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Shopping Online

What is Online Shopping?
For Fareway, online shopping is a new service that is available at select stores.  With it, you will be able to create orders from a computer or smartphone using, or with the Fareway mobile app.  

How does it work?
First, create an account using the Register link on the Log in screen, then search or browse through your store’s available items to create your order.  At checkout, you will be provided available pick-up times to select from.  Upon arrival, simply park in one of the designated parking spots and let us know you are ready using the email or text message we send to you or by calling/texting the number listed on the parking sign.  Once you are at the store and we are alerted to your arrival we will bring your order to your vehicle. 

Is there a minimum?
Yes, the minimum to make an online order is $30, there is no fee for this service.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for online shopping, but you must make a $30 purchase.

When can I pick up my order?
When you are finalizing your order, you will be asked to select from available pickup times for the store you have chosen.

Are the displayed online prices and promotions the same as what they are at my store?
Prices and promotions may not always be an exact match to those found in-store.  Many promotions will only be available in-store.

Will prices and promotions in my store’s ad be available for online shopping?
Most promotions and sale prices from our ad will be available with online shopping, but some promotions from our ad might only be available in store.

How do I find items online?
There are several ways to locate items while shopping online.   

  1. The Departments button and the following links allow you to browse items by categories or by other predefined assortments.  As you look through products you can filter or sort items using the control options located at the top of the page. 
  2. The Search Bar is another way to find items by brand name, product category or keyword association. 
  3. Past Purchases are also available for you to select from.  This area is particularly helpful for routine purchases. 
  4. Items that are On Sale will be easy to locate using the On Sale button from the Departments menu.

Will all items that display in the app and in Online Shopping be available in my store?
We display items based on products sold at the store you have chosen but this does not account for exact inventory of the item.  Sometimes, due to shortages or promotions, a specific item might be out of stock but will continue to display online and in the app.  

How do I find SALE prices and what does the $ mean?
While browsing items you will be able to find sale items or discounted prices by looking for item prices that are displayed in RED.   In addition, when you see the $ symbol, that means that there is a special promotion for that item.  Click or tap on the symbol to see what that promotion is.  These special promotions are visible in the shopping cart when the associated product is added.  

How do I add items that are priced by weight?
Items that are priced on weight can be viewed and added to your cart in two different ways; either by the unit or by weight.  This view can be changed on the item’s listing or on that item’s product detail page. 
• “by the ea.” or “by the each” allows you to select by number of items and estimates the price based on the item’s weighted average. 
• “by the lb.” or “by the pound” allows you select more specific weight-based increments depending on the item.
On certain items like Whole Meat Cuts, Roasts and other large items, by the lb. is available, but only in predetermined increments.  In the event you need a more specific weight outside what is available, use the NOTES feature to let us know, we will do our best to assist. 

How are prices for weighted items like Meat & Produce determined?
There are certain items, specifically from Produce and Meat, that are priced based on the item’s weight.  While shopping these items you will have the option to purchase the item “by the each”, which is calculated based on the estimated weight of that item multiplied by the price.
The price charged to you will based on the actual weight of the item calculated when the order is picked and packed by our store team.    

What happens if the item I selected is not available?
From time to time, the item you selected, or the quantity of that item, might not be available for your order.   If this happens, we will either substitute it with an item you selected in the order process as a substitution option, or our team member will replace your item with a similar item if one is available.       

A substitution might result in a changed order total.   All pricing is based on the items that are included in the final order.

How will I be notified about an out of stock or substitution?
When a selected item is unavailable, we will send an email to the account associated with the order to share that the item is unavailable.  Depending on the time between when this message is opened and when the order is scheduled for pick up there might be an option to add a replacement.     

Am I able to pre-select backup items in the event an item is unavailable?
Yes, in the shopping cart under each item, there is a link titled “Backup”.  Use this for any item you would prefer to select a replacement item in the event your selected item is unavailable. 

Can I decline replacements for items in the event it is unavailable?
You can decline having our team member select a replacement if an item is unavailable by using the “Backup” link located under each item in the shopping cart.  Once you select that link, uncheck the Personal Shopper’s Choice option. 

