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Servings: 1

Total Time: 10 minutes

  • 1 cup pineapple, cubed
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp pine nuts
  • 1 tsp rum
  • 2 Tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

Have a craving for a tropical snack? This treat is healthy, delicious and will make you feel like you've stepped into a tropical paradise!


  1. If using canned pineapple, drain juice using a strainer.

  2. Lay pineapple cubes on a paper towel and pat dry.

  3. Add butter to a medium saucepan and saute over medium heat.

  4. Brown butter, then add pineapple cubes.

  5. Add honey and toss to coat, cook until pineapple is golden brown, about 5 to 7 minutes.

  6. Turn off heat and add pine nuts.

  7. In a small bowl mix together rum and Greek yogurt.

  8. Place pineapple in a serving dish and top with yogurt. Serve immediately.


246 calories; 7.7 g fat; 2.7 g saturated fat; 10 mg cholesterol; 46.4 mg cholesterol; 40.7 g carbohydrate; 2.5 g fiber; 4 g protein

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