to Fareway.

December 2017 - Mathew Hasenwinkel

Mathew has been with Fareway for 41 years, and is currently a full-time meat cutter in the market at 467-2 Marshalltown. He has worked in several locations before coming to Marshalltown, including: 502-2 Cherokee, 719-2 LeMars, and 648-2 Ottumwa. Mathew held the role of Assistant Market Manager for four years at 648-2 Ottumwa and 467-2 Marshalltown. He usually goes by the nickname Matt or Hazy.

He fondly remembers that for two years a female customer by the name of Mary would come into the store, and he assumed she was married. One day, she left her phone number for Matt and now they have been together 22 years (20 married)!

Matt and Mary have two children: Amber (32), Fort Worth, TX; and Seth (31), Chicago, IL, married to his wife Bobbie. In his spare time, he enjoys reading fiction, watching westerns, doing puzzles, playing card games, and watching sports.

Matt enjoys working for Fareway because of the customers and fellow co-workers. He is proud that he has been with the company for 41 years, and has enjoyed working with those individuals that have moved up within the company. He hopes that he was able to teach them something and has contributed to their careers.

Matt would like to be remembered for always trying to help the customers find and obtain the products they are looking for while shopping. When asked for his advice, Matt shares that you should give it your all at work, take pride in what you are doing, and try to learn something new everyday!

We certainly appreciate the pride you’ve taken in your work over the last 41 years, Mathew. Thank you for your commitment to the company!

November 2017 - Christopher Wayne Livengood

Chris is the current grocery manager of 551-1 Eagle Grove, and he celebrated 41 years with Fareway in January 2017. Chris has worked at 737-1 Grinnell, 467-1 Marshalltown, 531-1 Algona (assistant), 850-1 Spirit Lake (assistant), and 879-1 Belmond (manager), before coming to 551-1 Eagle Grove.

He will always remember certain individuals who gave him his start at Fareway, those who encouraged him to succeed, and cared about him as a person. Chris is proud that he has also given many employees a start in the management program, and enjoys being a meaningful part of their lives.

Chris is married to his wife Brenda of 41 years! They have five children: Shawnessy (37), Arizona; Jennifer (34), Ohio, married with children Landon (7) and Nolyn (4); Joshua (32), West Des Moines; Brittany (27), West Des Moines, married; and Mikaela (20), South Sioux City, NE. Any spare time is devoted to his wife and family - they are his first passion and priority. He enjoys playing golf competitively (or really anytime), and likes watching his children’s sporting events. Mikaela currently plays varsity golf for Morningside College, and he admits that she can kick his butt on the golf course.

Chris enjoys working for Fareway because of the people - both employees and customers alike. He says there is great satisfaction in knowing you helped someone in need or encouraged a fellow co-worker to better themselves.

He would like to be remembered for being a manager that was understanding, and who truly cared about the people he worked with (this includes employees, vendors, and customers). His advice is to treat your employees and vendors with dignity and respect. All are children of God, and we are all equals in his eyes!

We certainly appreciate the care you’ve shown to the Fareway family over the last 41 years, Chris. Thanks to you and your family for the dedication and service!

October 2017 - Tom Loew

Tom is the current grocery manager for 412-1 Oelwein, although he’s worked in several great communities to get there, including: 409-1 Carroll, 508-1 Fort Dodge, 719-1 LeMars, 625-1 Oskaloosa (assistant), 849-1 Emmetsburg (assistant), 501-1 Charles City (assistant), and 426-1 Nevada (manager). He has worked at Fareway since starting in high school, and particularly enjoys the 412-Oelwein store because of the people.

Tom fondly recounts the day he made manager at 426-1 Nevada. He remembers being called to Boone to meet with Bob Cramer. Bob said that Timothy Lipsman was a shoe salesman, and he wanted to know if Tom was going to follow in his footsteps and sell shoes or if he was going to manage the store in Nevada. Tom said that he was going to sell groceries in Nevada.

Tom is married to his wife, Joan, who is the Business Manager at Oelwein Schools. They have a son Jake, who served in the Navy, and is a current student at the University of Washington, and a daughter Jenna, a grad student at NEIU in Chicago, and who currently works at AHI International Travel. In his spare time, he enjoys muskie fishing, making home improvements, and boating on the Mississippi River.

Tom is most proud of the twelve Fareway employees in the management system that began their careers at 412-Oelwein. He also shares that he has excellent store staff, and that they make his job easier. He couldn’t ask for a better crew, and together, they have fun everyday.

Tom hopes to be remembered as someone who works hard, and is firm and fair. He says it is important to live, work, and play in the community that supports you, and that Oelwein has been a great place to live and raise a family. Take care of your job and your job will take care of you!

We take pride in knowing you’ve taken care of the job for 41 years, Tom! Thank you for your dedicated service and commitment to Fareway.

September 2017 - Dave Reiss

Dave has worked for 594-1 Manchester for 41 years. He remembers starting at Fareway on Saturday, June 5, 1976. Dave received a call from Vic Ganske at 8 a.m. that morning and was told to report to work wearing a white t-shirt -- not to worry about the white dress shirt.

He has worked with quite a number of current managers and supervisors, and particularly enjoys working with younger employees and seeing them blossom as they attain new work skills. Dave remembers having to unload two semis by hand on truck mornings. He says that you froze in the winter and got drenched in sweat in the summer -- the job took four hours! Dave shares that a basement store with a conveyor belt was a unique experience, although he doesn’t particularly miss it.

Dave has been married to his wife Kendy for 36 years, and they have three children who all worked for Fareway during high school. They also have seven grandchildren, with one on the way in May!

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his grandkids, gardening, raising chickens, and hiking in Colorado. He and Kendy have adopted a tiny town in Nebraska, and they also spend time delivering clothes, meals, and providing Sunday school for the kids.

