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Who else is ready to relax and beat the holiday hustle with simple, affordable, and family-friendly meal solutions? If you raised your hand, read on and be merry!

The Holiday Hustle!

I realize this phrase usually pertains to all the gift giving mania of the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be honest, with all the shopping, holiday parties, and regular work and/or kids activity schedules, thinking about what to do for dinner becomes a last priority. Particularly when you get home and it’s cold and dark…I’m ready to don my pajamas, turn on my favorite Christmas movie, and relax (not worry about cooking a healthy and nutritious dinner for my family). 

That being said, I’ve come to love some of Fareway’s easier meal options during the week. Whether some of these items are new, or simply old favorites, they take some of the hustle out of holiday dinner time. 

Hello Fresh
Hello fresh, fast, and affordable! These meal kits are designed to feed a family of four, are flavor-packed, and are really fun to put together. All the ingredients are included, from protein to fresh veggies, and come with simple prep and cooking instructions. Kit flavors change with the season, but with options like Beef Bulgogi Tacos, Italian Stuffed Poblanos, Mustard Peppercorn Steak, and Sirloin and Creamy Pan Sauce, there’s always a vegetarian option and one that everyone will like!

Ready Chef Go!
Super simple, these meal kits come with all the ingredients ready in one bag! All you do is pop it in the microwave or oven, and voila, it’s ready to consume. The science is in the bag, and whether you microwave it for five minutes or cook it in the oven for thirty, the meat is always moist, all ingredients are properly cooked, and the flavor is outstanding. The protein comes straight from our fresh meat counter and the meals are prepared in-house. With options to feed two or four, these are hearty, and there always seem to be leftovers for lunch the next day. Pick one up and try it on your next visit!

Rana Meal Solutions
Pasta please! Your favorite individual pasta and sauce options are now available in a meal kit, with an added bonus of healthy veggies. These cook up in less than ten minutes, and with a serving size of six, are ready for the whole family to enjoy. With selections like fettuccine grilled steak with mushroom sauce and grilled white chicken fettuccine with alfredo sauce, I’m honestly not sure how anyone could pass these up! 

Fareway’s Famous Fresh Meat Counter
Made-to-order, cut fresh protein products are always available at our meat counter, but look closer and you’ll see some great heat and serve options as well! With pre-cooked smoked pork chops,barbeque pulled pork, and hamballs, select your favorite, heat, and serve. Another go-to staple at our house is rotisserie chicken, an easy option to pick-up for dinner time with ample leftovers for lunch or to place on a salad the next day. Have a little bit more time to wait? You won’t want to miss out on our stuffed chicken or pork options, cordon bleu, or fajita mixes. All require a bit more prep time but are simple enough to throw in the oven or quick cook on the stove top. Simply pick up your favorite sides to pair (we’ve been into The Little Potatoe Company products, Fareway canned/frozen veggies, and minute rice, to name a few!)

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