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A positive understanding of food and nutrition is one of the best tools any parent can give their growing child. Read on to find out how you can lead by example in the kitchen.

Try new foods.

If your children see you trying new foods, they will be more likely to try them also. Keep in mind it might take multiple times to learn to like a new food, but don't give up!

Enjoy your meals.

Don't fret about food and weight in front of your children. Believe it or not, they are listening and will start developing the same negative attitudes towards eating.

Get creative in the kitchen.

Invite the kids to help you (I know it may seem like more of a burden, but it's worth it in the end!) and experiment with new recipes that incorporate fruits and vegetables. Don't be discouraged if your children aren't open to new foods and cooking right away. To avoid arguments at the table, with every new food, offer one food that you know your child likes.

As always, be patient.

It will go a long way when trying to instill healthful eating habits.

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