When asked how long he has been with the organization, Dave always replies that he has been at Fareway for 41 years, but that it’s only temporary until he finds something permanent. Joking aside, Dave’s advice is that life is short. He says to enjoy every moment as a gift, and give it your best. He lives by John 3:16.

We appreciate you giving your best and enjoying the last 41 years at Fareway, Dave. Thank you for your commitment to the Fareway organization!

August 2017 - Darrell Bullis

Darrell has worked for Fareway for 41 years. He started out at 386-2 Ames, and moved to the following locations during his tenure: 479-2 Independence, 828-2 Sioux City, 829-2 Sioux City, 648-2 Ottumwa, and 988-2 Moline. He now serves as Market Manager for 014-2 Sergeant Bluff.

He fondly remembers breaking beef alongside Rayneal McKim (925-2 Altoona market manager) and Dave Breckenfelder (912-2 Sioux Center retired market manager), and having to add each customer’s meat purchase up manually on their packages.

Darrell has been married to Rhonda for 37 years, and together they have two sons, Joshua (wife Laura, five-year old sons Sven and Declan) and Reid. For over 20 years, the couple was involved in their sons’ Cub and Boy Scout troops in Sergeant Bluff, Ottumwa, and Davenport. Both Joshua and Reid achieved the highest rank of Eagle Scout, and Darrell is proud that he helped them earn such a prestigious award. Today, you can find Darrell watching movies, doing yardwork, or playing with his grandsons.

Darrell has enjoyed working for Fareway, and says that every day is an adventure because of the customers. He finds his daily interactions with them so rewarding. He would like to be remembered for being fair, approachable, and hard-working. His advice for others is to work hard for Fareway, and Fareway will take care of you.

We certainly appreciate your hard work over the last 41 years, Darrell. Thanks to you and your family for your dedication and service!

July 2017 - Kary Lefebvre

Kary has worked for several store locations over his 41 years, including: 699-1 Osceola, 648-1 Ottumwa, 409-1 Carroll, and currently 815-1 Cresco. He has run and ordered all sections of the store at one time or another, but currently serves as Grocery Clerk running the dairy section. He often goes by the nickname Fev, and enjoys making his customers and co-workers smile.

When Kary got hired, they used to be paid in cash on Saturday. In addition, he remembers having to mark and separate everything that was checked: taxable, regular grocery, WIC, and meat tickets.

Kary is married to Karen, and they have a daughter Kayla (husband Ryan, 18-month old daughter Aubrey), and two sons Kameron (wife Toni), and Kolby. In his spare time, he likes to play golf, and has played softball for 20 years and bowled for 35. He also loves the theatre and has been on-stage for more than 25 years. He has directed four shows, and enjoyed many roles, including: Dracula (twice), Renfield, the Wizard, and the Cowardly Lion. He enjoys playing comedy roles, and he even proposed to his wife in Cresco in a live show on-stage (clearly she said yes.)

He enjoys working for Fareway because we have Sundays off and there are no gimmicks. He likes doing a variety of things every day, seeing customers, and helping them with their needs. He is proud of the way he can restack and organize the backroom to make it easy for anyone to find what they need. Kary also enjoys helping the young people, getting them to open up, and helping them improve themselves and become stronger employees.

Kary would like to be remembered for getting things done. He says that when you’re doing something, take pride and do it right. Try to help others, as you never know when you might need someone to help you.

We take pride in knowing you’ve done the job right for over 41 years, Kary! Thank you for your dedicated service and commitment to Fareway.

June 2017 - Tom Durr

Tom will celebrate 41 years with Fareway on November 7. He is proud to say that he has managed every department at 719-1 LeMars, and currently holds the role of Produce Manager. While his uncles may have nicknamed him “Bear”, customers at the store call him Mr. Fareway.

He only ever worked for Jim Beckwith, and remembers the change to having to work with a new manager, Dave Shaver (who still holds that position today). When he looks back on his career with Fareway, Tom is proud of always being to work on-time, working hard while on duty, and remaining cheerful.

Tom is married to his wife, Rachel, and together they have three children: Aislinn, Scott (wife Kelsey), and Brittney. They also have one grandson Cooper, who they enjoy watching play soccer. Tom is most proud of his children, and in his spare time, you can find him fishing and taking his wife to concerts. Tom admits that when he was young, he worked at Fareway for the income. As he’s gotten older, he enjoys working at Fareway because of the people. When asked about his advice, Tom says “It’s like the handbook says, take care of your job, and your job will take care of you.”

We certainly appreciate you taking care of your customers at the LeMars store over the last 41 years, Tom. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to the Fareway organization!

May 2017 - Mike Grandgenett

While currently the Market Manager for 409-2 Carroll, Mike has worked in many store locations over his 41 years, including: 491-2 Mason City, 461-2 Storm Lake, 827-2 Centerville, 531-2 Algona, and 719-2 LeMars. When asked about why he enjoys working for Fareway, Mike says he appreciates working with fellow employees and watching their skills develop. In addition, he loves serving the customers and getting to know them and their families.

Mike fondly remembers many fun times, like the cooler talks with Al Shipman and Jim Madson at 491-2 Mason City. He also played in the Fareway softball tournaments in Fort Dodge and can remember traveling to these games in a chartered bus provided by Dick Lindsey and Denny Langholdt, 461-Storm Lake managers at the time.

Mike is married to his wife, Valerie, and they have two children: son Brandon and daughter Andrea. Both of his children previously worked for Fareway. In addition, Mike is proud of his six grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, boating with his family, farming, watching the Iowa State Cyclones, and of course, playing with the grandkids.

He is most proud of his employees, who have developed their skillset and advanced in the company. He loves his Carroll Fareway family, market department, and is honored to have been given the opportunity to work side-by-side with so many talented people throughout the years.

Mike says that his career with Fareway has allowed him many opportunitites to grow and develop, from a part-time high school employee to becoming a Fareway manager. The company has helped him achieve much personally and for his family. He hopes that he has been a fun fellow employee and easy to work with, while getting the job done!

