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Servings: 40

Amount Per Serving: 1/4 cup

Total Time: 15 minutes

This addictive snack mix is fantastic holiday party food!  Cereals, pretzels, pecans and toffee bits--yumm!

Chocolate Coffee Toffee Chex Mix


  1. In large bowl, mix cereals, pretzels pecans and toffee bits.
  2. In small microwavable bowl, stir coffee granules and water until coffee is dissolved.
  3. Add chocolate chips and butter.
  4. Microwave uncovered on high 1 1/2 minutes, stirring after 1 minute, until mixture is smooth.
  5. Pour over cereal mixture; stir until evenly coated.
  6. Pour into 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag.
  7. Add powdered sugar.
  8. Seal bag; shake gently until well coated.
  9. Spread on waxed paper or foil to cool.
  10. Store in airtight container.


115 calories; 5.5 g total fat; 2 g saturated fat; 0 g trans fat; 2.5 mg cholesterol; 67 mg sodium; 15 g carbohydrate; 0 g fiber; 1 g protein

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