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Why settle for the same old guacamole recipe? This Cinco De Mayo, mix things up with some fresh ingredients!

Six Ingredients to Try in Your Guacamole

When we think Cinco De Mayo, we definitely have guacamole at the top of our minds. Of course the original recipe is always delicious, but why not mix it up this year by adding a fun new ingredient (or two!)? Check out these delicious deviations below, and follow the links below the image to access the full recipe!

Image of the Six Ingredients to try in Guacamole infographic!

1. Bacon

The real question is: when isn't bacon a good idea? Adding bacon to your guacamole is sure to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser! 

2. Chickpeas

This may be a surprise, but we all know that hummus and guacamole are good on their own, so why not combine them together?

3. Pineapple

Give your guacamole some tangy sweetness by adding delicious pineapple! 

4. Kale

There are huge health benefits to eating avocados and kale on their own, so this is sure to be a fantastic collision of superfoods! 

5. Pomegranate

A little added crunch never hurt nobody, and this flavor combination is not only delicious, it's Whole30® and Paleo compliant!

6. Greek Yogurt

We're sure you've heard of adding greek yogurt to all kinds of dishes in the past, but what about guacamole? You'll not only get the healthy fats from the avocados, but also some added protein from the yogurt!




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