We appreciate your commitment to always getting the job done, Mike! Thank you for 41 years of dedicated service and commitment.

April 2017 - Russ Oberhauser

Russ started his career at the age of 16 at 479-1 Independence. He started full-time right out of high school in 1979 and worked in Independence until 1986. He then transferred to 829-1 Morningside until 1994, at which time he opened 949-1 Marion. Russ has been at 151-3 Cedar Rapids since 2015, where he currently resides as a delivery driver.

He has had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people over the years. From managers to assistants, and full- to part-time workers - Russ has made a lot of new friends at Fareway! He loves working for the organization because it feels like a big family. In Russ’ words, “If you ever need help, someone is always there to help you in any way they can.”

Russ has enjoyed coaching kids in summer youth programs in his hometown for many years, particularly basketball and baseball. He also fishes occasionally, and above all else, loves spending as much time as he can with his three boys.

Over the last 41 years, Russ has particularly enjoyed watching the many people he trained become managers and assistant managers. He thanks everyone in the Fareway organization for this honor, as well as his customers.

We are certainly proud of your accomplishments and mentorship, Russ, and appreciate your 41 years of service. Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work!

March 2017 - Julie Quandahl 

Julie has worked full-time for 589-1 Decorah for 41 years. She was originally hired by Paul Eppel in 1976 on her 17th birthday, and has since worked for Dick Schut, Art Limberg, and Dave Noack. Julie has worked every section of the store, with the exception of freezer, and is currently the Price Change Coordinator.

She fondly remembers having to memorize specials before coming to work, as they weren’t marked, and has spent her fair share of time picking price stickers off all the sale and price change items. Julie has also done

some heavy lifting at the Decorah store and remembers unloading truck, where each item was loaded from the basement on a conveyor belt and then stacked on a green cart before hitting the shelves!

Julie is married to Ray Quandahl and has two sons, two wonderful daughter-in-laws, and three granddaughters. She loves that Fareway is family-oriented and appreciates being closed on Sundays, so she can spend it with her family. In her spare time, Julie enjoys being with her granddaughters, camping, and loving on all her pets.

In closing, Julie is very proud that she has been with Fareway for 41 years. During her tenure, she has met some wonderful customers and co-workers. When asked how she would like to be remembered, Julie hopes that others view her as kind, respectful, and loyal.

We certainly appreciate your loyalty to the Fareway organization over the last 41 years, Julie. Thank you for your continued dedication and service!

February 2017 - Lorrie Rasmussen

Lorrie is the current produce manager at 479-1 Independence. In her 41 years at Fareway, she has served as a checker and stocker, as well as assisted in unloading trucks, conducting price changes, and helping with ad layout. She enjoys working at the store because it keeps her busy. In particular, she takes pride in working with young people and teaching them new skills.

As she reflects on her years of service, Lorrie remembers the redemption center opening and stopping in-store can redemption. She also thinks back fondly on moving to the new store and her appreciation at having a sink in produce.

Lorrie is married to her husband, Mike, and they have two daughters and four grandchildren. She is very proud of her family, and takes pride in being honest and hardworking. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Harley.

We also appreciate your hardwork, Lorrie! Thank you for 41 years of dedicated service and your commitment to Fareway.

January 2017 - Roger Thompson


Roger has worked for the Fareway organization for 42 years. Before becoming a driver, he worked nights in produce, freezer, cheese, and fresh meat. He then went to days in the dry warehouse and refrigerated sections. Roger took on leadership roles, working as the night produce foreman, day assistantant foreman in the dry warehouse, and eventually working his way up to day foreman, before going full-time for the trucking division.

He’s enjoyed working for Fareway, and especially appreciates the great people. Reflecting on his tenure, Roger says the company has changed a lot since he first started, but he is proud to see growth of new stores and enjoys meeting and making new friends.

Roger married his high school sweetheart, Barb, and they’ve celebrated 41 years of marriage together. They have two daughters, who are both married, and six grandchildren! In his spare time, you can find Roger spending time with the grandkids, traveling, or farming. When asked how he wants to be remembered, Roger says, “It’s what you do with your life and how you accomplish things that truly make you proud.”

We are certainly proud of your accomplishments, Roger, and appreciate your 42 years of service. Thank you for your dedication and hard work - this accomplishment is well-deserved!

December - Paul Decker

Paul has worked full-time for 479-1 Independence for 42 years. He enjoys working for Fareway, and particularly appreciates the relationships with fellow employees and management teams. They have a great working environment in Independence and Paul’s proud to have worked for managers Earl Ferris, John Keinroth, and Russ Federspiel.

Fond memories of ordering and unloading stand out to Paul. He shares that orders used to be written on green sheets, then you would have to call into the office to place the order, often times calling several times just to get through. Once you reached someone, you would dictate the order, one line at a time. In addition, he remembers unloading trucks in the rain or snow, in an open dock area. The truck driver would hold a flashlight, if they had one, for store staff to see.

Paul and his girlfriend Sue, have one daughter, Mallory, and a son, Dustin. They also have one granddaughter Scarlet who is 4, and another one on the way! In his spare time, Paul enjoys truck and tractor pulling, 

bicycling, and Nascar. You can often find Paul and Sue riding the Cedar Valley Nature Trail between Gilbertville and Evansdale or La Port City. He is also proud to have patronized the Nascar tracks in Phoenix, Chicago, Michigan, and Kansas City.

In closing, Paul is very humbled to have been selected as a Shield of Honor recipient. When asked for his words of advice, he says, “Go to work with a positive attitude and a smile. Leave your problems at the door.”
We certainly appreciate your positive attitude over the last 42 years, Paul. Thank you for your dedication and service to the Fareway organization!

