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Peanutbutter and Jelly will only go so far with most kids. Fareway has you covered with school lunch ideas that will inspire you and your kids will love!

Image collage of school lunch ideas.

As a parent do you find it hard to brainstorm new lunch ideas for your kiddos each week? Well, look no further! As the new school year begins, make preparing lunches fun by bringing your young ones into the kitchen with you. This is a great way to get your child more actively involved in the planning and preparation of their daily meals.

  1. 1. Homemade Sunsweet Granola Bars

    Image of Homemade Sunsweet Granola Bars.

    Incorporating a fun twist on the everyday granola bar will get your child excited for the rest of their lunch. These homemade sunsweet granola bars are easy to make and even easier to snack on

  2. 2. Cinnamon Bun Apple Dip

    Image of Cinnamon Bun Apple Dip.

    Are you ready for a healthy recipe that will have your kiddo asking for more? You found it! Taking a total of 10 minutes, and utilizing only a few ingredients, your children will find success and feel like professionals after making this dip. Did we mention it’s delicious?

  3. 3. Boys and Girls Club Trail Mix 

    Image of Boys and Girls Club Trail Mix.

    This feel-good treat takes just 10 minutes and makes enough for your little one share with their friends! Once prepared, separate into portions and place in plastic baggies for a healthful, well-balanced snack.

  4. 4. Turkey Roll Ups 

    Image of Turkey Roll Ups.

    Mix up your child’s traditional sandwich lunch routine! This easy to prepare meal provides the nutritional value they need but with a fresh look. Not only will they be excited about the taste, but they will be proud that they made these turkey roll ups themselves.

  5. 5. Sneaky Mac and Cheese

    Image of Sneaky Mac and Cheese.

    What kid doesn’t love mac and cheese? Incorporate a healthy twist to one of their favorite meals, and they will never know the difference. Not only does this recipe taste good AND includes healthy alternatives, it is a great way to start teaching your child healthy cooking techniques early in life.

  6. 6. Homemade Chicken Nuggets

    Image of Homemade Chicken Nuggets.

    Nurture your child’s kitchen curiosity with this hands-on meal. Not only will you ensure your youngster will be getting the nutrients they need, but they will also have fun making it.

  7. 7. Gingerbread Cookies

    Image of a Gingerbread Cookie.

    Tackle your kiddo’s lunch dessert in delicious style. These savory cookies take a little more prep time in the kitchen, but they will have your young one feeling like they are taking their cooking skills to the next level. And the best part is, there will be enough to share with their friends the next day.

  8. 8. Pizza Roll Ups

    Image of Pizza Roll Ups.

    Keep your kids’ menu exciting by putting a healthy spin on pizza with this meal. Once finished, your child’s taste buds will be watering for more! And do you know what the best part is about these yummy roll ups? They provide your family a nutritional upgrade over traditional pizza.

  9. 9. Kashi® GOLEAN Crunch!® Cookies 

    Image of Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Cookies.

    Give your child the heart healthy nutrition he or she needs at school and at home with these yummy treats. These cookies make a great breakfast, lunch addition, or after-school snack. Made with Kashi® GOLEAN Crunch.® this recipe will have your child and their friends running back for more.

  10. 10. Chocolate Banana Swirl  

    Image of Chocolate Banana Swirl.

    Looking for a new gluten-free recipe for your loved ones? Here is a recipe that will not disappoint. Calling for only a few ingredients and taking a total of 10 minutes, you and your young one will want to make this recipe a routine staple in no time.

Don’t Wait, Get Meal Planning Today!

Are you ready to get your kids more involved in the kitchen? We know we are! With these tasty recipes, your kids will want to take over the kitchen more often. For more fun and creative recipes, check out our healthy and affordable Fareway recipes!

Caitlyn Ferin RD, LD

Caitlyn Ferin RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Caitlyn graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Dietetics. She has worked in nutrition at Mid Iowa Community Action and as a clinical dietitian for the Iowa Veterans Home and Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center. Her goal is to help you and your family develop and maintain healthy lifestyles by sharing creative and practical nutrition tips.

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