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Meet the Experts

Get to know our experts! Fareway's Registered Dietitians, Produce Expert, and Meat Expert bring you episodes teaching you anything from the basics, to recipes, to fun food trends in weekly Cart-to-Kitchen episodes. Find the full library here!

Whitney Hemmer, Registered Dietitian

Whitney began her journey towards becoming a dietitian because she grew up helping and hanging out in the kitchen. After high school she learned that cooking, health and all things kitchen-y could come together as a career. Whitney has been a Registered Dietitian with Fareway for 12 years now and her main responsibilities include recipe development, magazine content, and weekly news segments across the state of Iowa.

Whitney's favorite part about working for Fareway is the family focus, especially now that she has two young kids. Her favorite thing to teach customers is educating them about new products – are they worth the hype? What do you do with them? Whitney's favorite food is movie theater style popcorn and will always be the one to suggest tacos for dinner!

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Caitlyn Ferin, Registered Dietitian

Caitlyn set out to become a dietitian because she had always loved health and wellness and creating in the kitchen; so becoming a dietitian seemed like the perfect blend! She has been with Fareway for ten years and her main duties include creating new recipes and tips to share with customers through lunch and learn presentations, social media, and various publications.

One of her favorite things to share with customers is not only how to eat a little healthier, but how to eat on a budget. She tries to find unique ways to utilize leftovers, use pantry staples, and reduce waste to help customers save money. Letting you in on a sneak peak of Caitlyn's kitchen, soup and pizza are almost always on her family's weekly menu at home! The reason these are weekly staples is because you can mix and match almost any ingredient to create a delicious soup or pizza in no time. Have extra veggies, throw it in the soup. Have leftover chicken? Make a BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Caitlyn loves working at Fareway because every day is something new. New customers to chat with, new foods to try, new recipes to create! She loves the Fareway family and said she feels so blessed to work with many amazing people and do what she loves. 

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Cory Vogel, Produce Expert

Cory loves sharing produce tips for customers so they can be knowledgable on what they're adding to their grocery carts and serving up for their families. Cory is currently the Assistant Manager in Sioux Center and has been with Fareway for over 15 years. Day to day, Cory helps with anything and everything that the store needs, from hiring the next generation, filling the shelves, to helping customers. He has worked at Storm Lake, Clarinda, Sheldon, and now currently, Sioux Center. Cory was also on the Retail Sales Team where he helped roughly 80 different Fareway locations.

What's Cory's dream meal? A perfectly cooked ribeye steak with homemade mashed potatoes and Iowa Corn on the cob. (It's a YUM from us)! Impressively, Cory has also been a Sergeant in the Army Reserves for over nine years.

Cory loves working for Fareway because he says it is a family first company that cares for their employees. "Fareway's flexibility is unmatched and it allows me to enjoy life with my friends and family. Being in the military, Fareway has always been understanding and supportive when I have military duties. It takes a lot of stress off of my plate knowing that they are supportive. Shelby and I are very blessed."

Did you know that another name for an avocado is an Alligator Pear? Look it up. Check out Cory's produce tips here!

Jeremy Tangkhpanya, Meat Expert

As a local meat expert, Jeremy is new to the Cart-to-Kitchen team! Sharing his expertise on how to shop the meat counter, his favorite recipes, and top secret tips, he is excited to share his knowledge with customers. Jeremy has been with Fareway for over 20 years and has worked in 8 store locations. Do you recognize him from Iowa City, Marion, Cherokee, Rochester, Oelwein, Ames Meat Market, North Ames, or his current store, Huxley?

With his wife working full time and four kids (one teen plus three being under the age of 7), Jeremy can relate to the convenience shoppers in our stores and loves thinking outside of the box when giving customers recommendations at the meat counter. His all-time favorite food is ice cream, but if we're talking meat counter items, his go-to is a ribeye steak!

Jeremy loves working at Fareway because of the culture and how everyone treats him like family. Welcome to the Cart-to-Kitchen Expert Team! Explore more meat expert tip from Jeremy here!

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