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Servings: 6

Total Time: 25 minutes

Ready to turn your next barbeque into a Midwestern-style Hawaiian luau? If so, you're ready for Fareway's World Famous Hawaiian Burgers Recipe!

Hawaiian Burgers


  1. Squeeze out excess water from zucchini between two paper towels.

  2. Combine ground beef, zucchini, teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper and form into six patties.

  3. Grill burgers over medium heat for approximately 5 minutes per side, or until internal temperature reaches 165°F, turning once.

  4. Grill pineapple and pepper rings over medium heat until grill marks appear, about 3 minutes.

  5. Top buns with burger, cheese, pineapple, pepper, onion and lettuce.


329 calories; 15 g fat; 7 g saturated fat; 62 mg cholesterol; 24 g carbohydrate; 2 g fiber; 24 g protein

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