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Servings: 8

Total Time: 10 minutes

This egg salad sandwich is easy to make, high in protein, and inexpensive!

Egg Salad Sandwich

Preparation Notes

This egg salad recipe is a great way to use your leftover dyed Easter Eggs. Removing some of the egg yolks cuts down the calories, fat and cholesterol found in traditional egg salad. Make sure to practice food safety during your hunt, in order to ensure safe and sanitary hard boiled eggs. Easter Egg Salad keeps well in the refrigerator for 48 hours.


  1. Hard boil 16 eggs.
  2. Dice celery.
  3. Once the eggs are cooked and cooled, remove the yolks and discard from 6 of the eggs.
  4. Dice all of the eggs.
  5. Mix eggs with mayonnaise, celery, salt and pepper
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