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Beginning May 1, 2017, manufacturer coupons must be added to your shopping list to automatically receive coupon savings at checkout. You won't want to miss out - simply clip, add to shopping list, and continue to realize great savings!

How Does Invisipon Work?

When you sign up for Invisipon, either online or through the App Store, manufacturers and retailers will start automatically depositing coupons directly into your personalized Coupon Savings Account. 

Who manages my Coupon Savings Account?

The manufacturers and the retailers do all the work. When a coupon is deposited into your Coupon Savings Account, limits are set as to how long the coupon is good for, how many times it can be used, quantity of the product, size, etc. Once the coupon is redeemed or becomes out-of-date, the system automatically removes it from your Coupon Savings Account. Note that in some cases, a manufacturer or retailer may allow you to use a coupon more than once, or as many times as you like within a certain time frame. In this case, the coupon will not be removed from your Coupon Savings Account until you've redeemed it the maximum number of times or the coupon has expired.

Where do I download the app?

The Invisipon app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Do I need a smartphone to use Invisipon?

A smart phone is not needed to take advantage of Invisipon coupon savings. You can also visit www.invisipon.com and create an account on your desktop. When complete, print out a physical copy of your icard. From there, you will receive coupons from manufacturers and retailers based on your shopping preferences.

How do I redeem my coupons?

Simply browse your personalized Coupon Savings Account from your computer or Invisipon mobile phone app. You may add the products you want in your shopping cart, but it is not necessary to take advantage of coupon savings. At the store, provide either your Invisipon iCard via mobile device or hard copy, or give the clerk your phone number at checkout. Once your iCard is scanned or your phone number is entered, your coupons will be applied automatically.

For the iPhone download, click here.

For the Android download, click here.

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