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Belly Bobs were created to give you a taste of the Iowa State Fair right at home! We teamed up with the Iowa Pork Producer's to make the delicious Belly Bob (Pork Belly on a Stick)!

Belly Bobs


To Grill: start cooking over the center of the charcoal or burner.  After getting a good sear on all sides move the Belly Bobs out of direct heat and let them go low & slow roughly 45 minutes.  Internal temperature should be 185 degrees or higher. When grilling bacon or slab belly on the grill use extreme caution fatty meats tend to have flare ups as the fat renders over open flame.

Oven: Start with high heat to get a nice sear. Pre heat oven to 425 degrees and cook for approximately 15 minutes at 425.  Reduce the temperature to 300 degrees for another 45 minutes or so, looking for the internal temperature to reach 185 degree minimum.  Don’t forget to brush with your favorite glaze every 15 minutes or so.

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