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If you enjoy grilling, but haven't quite mastered when and how to season your meat for the grill then this is for you! Our meat expert, Bryan has excellent tips on when you should start seasoning or marinating steaks and chops for the grill. 

First things first, season or marinate the meat as early as you can. The biggest mistake people make is not giving the meat enough time. Our experts recommend seasoning or marinating steaks or chops hours before grilling. By seasoning this far in advance, the seasoning has time to soak into the meat and help break down connective tissue, making the steak even more tender. Don’t be afraid to use what seems like a big amount of seasoning. You want the steak to soak up what it can and what doesn’t get soaked up will help create that great crispy outer crust.

When marinating meat, like a pork chop, soak the chop in the marinade mix the night before you plan on grilling. If you aren’t able to, or you forget to do it the night before, do it the morning of.

Next time you’re in the store, ask your meat expert for some recommendations. We have a great selection of seasonings and marinades for any protein for you to try!

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