November - Brian Baldus

Forty years ago, Brian Baldus went to work for Fareway because they were family oriented, closed on Sundays, and paid their employees based on merit which, to Brian, meant the 

sky was the limit. To accomplish this he knew he needed to work hard, take care of his customers, and get along well with his co-workers. Many years ago, standing in the check-out line on Saturday nights, being paid in cash, Brian thought making $150 a week in take home pay meant he never had to ask for anything else again. His loyalty and hard work took him onto serve Fareway markets in Charles City, Perry, Humboldt, Morningside, Toledo and Marshalltown. Prior to moving to Cedar Rapids as the Market Manager of Cedar Rapids (963-2), he was the Emmetsburg (849-2) Market Manager. 

Brian and his wife, Renelda, have two daughters. Their daughter, Heather, works for the George Washington Foundation in Virginia, and daughter Amy is a police officer in Prairie City. Currently Brian and Renelda are down to three dogs: Elton, Hannah, and Roxie. At one time they had up to six greyhounds, but Brian describes himself as a lousy foster parent in not being able to give them up. Currently the Baldus family operates a dog boarding business called Mutt Hutt, which keeps them busy! Brian enjoys putzing around on their acreage, being active with greyhound rescue, and traveling. 

“I am proud that I operated to Fareway’s creed.”

Quality product at a fair price, good customer service, along with treating his employees and customers with a fair and consistent attitude has been the foundation for Brian’s career. Both his present and past employees have helped to build 963-2 to one of the highest volume markets – and Brian intends to keep it there. 

October - Steve Proctor

“If I can make a customer’s trip to the store easy AND fun, then I have done my job.”

For the last 16 years Steve Proctor has worked as the Webster City Market Manager. In Steve Proctor’s 42 years with Fareway, he worked throughout the state of Iowa. These Fare

way communities included Osceola, Spencer, Ottumwa, Iowa Falls, and Cherokee.  For the last 16 years, Steve has worked as the Webster City Market Manager. One of the major highlights of his time as the Webster City Market Manager has been the complete remodel and expansion of Webster City, #395.   

Over the years, Steve has had several mentors, whom he also considers his friends, all who have his highest respect. In fact, the best memories while at Fareway were made with the people he works alongside each and every day.  Proctor certainly has led by example as the Manager. If he is remembered for anything, he hopes his employees and customers see him as a fair man. 

“I have always enjoyed working at Fareway because of the interaction with customers.” 

Steve and his wife Susan have three children and three grandchildren as well. He has two daughters, Sarah and her husband Mike, and Elisha and her husband Daryn. His son, Bradley is married to Holly. Their three grandchildren are Emma, Izabella, and Ryan. 

When not working at Fareway or spending time with his family, Steve enjoys outdoor sports, hunting, fishing, and boating. He also – believe it or not – loves to bake. 

September - Mark Reis

Mark started working for the Storm Lake Fareway as a part-time employee while still in high school. He never would have believed he could make a career with Fareway if it weren’t for his Storm Lake manager, supervisor, mentor, and friend, Dennis Langholdt. Looking back at his career, the memories and impressions Mr. Langholdt made on Reis have remained. He worked in on the retail side of Fareway for many years. From 1975 to 1987 he worked in Storm Lake (461-1), moved to Iowa Falls (559-1) from 1987 to 1992, and then Altoona (925-1) from 1992 to 2006. Currently, Mark works alongside Leo Hickey in organizing and training the Retail Maintenance Crew. He travels from store to store assessing maintenance needs, completing repairs, and assisting with some new store set-up.  Chances are if 

you have had an issue with equipment in your store, or a repair need, you have visited with Mark Reis on the phone for help. 

In his 41 years with Fareway, Mark Reis has developed too many friendships to count. He hopes he left a positive impression on both the people he managed, and those that work with him today. After all, treating others with respect is the only way to earn the respect of your employees, coworkers, friends, and family. 

Mark and his high school sweetheart, Julie, married thirty-eight years ago. Together the couple has three grown children: Jennifer, Amy, and Matthew. The Reis family has six wonderful grandchildren:  2 girls and 4 boys ranging from almost 4 to 9 years old. Everyone lives in the Des Moines metro area, so you can imagine the Reis household has a revolving door! Mark and Julie get to see their family often at soccer, baseball, and basketball games, along with Taekwondo, and soon…musicals. The Reis grandchildren also love to camp with Grandpa and Grandpa whenever they can. 

Both his children and grandchildren have shown an interest in woodworking, one of Mark’s long time hobbies. It is wonderful to connect with them as they work on nick knacks, furniture and anything else that might need building. Watching his family use their imagination and work with their hands is a true joy. When not woodworking, Mark divides his time among camping, riding motorcycles, and working in the yard or garden. Any time to connect with family is important to Julie and Mark.  
When you ask Mark what he is most proud of, he doesn’t know quite where to start: Marriage. Kids. Grandkids. Career. For two kids from northwest Iowa, Julie and Mark are proud of where they are in life. They have worked hard like so many other people, tried to make good decisions, learned from their mistakes, and feel they are in a good place because of it. 

Mark Reis we applaud you for 41 years of dedicated service to Fareway. We are proud of the communities you have served, the family you have raised and the new challenges you face as we continue to grow. Thank-you for all that you do. Congratulations on being our Shield of Honor!

August - Joe Leonard

Joe Leonard, August Shield of Honor RecipientTake care of your job, so that it can take care of you. This is the note Joe read in the first Fareway handbook he ever received. That advice has resonated with him throughout his career of over 41 years at Fareway. Joe Leonard's career started in the Creston Market where he was first promoted to Assistant Manager. From there he moved to LeMars, Toledo and then Waverly. He went onto serve as Market Manager of Red Oak for 11 years, New Hampton for 12 years, and the final 11 years of his career as the Marshalltown Market Manager. Joe announced his retirement from Fareway earlier this summer.

Some of Joe's fondest memories are the teamwork involved when a task seemed enormous. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishing something that may have seemed insurmountable through the efforts of everyone on the Fareway team. Of course, re-lamping the store on a Sunday with his partner also brings back great memories too!

