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Did you know that nuts are packed with a ton of health benefits and nutrients? If you're feeling nutty, why not keep reading to see more health benefits, nutrition facts, recipes, and more! 

Nutrition Facts 

- Nuts are a great source of many nutrients including protein, Vitamin E, and fiber

- They are loaded with antioxidants 

- Nuts are high in beneficial fiber

       - The nuts with the highest fiber per one ounce servings are almonds and pistachios 

- Nuts are also a great source for folic acids, magnesium, potassium, and calcium! 

Health Benefits 

- Nuts may help aid in weight loss 

- Eating nuts may improve cardiovascular health 

- Nuts can help with diabetes control 

- Eating nuts may help to reduce rheumatoid arthritis and may protect against Alzheimer's and dementia 

- Nuts may help to improve cholesterol 

Recipes and Cooking Ideas 

- Nuts are a great addition to add some extra flavor and nutrients to your food 

- Nuts can be added to your salads, soups, baked goods, and more! 

- Adding nuts to other foods like baked breads, in wraps, or even in your spreads can really add that extra crunch 

- Nuts are also the perfect addition to trail mixes and holiday treats 

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