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Ever heard of Beef Tri Tip? It's growing in popularity and can be cooked so many ways.  Continue reading to see facts, cooking steps, cooking methods, and more!

What Should You Know?
Where does Beef Tri Tip come from?

- Beef Tri Tip is bottom sirloin

- It comes from the rear quarter of the side of beef

What else? 

- Beef Tri Tip is growing in popularity in the Midwest

- Just like all other sirloin cuts, it is rich with flavor and plenty tender 

- Beef Tri Tips are generally a smaller piece of meat

- It won't break the bank 

Common Cooking Steps

If using a smoker: 

       - Set the smoker for 225 degrees 

       - After preheating, let the smoker go for approximately 60-90 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees 

       - Let rest for 10 minutes 

Typical Cooking Methods

Depending on whether it is a tri-tip steak or a tri-tip roast, there are many cooking methods: 

       - grilling 

       - oven roasting 

       - broiling 

       - smoking 

       - skillet cooking 

       - stirfry

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