Hard work = Great Fun! Mr. Leonard is extremely proud of the number of employees that he hired and trained along the way that are now apart of the Management Program, either as Managers or Assistant Managers.  He is excited about watching them work hard to achieve their goals in a career with Fareway. As a patient mentor who always looks for the positive in everyone and every situation. Joe sincerely believes that every person who works hard deserves a chance to be successful. That is how he would like to be remembered for his time with Fareway.

Joe and his wife, Kathy, enjoy spending time with family. They look forward to visiting their sons Chad and Brendan. Chad and his wife, Meg, have two children, Mary (8) and Max (6). The Leonard family also enjoys riding bicycles. Their bicycle riding journeys have taken them to both Vermont and Alaska. The couple is currently planning a trip from Burlington, VT to Quebec City, Canada. In addition to spending time with family and cycling, Joe looks forward to the annual spring golf week in Arkansas with a group of other Fareway Meat Managers.

Working for Fareway is a blessing. Leonard counts being a Fareway Meat Manager for 32 years as one of his many blessings. He appreciates the opportunity to work with outstanding people, many of whom are close friends today. Of course, the interactions with his customers are just a bonus! It's the community involvement that sets the Manager apart from other companies. As a Manager, Joe is involved with several local organizations which have led to a positive working relationship between Fareway and the community, but also many lasting friendships.

Mr. Leonard, we thank-you for "taking care of your job" for over 41 years. Your commitment to customers, the many markets you have served, and your fellow employees do not go unnoticed. Many congratulations to you on your upcoming retirement!

July - Craig Courtney

Craig Courtney, July Shield of Honor Recipient

Take PRIDE in your work. That is the message Mr. Courtney wants to pass along to his fellow employees. As a good worker who enjoys the grocery business, Courtney has fun doing his job. There is no better feeling than to know you have had a "good day" on the job

For 41 years Courtney has treated people with fairness and respect while working for Fareway. His locations have included: Decorah (589), Humboldt (703), Le Mars (719), Ames (Fastco Drug), Ames (386), Fort Dodge (508), Webster City (395), Waterloo (951), and Cedar Falls (974).

His first Assistant Manager position was at the Fastco Drug location in Ames, then Ames (386) and Fort Dodge (508) before he moved to Webster City (395) in 1989 as Manager. In 1995, Courtney opened the new store in Waterloo (951). This is one of his proudest accomplishments while at Fareway. He put his pride and joy into opening that store. Not only did he meet wonderful co-workers and customers during his time, but he also mentored many employees who decided to make Fareway their lifelong career. Many of whom are successful Supervisors and Managers today.

Currently, Craig Courtney works fulltime in Cedar Falls (974) where meeting new customers, while working with employees and vendors alike - never gets old. He has made many great friends over the years for which he is grateful.

Aside from making a lifelong career at Fareway, Courtney is a family man. He will tell you that it is absolutely fantastic being a grandparent! He and his wife of 21 years, Rosemary, have children, grandchildren and even a great grandchild together. Courtney has two children, Megan and Nathan, and two stepchildren, Ami and Jeremy. Together the couple have nine grandchildren: Courtney (18), Aspen (16), Katina (16), Logan (13), Macy (10), Lane (10), Laci (8), Reed (5), and Parker (4). Last but not least, a great granddaughter, Charlotte (2).

Being from Decorah, hunting and fishing are a big part of Courtney's life. Shotgun hunting is one of his favorite things to do, along with fishing, with trout fishing being the best! Each year he looks forward to an annual fishing trip that he and a group of Fareway employees organize in Ontario, Canada.

The fall season is Courtney's favorite for two reasons: bow hunting and football. He likes to cheer on the Green Bay Packers, and has even traveled three different times to root for his team. Of course, he is also a diehard Hawkeyes fan. Each year he eagerly anticipates the start of football season.

If he isn't hunting, fishing or watching football, you might find Courtney golfing. For over 20 years, he enjoyed putting on the "Fareway Masters" 3-Man Golf Tournament in Webster City. He can remember one year when they had 52 teams (156 golfers). It made for a LONG day, but it was a good time.

While he can still hold his own in playing pool, he doesn't have the opportunity like he used to. In addition, he was an avid bowler at one time. Now, as a grandparent, Courtney has a blast watching his grandkids play ball!

Craig Allen Courtney is just an everyday guy. His memories include cash payments in Decorah, unloading trucks one piece at a time, and catching hundreds of watermelons from an open trailer semi on Main Street in Decorah. The last thing he did, on his last night in Decorah, was to knock over a stack of glass gallon Apple Cider bottles. That very next week he arrived in Humboldt, and had no idea what a pallet jack was all about. His memories are all apart of working with a growing company, which he finds fun and exciting. To see the changes at Fareway in over 40 years is amazing. Courtney would like to express his gratitude and pleasure working with all previous and present employees, and to say "Thanks" to Fareway, for all of the opportunities along the way.

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on over 41 years of service to Fareway.

June - George Klesel

George Klesel, Shield of Honor Recipient

In 42 years of service to Fareway, George Klesel has had the honor of opening the 100th Fareway store in Nebraska City, Nebraska, along with 12 other store locations, including two replacement stores, and he has held the title of part time employee, Assistant Manager, Manager and now, Regional Supervisor. 

If you have been in the business with Mr. Klesel for awhile, you might know him as Tony. George is a family name, and so when he was younger, everyone called him Tony to differentiate between him and his father. Regardless of how you address him, it is clear that Mr. Klesel is passionate about the grocery business. 

George's Fareway career started in Clear Lake (705) as a part time employee. He worked in Indianola (657), Perry (470), Webster City (395), and Oelwein (412) before being promoted to Assistant Manager in Spencer (788). From there he worked as Assistant Manager in two other locations, LeMars (719) and Grinnell (737).   In May 1994 he was promoted from Manager in Centerville (827), to District Supervisor. 

