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Daylight Savings is coming to an end this November, which means we gain an hour of sleep when the clocks “fall back”.  Get ready for brighter mornings and darker nights as we head into the colder months. But did you know, there are ways to adjust to the end of Daylight Savings.  Keep reading for more tips and ideas on Daylight Savings! 

When and why does Daylight Savings end?

Daylight Savings ends on the first Sunday in November each year at 2 a.m. We will be moving clocks back one hour, allowing for more daylight in the winter mornings. This also leads to darker nights much sooner. 


How can you adjust? 

  1. Slowly adjust your schedule. This can mean going to bed even just 10-20 minutes earlier than you normally would.  You may also find yourself adjusting the times you eat your meals or exercise. 

  2. Go outside and get some sun as much as you can! Even if it is just a walk on your lunch break, getting outside in the sun can make for an easier adjustment to the “fall back”. 

  3. Try to wake up from the sunlight, not from your alarm. Waking up from the sun allows for a more natural wake up process.

  4. Don’t procrastinate with your clocks.  It is suggested that you change your clocks the night before, allowing you to wake up and adjust to the new time right away.  

  5. Make sure to prepare for your sleep, allowing you to make the adjustment that much easier. Avoid exercising before bed. Create a relaxing bedtime routine, like reading a book or taking a bath to allow your body to relax. Put away phones, tablets, and other electronic devices before going to bed.


What should you be doing around your house?

This time of the year (and when Daylight Savings begins in March), there are many things around the house that are supposed to be done. 

  1. It is suggested you reverse the fans in your home, allowing for a slight temperature change as we enter the cooler months. 

  2. Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  This ensures that they stay up to date! 

  3. This is always a good time of the year to check your lightbulbs and replace if needed. 

  4. Flip your mattress. 

  5. Clean out dryer vents, AC vents, and furnace filters.

Basically, this is a great time of the year for a quick home reset!


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