Salsa Verde Chicken Burritos

These chicken burritos are a great protein-packed lunch option!

Salsa Verde Chicken Burritos
Total Time: varies


Servings: 8 burritos

424 calories; 13.1 g fat; 6.4 g saturated fat; 16.6 mg cholesterol; 936.9 mg sodium; 48.6 g carbohydrate; 4 g fiber; 2.7 g sugar; 27.9 g protein


Combine chicken, beans, cheese, salsa and rice. 

Fill tortillas with chicken mixture and roll up, tucking in the sides as you go. 

To freeze: wrap individual burritos in plastic wrap and freeze in a large zip-top bag. 

To serve: reheat frozen burritos in the microwave (microwave times will vary; heat in 30 second intervals until burrito is warmed through). OR thaw burritos in the refrigerator overnight and reheat at 350°F for 10–15 minutes or until warmed through.