Fareway is one of the few companies where you can start as a part-time employee in retail, and advance all the way up the ladder to corporate. With a good work ethic, determination to succeed, and help from colleagues, Klesel believes those same opportunities exist at Fareway today. 

I've had the opportunity to see great ideas implemented in the stores that come from the bottom up, as well as the top down.   Every person makes a contribution to the success of the company, and there have been many people that have impacted my career.  I'm proud to say that I have been an employee of Fareway for nearly 42 years. - George Klesel

When you meet him on the road, no two days are alike for George. He enjoys seeing fellow employees and the customers in each store, as well as watching future leaders learn and grow over time. 

When George isn't working, you might find him riding motorcycles or sailing. He and his wife, Laura, raised two boys. Josh lives in Ankeny with his wife, Deena, and their two children, Ayla (3) and Miles (1). Jacob, the youngest, resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. Growing up in Centerville, both Josh and Jacob enjoyed sailing and spending nights on the boat while on the waters of Lake Rathbun. Today, whenever the family travels near a body of water, George charters a sail boat to make the most of a day sail. These vacations, especially with the grandchildren, are his favorite. 

Mr. Klesel we are forever thankful for your commitment to developing tomorrow's Fareway leaders as you work alongside them in the store. Thank-you for 42 years of being a candid, hardworking and model Fareway team member. Congratulations on this accomplishment!

May - Rod Smith

Rod Smith, May Shield of Honor Recipient

It seems like only yesterday that Rod Smith was lugging quarters of beef down the first aisle of a Fareway store. In 42 years, eight markets, and a lifelong career with Fareway, Rod has seen many changes. Some of the younger employees today will never know how things were so many years ago, and that is okay, because it boils down to the fact that Fareway is a great place to work - no matter your age. As a young kid working in the market, Rod remembers Fred Vitt walking into the store. Since Rod was working with the grinder, he went to wash his hands and shake Mr. Vitt's hand.  Mr. Vitt stopped him and said, "Young man, I'm not afraid to get dirty." That was pretty awesome coming from the man running the company. Rod is proud to say that he has been with Fareway his entire career - a feat not many know today.

Rod's career started in Winterset, then Algona and Newton. He was Assistant Market Manager in Eagle Grove and Ames, and moved into the position of Manager in Belmond, South Des Moines and now, Carlisle. While working in Eagle Grove, Rod served on the Chamber Board of Directors and co-sponsored the very first Eagle Grove Fun Day Celebration. For the past 11 years Rod has served as President of the Athletic Booster Club President in Carlisle.

While building his career with Fareway, Rod and his wife Dee, of 31 years, were also raising a family. Together the couple raised four children: Travis, Bailey, Natalia and Noah. They also have a granddaughter, Mackenzie. Rod and his sons often go hunting and practice shooting. As a family, they enjoy sporting events, fishing by a nice pond, or just hanging out by the fire.

The relationships Rod built with his customers and employees have evolved into friendships over his years at Fareway. He enjoys the daily interactions and finds it a privilege to work with so many talented people. When people look back on Rod's career he wants to be remembered as someone who cared about his customers, coworkers and friends, and treated them all with respect.

Rod, thank you for a lifetime commitment to the Fareway Market. We appreciate your investment in not only Fareway, but your community and family as well. Congratulations on so many years of hard work and friendships.

April - Jim Anthony

Jim Anthony, April Shield of Honor Recipient

One winter afternoon, an elderly Fareway customer came into the store desperately looking for her wedding ring. She was upset to say the least. Jim helped the customer retrace her steps through the store, getting down on his hands and knees to search the floor. Finally, tucked under a row of shopping carts, Jim found the ring. The customer locked Jim in a long embrace - relieved to have found the ring and thankful to Jim for taking the time to truly help her.  Together Jim and the customer cried knowing the significance of the ring. Today they continue to be close friends.

"I am very proud of being good at customer service in our community. I take pride in giving personal service to each and every customer, and go out of my way to make sure their Fareway needs are met." - Jim Anthony

For 41 years Jim has made this commitment to customer service at Fareway, 21 of which have been with the Creston Market, where he is Manager today. Prior to making Emmetsburg Market Manager in 1990, he worked for the LeMars, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Winterset, Centerville and Marshalltown markets. He has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 39 years and they have three children: Kelli, Kyle and Kendra. The couple also has five grandchildren! Even though his family has made many moves with Fareway, every single one was worth it for the people they met, worked with and the lifelong career Jim built at Fareway.

When people look back on his career with Fareway, Jim hopes they remember how much he cared about both his customers and employees, always wanting the best for them. Just how much does he care? Upon making Manager, Jim decided to carry a small notebook with him. When he greeted a customer at the meat case he introduced himself and asked their name. Jim made a point to jot down their  name and something about them so he could greet them by name, and develop a relationship with each customer. It has been a great tool through the years.

In addition to a lifelong career with Fareway, Jim has developed the art of restoring classic Chevrolet cars. He also hits the racquetball court at least four times a week - a habit he established 34 years ago. Of course, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing a round of golf, and vacationing in Yuma, Arizona.

"Fareway has been very good to me. I have been blessed to work for them for my whole career." - Jim Anthony

Jim, thank you to you and your family for dedicating 41 years to Fareway. We appreciate your commitment to customer service through building relationships in your community.

March - Mike Shaver

Mike Shaver, March Shield of Honor Recipient

After 42 years of working with Fareway, Mike Shaver still enjoys going to work each day - and that is something to be proud of. As a small town boy who struggled with shyness, he has worked hard to achieve his goals and make a difference in the lives of his employees and customers. At the core of this work ethic is the intent to treat all people fairly and with respect. He, like his Fareway team, knows that things have to get done in the grocery business, no matter what the circumstances. For example, when the power was down in Moline for about a week, everyone pulled together to make sure business ran as usual. Working together as a team, like they always do, sets the Fareway team apart.

