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The weather is getting colder, which means it is time for warm, fall foods.  Why not add a little fun to the recipes and make little mummies or spooky pizzas for the season?  Keep reading to see some fun foods for this spooky season!

Pumpkin Face Quesadillas

This food is a little cheesy…but oh so fun! These Pumpkin Face Quesadillas are so easy and are sure to make the kiddos enjoy dinner even more.  They take less than five minutes and can be customized to you. 

Click here for the recipe video! 

Mummy Rice Krispies 

This sweet treat is so easy and only requires three ingredients! Melt your white chocolate and have some fun making the mummies your own.  

Click here for the recipe video! 

Crescent Mummy Dogs

These are the perfect side at a Halloween party or an after-school snack for the kids.  These are the perfect blend of savory, cheesy, and doughy! 

Click here for the recipe video!

Spooky Pizzas

These spooky pizzas are such a fun way to spice up your homemade pizzas! Make them into ghosts or pumpkin for some easy shapes and use your toppings for the eyes and more. 

Click here for the recipe video! 

Enjoy these fun foods, and happy spooky season! 

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