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Servings: 6-8

Total Time: 30 minutes

Add bleu cheese to your flank steak pinwheels for extra flavor! You'll love the layers of garlic, spinach and more.

Flank Steak and Blue Cheese Pinwheels

Preparation Notes

To butterfly flank steak: Ask a Fareway Meat Expert to butterfly the steak along the grain OR start with the meat grain running up and down in front of you. Begin cutting the meat in half until you reach about 1 inch from completely cutting through. Using a meat mallet, pound the steak seam to match the thickness of the rest of the steak.


  1. Season outside of flank steak with oil, salt, and pepper.
  2. Open and spread the flank steak out so that grain is running left to right.
  3. Begin layering the flank steak with vinegar, black pepper, garlic, spinach, scallions, and cheeses.
  4. Roll the steak away from you (along the grain).
  5. Insert skewers every 1 to 2 inches along the seam, holding the steak together.
  6. Cut between the skewers so there is about ½ inch of meat on each side of the skewer.
  7. Grill pinwheels on each side for 3 to 4 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 145?F.
For more information on flank steak check out our virtual meat counter!
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