We "steak" our reputation on it

Step up to the Fareway meat counter, where fresh cuts of USDA Choice beef and all natural pork and chicken fill the case, foam trays are few and far between and full-service is the name of the game.

Fareway's reputation for having the best quality meats (at the best prices, we might add) stems directly from our founder, Paul S. Beckwith, who was a meat supervisor at another grocery chain before starting Fareway. His determination to offer the highest quality meats, even when opting for lesser cuts would have meant more profit, still guides everything we do.

A full-time meat cutter is on duty at every store from open to close, so special requests are never a problem. At Fareway, you can:

  • Pick out the exact cut or piece of meat you want
  • Have it sliced as thick or thin as you need-if we have something cut to 1" thick and you want it 1ΒΌ" thick, just let us know
  • Choose a ham or other item from our self-service case and have us slice it just the way you like
  • Purchase a whole pork loin and request 10 different cuts

We'll wrap the meat exactly the way you want it in ready-to-freeze packages. Best of all, our meat market staff will answer your questions and offer up tips to help you get the most from your Fareway meat selection.

Ask your Fareway meat manager

The Fareway meat counter is always bustling, but don't be shy about asking for our advice. Sharing our knowledge is why we're here and what we love to do. Besides, there's probably no question you can ask us that we haven't been asked at one time or another.

  • What's the best way to prepare a roast?
  • How long does it take to grill pork chops?
  • What's the proper cooking temperature for ground beef?
  • How do I use a meat thermometer?

The average tenure of a Fareway Stores meat market manager is 29 years, and some have been with us as long as 40 years. Fareway customers can tap into that knowledge right here, right at the counter, so your meals come out perfectly.

You can also learn more about general food preparation and safe handling guidelines at:

Make Fareway your "choice"

Since 1938, Fareway has only sold USDA Choice beef cuts. These government-established quality standards are based on attributes such as marbling (the amount of fat interspersed with lean meat), color, firmness, texture and even the age of the animal.

All of these factors are a good indication of how tender, juicy and flavorful the meat will be. Anything less than official USDA Choice designation just doesn't come with the same promise of quality.

All of our meat products are Midwest raised and processed. From field to store, Fareway works with those processors to ensure every shipment meets our rigorous quality standards. They know that if a particular cut has more fat than we specify, even if it's acceptable by USDA Choice standards, they might as well send it to someone else. What's more, Fareway meat is:

  • Never gassed-other meats may be treated with CO2 gas to preserve freshness and color
  • Never injected-water solutions add weight and plumpness, but why pay for water?
  • Cut daily to your liking
  • Free from added preservatives
  • All natural