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Brats, Hot Dogs, and Burgers go together like Summer and BBQ! If you're ready to elevate your Brat game to the next level, read on!

Whether you're grilling them or turning them into comfort food, brats are perfect for all occasions.  Be sure to check out the full recipes at the bottom for all of the delicious details.

         Image of brats for a Fareway logo.         

Image of cheesy brat dogs.                  Image of beer brat chili.

         Image of veggie brat kabobs.         

Image of cowboy queso.                  Image of beer brat pizza.

1. Cheesy Brat Dogs

2. Beer Brat Chili

3. Veggie Brat Kabobs

4. Cowboy Queso

5. Beer Brat Pizza

For more delicious recipes, visit our recipes page!


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