Currently the Manager of the Moline Fareway (988-1), Mike has met a lot of great people that he gets to see and visit with every day. Prior to his position in Moline, Mike also worked for Fareway in Iowa Falls, Estherville, Boone, Oskaloosa, and Des Moines (900-1). This is a family business for Mike and his five brothers and sisters, as they have all worked for Fareway at one time or another. Currently three of his brothers still work for the company. When the Shaver crew isn't working they like to get together and enjoy a Hawkeye game or hang out. When Mike isn't with his family or managing the Moline store, he enjoys basketball and golf.

So what has motivated Mike for the last 42 years? The opportunity to influence the next generation of Fareway employees.

Mike thank-you for making the dream of a lifelong career at Fareway a reality. Your hard work and dedication sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression on your mentorees, customers and employees. We appreciate your years of service. 


February - Mike Ades

Mike Ades, February Shield of Honor RecipientHaving lived in Denver, CO and East St. Louis, IL, Mike Ades developed a love for both the Denver Broncos and St. Louis Cardinals. In fact, you will still find him visiting Busch Stadium going to a game, or heading to Colorado to cheer on the Broncos while visiting his sister. When not traveling to watch a baseball game, Mike enjoys collecting baseball cards, visiting the Omaha zoo with family, and going to church  at Bethany Baptist on Sunday mornings. Mike and his wife of 37 years, Jane, have two children: Wayne Thomas Ades and Jeannie Michelle Richardson. The couple have two grandchildren: Bria Michelle Richardson and Andrew (Drew) Michael Richardson. They are expecting their third grandchild in March, a grandson! Along with two dogs and one cat, that completes the Ades family. 

Ades started his career with Fareway in Vinton, Iowa where Tom Thein nicknamed Mike, ROLLAdes, because he was an avid bowler at the time. From there Mike moved to Cresco, Mason City, Marshalltown, Red Oak and finally, Ottumwa. In both Marshalltown and Red Oak, Mike worked as the Assistant Market Manager. Currently he works in the Ottumwa Fareway Market as a meat cutter and clerk, specifically for the night shift. Mike owes his 42 years at Fareway to keeping a good sense of humor and working well with customers. 

Throughout his career, Mike has enjoyed meeting with the customers and the many people he worked with along the way. All of them created lasting memories. Of course, he remembers the days of carcass beef, no computers and being paid in cash, but his commitment to being an excellent salesman and employee never wavers. Further, he respects the fact that Fareway remains closed on Sundays. He wants to be remembered as a hardworking man that was good at selling Fareway meat, was nice to his customers and was always willing to help fill an order.  

Having a Dad that served in the Air Force afforded Mike the opportunity to live in many places. In addition, to Iowa, Colorado and Illinois, he also lived in Pocatello, Idaho, Caseyville, IL, Collinsville, IL, Minot, ND, and seven cities in Iowa. In addition, he lived in Canterbury, England and Adana, Turkey. 

It's not what Fareway can do for you; it's what you can do for Fareway! Mike believes this. In addition, Mike feels that if you love your job, your family, and God - the customers and Fareway Family will help you do well in your career.

Mike Ades we applaud you for the 42 years of service you have given to Fareway, while mentoring new employees and caring for our customers along the way. We appreciate all that you do each and every day. Thank you! 

January - Steve Allan Smith

Steve Smith, January Shield of Honor Recipient

"Your customers will never care about you and Fareway, until you show them how much you care about them," Harry Munson retired Market Manager.

These are words that Steve Allan Smith lives by as a Market Manager in Algona. Having grown up in a poor and broken home of nine children Smith made the decision at 9 years old to start in the grocery business. He worked for six grocery stores delivering groceries and working nights and weekends. When he was 16 years old he left home, and at 18 began his career with Fareway in Decorah. The year was 1974 and Fareway had 34 stores across Iowa. Never did Smith imagine he would one day see Fareway still growing at 112 stores. His high school guidance counselor warned him that working in the grocery industry would never amount to anything. Steve Allan Smith is proud to have proved the counselor wrong by working for a "GREAT COMPANY" like Fareway.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Currently, Smith is the Market Manager for the Algona Fareway Market. He has also served on the PAC committee and assisted with new store openings in Spencer and Emmetsburg. Throughout his time at Fareway he has also worked in Oelwein and Osceola.  When he has free time, Steve and his wife Mary Kay Smith, enjoy riding motorcylces, shooting firearms, woodworking and flying his airplane with family and friends. He and Mary Kay have seven children between them (6 girls and 1 boy). When they can the couple loves spending time with their 17 grandchildren (4 girls and 13 boys).

The number one reason I love working for Fareway is our "customer Family" and that is just what they are. I care as much about them as if they are actually family. Also at the top of the list is all of the employees that I was blessed to work with throughout the years.
Smith credits working alongside Fareway pioneers such as Fred Vitt and Bud Beckwith as some of his best memories at Fareway. He has enjoyed watching the company grow and along with the people that have greatly influenced his Fareway career. Like most people, Smith wants to be remembered as a person who genuinely cared about both his customers and employees. Another Harry Munson quote that Smith works by: "it takes so little effort to be better than mediocre." 

One memory I will never forget is a Saturday night after inventory, I went on duty as a Reserve Police Officer and pulled a car over doing 45 in a 25. As luck would have it, it was Bob Cramer. Needless to say, we both smiled and I made the decision to just tell him to slow down.  As I recollect, his response was "RIGHT ANSWER!"

Mr. Smith, Fareway salutes you for 42 years of service to Fareway and the communities you have served during that time. Your work ethic and dedication to Fareway is truly appreciated. Thank you.

December - Doug Monaghan

Doug Monaghan, December Shield of Honor Recipient

Dough Monaghan has worked with Fareway across the state of Iowa for 41 years. Each move has been a great ride, and he has met so many new people in every town. Each spot was a new and exciting adventure. He is just glad that he didn't drown in the river while in Monticello! 

