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Servings: 4

Total Time: 30 minutes

  • 2 beef T-Bone steaks, cut 1 inch thick (about 1 pound each)
  • 2 bell pepper
  • 1/2 cup Italian parsley
  • 4 clove garlic
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil

Works well with beef T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks!  Adding the peppers adds flavor and color.

Grilled Steak with Colorful Peppers


  1. Place pesto ingredients (parsely, garlic, and olive oil) in small bowl of food processor or blender container. Cover; process until parsley is finely chopped, stopping and scraping side of bowl as needed.

  2. Spread pesto generously on both sides of beef steaks and bell peppers.

  3. Place steaks and peppers on grid over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, covered, 11 to 16 minutes (over medium heat on preheated gas grill, 15 to 19 minutes) for medium rare (145°F) to medium (160°F) doneness and until peppers are tender, turning occasionally.

  4. Remove bones; carve steaks into slices.

  5. Serve beef with peppers.


Nutrition information per serving, using T-Bone steak: 320 calories; 20 g fat (5 g saturated fat; 12 g monounsaturated fat); 61 mg cholesterol; 86 mg sodium; 3 g carbohydrate; 1.0 g fiber; 29 g protein; 5.3 mg niacin; 0.6 mg vitamin B6; 2.4 mcg vitamin B12; 4.6 mg iron; 11.1 mcg selenium; 5.6 mg zinc.

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