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The holiday season is here, and gift giving is all we're thinking about! What better gift to give than some yummy food…I mean food is the way to the heart, right? Continue reading to see some fun and easy food related gifts that you can give including bundles, baskets, and more! 


Hot Chocolate Kit

All you need for this is a mason jar, some hot chocolate mix, your favorite toppings, and any little decorations you need to spice up the jar. 

1. Start with a mason jar! Tie any fun ribbon on it or even get crafty and add some googly eyes and fuzzy balls to make a face.  Or you can take a permanent marker to draw a face and buttons for a snowman. 

2. Following that, just layer the ingredients. Start with the hot chocolate mix, then add some chocolate chips, marshmallows, and peppermint candies (or any other toppings you enjoy). Do not mix it! You want a layered look so don’t touch it once you pour it in. 


Charcuterie Basket 

Treat your favorite person with a charcuterie basket filled with all things Fareway! 

1. Pick out a basket! You can find one online or head inside your favorite store and choose something nice. You can always add a nice wood board as well. 

2. Head to your local Fareway (or Fareway Meat Market) and pick out some gourmet cheese. We’ve got cheddar, pepperjack, and more. 

3. Pick your meats. 

4. Top it off with some sweets.  Add their favorite chocolates, fruits, nuts, and more. 

5. Finally, add a nice bottle of wine (or sparkling juice) for that extra add-on. 


Fareway Meat Market Online Box

This is perfect for anyone that has moved and misses Fareway quality meat!

Looking for an easy, no-hassle gift to send right to your friend or family’s doorstep?  Check out Fareway’s Meat Market Online right here to order packages, sides and more to send to your friend. You can also find recipes, cooking tips, and ideas here


For the Grill Master

Looking for a gift for the grill master of the family? Head to your local Fareway to find all the necessities. 

1. Find a basket to put everything in! Make sure it matches the personality of the one receiving the gift.  Purchase it online or go to your favorite store to find one. 

2. Head to your local Fareway and pick out your grill master’s favorite seasoning. 

3.  Grab some tongs, spatulas, and any other grilling essentials that are deemed necessary. 

4. Finally, why not add a gift card to Fareway or Fareway’s Meat Market Online! I mean, we are known for our meat counter. 

Happy gift giving to you and happy holidays! 


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