Humboldt, Iowa - Part Time
Harlan, Iowa - Full Time
Cherokee, Iowa - Full Time
Monticello, Iowa - Assistant Manger
Iowa Falls, Iowa - Assistant Manager
Ankeny, Iowa - Manger
Jefferson, Iowa - Manager 
Favorite Fareway Memory: Winning all of the Fareway softball tournaments at the Harlan Rogers Park in Fort Dodge while working in Cherokee.

Doug is most proud of all of the things that his kids have accomplished in their lives. He and his wife, LeAnn, have raised four children. Their son, Eric and his wife Erin live in Florida and have two sons, Caden and Cayleb. Their daughter Amy lives and works in Des Moines. Patrick and his wife, Desiree, of Gowrie have three children: Kaleb, Tatum, Dalton, and they are expecting a baby boy in the spring. Finally, their daughter Emily and her husband Joe live in Rippey and have a son, Paul. The whole family enjoys one week each summer at a resort in Minnesota. There they hunt, fish, and spend time outdoors swimming and playing yard games. 

When people look back on his career, Doug just wants to be known as one of the good guys! 

Doug, congratulations on 41 years of helping Fareway grow. Thank you for the service you provide to our employees and customers. Keep up the awesome work!

November- Barbara Ide

Barbara Ide, November Shield of Honor Recipient

"I have always loved my job, and I hope it showed. Retirement will be here soon. It will be a hard thing for me to do, and I will terribly miss working. But whatever, no one can take these memories I started making 46 years ago." - Barbara Ide 

In August of 1969, at the age of 15, Barbara Ide started part time with the Oskaloosa Fareway, and she started working full time after high school graduation. While working at Fareway, the Colonial Bread Man would often bring his son, Jim, to help him fill the shelves or pull bread. Today Jim and Barbara have been married 44 years. Although she left briefly to have two children, Barbara returned to Fareway part time after her children were born. The couple, that met in the bread aisle so many years ago, have a daughter, Chris, 43, and a son, Sean, 41. They have five grandchildren: Kate (19), Stephen (19), Erin (17), Noah (12), and Andalyn (10). They are a true Fareway family as Barbara has worked with her brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces, cousins, and even grandchildren. Many of their family events have been scheduled around Fareway work schedules and inventories. In their spare time, Barbara and Jim attend all of their grandchildren's sporting and music events. They love watching sporting events and are active in their local church. 

In 2012, Dennis Beadle, Barbara's brother, retired from the Iowa Falls Fareway. While it was against store policy to work with her children in the Oskaloosa store, she did have the opportunity to work with three of her grandchildren. She is proud of those moments shared with family, at Fareway. 

Unique to the Fareway hiring process of today, Barbara never saw an application and never filled one out. The Oskaloosa Manager at the time asked her brother, who was working for Fareway, if his sister wanted a job. She was offered 2 jobs on the same day. Thankfully for both Barbara and Fareway, she chose Fareway. 

She enjoys working at Fareway because of the people and the relationships she has developed. From the most prosperous to the least, she feels that all of the customers are equal and should be treated as such. She has made many wonderful friends over the years. When people look back on her career at Fareway, she hopes they see her as the same consistent and content person she was all 46 years of her career. 

Barbara has many memories as to how things used to be compared to Fareway's current operation.

Wearing dresses only  - "black and whites." 
Marking items with grease pens - entering prices into a computer.
Asking, "sack or box?" - "paper or plastic?"
Manual scales with trays and finding the prices on the scan -  digital scales of today.
Saturday morning paydays, paid in cash at the last register -  Direct Deposit.
Customers paying with cash or check only -  debits and credit cards.
A stack of counter checks sat on the edge of the register for anyone to use.
The "bottle trash" system -  bottle slips.
Packages of cigarettes on a rack behind you -  being kept behind the express lane.
Cranks on the sides of registers to manually enter prices when the electricity went out. 
Loft ladders up to the office -  stairs.
Memorizing the ad and competitors ad each week -  programming prices in
Ringing buzzers for help: 1 long buzz for courtesy and 2 short buzzes for checkers - today we have microphones
The one thing that hasn't changed much is inventory. Although the store was closed at 6:00 so there were not customers around while counting. 
Barbara, your commitment to your family and the Fareway family for the last 46 years is outstanding. We appreciate you and all of your contributions. Thank - you. 

October - Kenneth Oren Dees

Kenneth Dees, October Shield of Honor RecipientWhen you shop at the Maquoketa Fareway, you might have the pleasure of knowing that your groceries are being delivered to your car by none other than Kenneth Oren Dees. Mr. Dees has been with Fareway and the Maquoketa store for 42 years, assisting his customers year after year with a friendly attitude. This is an accomplishment in this day and age, and Mr. Dees attributes his career longevity to his love for meeting and helping people. 

Looking back at his time with Fareway, Mr. Dees wants to be remembered as the man who was friendly and did his job. Although there have been years when Mr. Dees went above and beyond for the Maquoketa Fareway. For example, under the direction of his 2nd Manager Dick Schut, Mr. Dees,  dressed  in a Fareway Apron and hat, pushed a cart full of Wonder Bread for the local fair parade. During the parade he walked down the street and tossed loaves of bread into the crowd! 

Life for Mr. Dees has not always been a parade. He is proud of the fact that he has worked as long as he has, especially considering the terrible car wreck he survived in 1994. The injuries he sustained were so severe that he was the first of several victims to receive care. Fortunately, Mr. Dees recovered from his injuries and was able to return to his daily routine, including customer courtesy at Fareway, where he has been ever since. 

In his spare time, Mr. Dees works on his computer, studies history, reads about many foreign countries, and goes fishing. He loves watching ice hockey too! Overall, Mr. Dees describes himself as an easy going person that enjoys having fun with friends and visiting new places. 

Mr. Dees, Fareway is fortunate to have such a dedicated person such as yourself on our team. Thank you for your 42 years of service.

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