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March 2019 - Glen Hessing

Glen Hessing celebrated 42 years of service in January of this year. He works as the aisle manager for canned goods, water, and cereal, and has been in charge of about every section of the store between his time at 719-LeMars, 559-Iowa Falls, and his current location, 625-Oskaloosa.

Glen has good memories of all three stores, including softball tournaments and get togethers. He also remembers unloading trucks one case at a time using wheeled tracks, getting paid in cash each week, using Garvey stampers instead of scanners, and incinerators instead of balers for boxes. He has enjoyed working at Fareway because of all the good people he's worked with and for. Glen also appreciates getting to help and know the customers and vendors. He said it's simply a good work environment!

Glen is married to his wife, Sheryl, and they have one daughter and three grandchildren, who of course he enjoys spending a lot of time with! In his spare time, Glen likes gardening (vegetables and flowers), exercising, sports, and an annual trip to the state fair.

When asked about how he would like to be remembered, Glen says he hopes everyone can say they enjoyed working with him. There have been a lot of changes over the years, but he says the importance of store cleanliness and customer service has not. He would like to say thank you to past and present Fareway employees for being so good to him.

We certainly appreciate how good you've been to the Fareway organization with 42 years of dedicated service, Glen. Thank you for your commitment to the company!

February 2019 - Ron Smith

Ron has been with Fareway for 42 years, and he vividly remembers his first position with the company; Bottle Boy. He worked behind the 559-Iowa Falls store sorting and stacking glass pop bottles and putting them in a shed, so they were ready for the different companies to come and pick them up for redemption. Ron started when he was 15 years old, and was excited when he turned 16 and was working inside the actual store with a part-time title!

Ron enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is married to his wife, Lori, and they have two children: daughter Amanda (son-in-law Dan Klinkenberg, 055-1 Hiawatha) and son Ryan (daughter-in-law Megan). They also have four wonderful grandchildren: Caleb, Annalise, Paxton, and Niles. During his spare time, Ron enjoys driving his 2010 Camaro and cruising around the Caribbean every March.

He would like to thank Fareway for all the opportunities over the last 42 years. Ron's enjoyed working with young adults and helping them grow to be respectful, responsible workers and citizens. He also appreciates the importance Fareway places on family, and likes spending every Sunday with his family and friends.

His Christian faith has been very important, and says without it, relocations and promotions with the company would not have been possible. Being in the transfer program taught him patience and perserverance, and he always enjoyed the challenges of working in new stores. Ron feels like his family was blessed with these opportunities to meet new people and experience different things around the state. He shares that it was an honor to open and manage the first Fareway store in the Quad Cities.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, Ron says, as the manager that ran his store with honesty, fairness, and respect.

Thank you for 42 years of service, Ron. We certainly respect the many years of dedication and work you've given to the Fareway organization!

January 2019 - Tim Burke

In January 2019, Tim Burke celebrated 42 years of service with Fareway. He is the current market manager at 950-Iowa City West, but has worked at various stores during his tenure, including: 479-Independence, 386-Ames, 531-Algona, 657-Indianola, 551-Eagle Grove, and 912-Sioux Center.

Tim has served as a market manager for the last 24 years! He enjoys the daily interaction with both customers and employees, and says that the connections he's made will last a lifetime. Fond memories include playing golf with legends, such as Joe Leonard and Tom Downs (before they started to cheat!)

Tim has been married to his wife, Cindy, for 41 years. He is really proud of his marriage, his wife (for putting up with him), and says that they are still best friends. They have one daughter, Danielle, who is married and lives in Lakeville, Minnesota. Danielle and her husband, Jared, have three children. Tim and Cindy really enjoy visiting and babysitting often!

In his spare time, Tim enjoys golfing. In particular, he looks forward to an annual golf trip to Bella Vista, Arkansas with past and present Fareway friends. He also loves spoiling his three grandchildren in Minnesota whenever he gets the chance!

When asked about how he would like to be remembered, Tim says dependable, and a good friend to those he's made connections with. Personally, Tim takes more satisfaction in assisting someone else reach their goals, than to gain any sort of personal reward.

Thank you for your time and dependability over the last 42 years, Tim! It has certainly been rewarding to have you as part of the Fareway family.

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