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Cart to Kitchen, a new web series by Fareway, is launching January 13th. Check out the trailer and more here!

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Fareway is excited to bring a brand new educational series to customers, focusing on bringing fresh meat and produce to life inside the kitchen. Cart to Kitchen is centered around ideas of bringing tips, tricks and recipes from your Fareway store right to your kitchen!

Cart to Kitchen will bring weekly episodes to your screens, hosted by Fareway Dietitians, Whitney Hemmer and Caitlyn Ferin, plus special guests appearing throughout the year. Whether you are all out of recipe ideas, are looking for inspiration for the holidays, or are trying new tips for cooking on your own, Cart to Kitchen is stocked with various fresh food ideas, tips and recipes to take home, all at an affordable price.

Cart to Kitchen


Interested in new recipes, but don’t want to take the time to read? We have the solution for you in our videos section. Watch any video to take a delicious new meal home, try out some tips to cut down time in the kitchen, or try out something new. 


Not sure where to start when trying out a new idea in the kitchen? The articles section provides helpful and quick, tricks for meal solutions, hosting ideas, and appetizers from our store and the Fareway Meat Market.


Did you know we have a magazine? Our Centsable Health magazine articles are available online or in-store for you to pick up filled with meal ideas, new finds, and fresh produce hacks!

Shop Smart

Shopping smart and eating healthy shouldn’t have to come as a chore. Our shop smart section offers help on an affordable and maintainable lifestyle. At Fareway we are committed to bringing you the best, you don't have to settle for less!


Without the help of our dietitians, healthy lifestyles would not be possible. For tips, ideas, and nutrition-related services, meet our dietitians!

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