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Logo of Love in the Fareway aisles 2017.

1. Jake and Angela Jurgens

Image of Jake and Angela Jurgens and their children.

2. Maddy and Beth McLaughlin

Image of Maddy and Beth McLaughlin and Bryan Greiner, store manager.

3. Kevin and Micki Salge

Image of Kevin and Micki Salge and their children.

4. Mike and Anada Mendoza

Image of Mike and Anada Mendoza with their children.

5. Jacob and Bobbie Wessling

Image of Jacob and Bobbie Wessling at their wedding.

6. Sam and Rachel Leonard

Image of Sam and Rachel Leonard at their wedding.

7. Jimmy and Shelby Bates

Image of Jimmy and Shelby Bates with manager Todd Hynes.

8. Brent and Chantel Daringer

Image of Brent and Chantel Daringer at their wedding.

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