Can I use coupons with my Online Shopping purchase?
Currently coupons, both manufacturer and store, are not valid for use on online purchases.  They are only redeemable for in-store purchases.

I am unable to add items to my cart, and can only make a shopping list.

Fareway's online shopping site has 2 views; one is the PICKUP view, which allows you to build a basket and check an order out. The other view is titled INSTORE, it allows you to make a list but does not have the check out process.

You can change between these views by selecting the store address from the top left of the shopping site, or in the navigation menu for the mobile site and the Fareway App. When you do this you will have the option to select Pickup for any store that has online shopping available.


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Pick up

When do I pick up my order?
When finalizing your Fareway Online Shopping order you will be asked to select from available pick-up times.   The time you select will be the time you should plan to be at the store to pick up your order.

How do I pick up my order?
Plan to arrive at your selected Fareway location within the time slot you selected.  When you arrive, park in one of the reserved online order pickup parking spots.  

Confirmation Message:  Once your order is picked by our staff, you will receive an email and/or text message indicating your order is ready for pickup.  Please click on the “I’m 5 minutes away” link at the appropriate time, then on the “I’m here” link when you arrive.  Please be sure not to use your phone while driving.   
Call or Text Us:  If you did not receive a confirmation message or if you weren’t able to notify us of your arrival, call or text the number printed on the sign at your pickup parking spot to let us know you have arrived.   
Once we are aware of your arrival, we will bring out your order and load it in your vehicle.   

How long do I have to pick up my order?
When you are finalizing your order, you will select your pickup timeslot and it is at this time your order will be ready.  It is advised that you arrive inside this timeslot to ensure you receive your order.  
If you missed or know you will miss your scheduled pickup time, please contact us for assistance using the contact information in your order confirmation message.  

Why aren’t all pick-up times available?
There are a limited number of pick-up times available at a location in each day.  Due to this and demand, there could be certain days or time periods which are unavailable.  We recommend that you plan your online order early to increase your chances of finding the best available pick-up time.


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Purchase & Payments




Purchase & Payments

How do I purchase my order?
When your items are collected, and you are ready to make a purchase, select the Checkout button inside your shopping cart to be taken to the purchase screen. 

Select your pick-up location and pick-up time from the list of available options.
Early in the process we will show you available pick-up times, and at checkout, you will be asked to select from those available times.  Your order will be ready and prepared to be delivered to your car at this selected time. 
Due to high demand, there might be certain days or time periods with limited availability.  We recommend that you plan your online order early to increase your chances of finding the best available pick-up time.

Estimated Total and Final Amount Charged
While creating your order you will be provided with an estimated total for the order.  This total is not finalized until after your order is picked due to possible out of stock or substituted item.  This is also the case if your order contains items that are priced by the lb. Those items will need to be weighed once your order is picked to calculate the exact price.  
This could result in a difference between the initial order total and the final cost of your purchase. 

Are there any Fees?
There is not a fee to use the Online Shopping service, but you must make a $30 minimum purchase.

Are SNAP or EBT benefits accepted for Online Shopping orders?
SNAP & EBT benefits are only accepted for our in-store shoppers and this payment is not available at this time for online orders. 

Are Fareway gift cards accepted for Online Shopping orders?
Fareway Store gift cards are only accepted for our in-store shoppers and this payment is not available at this time for online orders. 

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How do I sign up?
New to Fareway Online Shopping and don’t have an account yet?   Just click the “Log in” button on the Online Shopping website or the My Account Button in the Fareway Mobile App to access the log in screen.   Once there, use the “Register” link at the top to create your account. 

I can not log in and need help with my password.
Uncertain about your password?  You can use the “Need a new password” link on the log in screen to have a help message sent to your email address. You will be able to update your password using that link. 

How can I make changes to my account?
If you need to make changes to your account, you can do so by visiting the My Account section from the website or inside the mobile app for available options. 

Do I have to create an account to use Fareway Online Shopping or the Fareway App?
An account is not needed for all services in the Fareway App or Fareway Online Shopping, but to use features such as the SHOPPING LIST, a Fareway Account is needed.   This account will be used for many experience enhancing features that will be added to the Fareway App and Online Shopping in the future.


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