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Internship Opportunities 

Retail Internship Program

Includes opportunities in Retail

“In Location” Retail Internship offers unique opportunity for part-time employees to focus on specific personalized objectives and development of specific departmental expertise over a 30-to-90-day program.

“Single Store Location” Retail Internship offers an eight-to-ten-week internship opportunity for part-time or full-time employees in a location remote from their home store, working with management to gain expanded knowledge in merchandising, managing sections, specific technical skills and leadership.

“Retail Sales Team” Internship typically an eight-to-ten-week traveling internship with the Retail Sales Team focusing on merchandising, new store openings, departmental expertise and leadership management skills.

Corporate Internship Program

Fareway’s internships are uniquely tailored to each intern. Interns work closely with management team(s) on defined, specific objectives and projects.

Corporate internships include opportunities in Supply Chain, Marketing, Information Technology, Accounting, Human Resources, Social Media, Category Management, Logistics, eCommerce and other corporate areas of the business.  Objectives include timely/high visibility projects, frequently interacting/collaborating with company department leaders and officers with work-based learning at the Corporate Campus in Boone, IA.

Specialized” Internship reserved for qualified participants/specific qualifications required.  “Specialized” Internships are project based and tailored to the interest of the applicant.

Delta Sigma Pi Internship is specifically for members of the University of Iowa Delta Sigma Pi-Epsilon Chapter.

College Credit Internship may qualify for college credit with qualifying approval.


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