Fareway Values 

All Fareway employees strive to uphold our company values each and every day:

Providing fresh, high quality meat and produce

Treating our customers like family and taking pride in delighting them with:

  • Remarkably clean stores
  • Personalized service
  • Efficient shopping and checkout
  • Low, competitive prices
  • Valuing our dedicated employees beyond measure and firmly believing they are the reason for our success

Supporting and partnering with local businesses, communities and farmers

Donating time and resources to charitable organizations both large and small

Caring about the health of our planet and use eco-friendly practices at our stores

Holding family values in the highest regard

Demonstrating integrity, fairness and honesty in our relationships with customers, employees, vendors and suppliers

The value of a day of rest

Fareway's policy of closing on Sunday has been in place for as long as our company has been in existence. In this go-go-go 24/7 world, many of our customers have asked why we continue to do so.

The idea of resting on Sunday is something in which our founder, Paul S. Beckwith, firmly believed-in part because of his religious beliefs, in part because of a story told to him by his father.

Paul's father was a pioneer who traveled to the new territory by wagon train. Some of the pioneers were in a great hurry so they drove on every day, leaving behind those who stopped for a day of rest and worship. Weeks passed, and as the settlers continued to move westward, the families who had taken Sunday off began to catch up with those who had pushed ahead-only to find broken-down wagons, lame animals and weary people. Paul's father told him he decided right then and there that the Bible was right; neither man nor beast was made to work seven days a week.

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