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Are you sick of the same old boring BBQ? Wish you could go beyond the burger? Ready to change it up with some healthier options? Fareway's Dietitians provide ideas and insights you won't want to miss!

It’s time for outdoor cooking and meals around the picnic table! Our beloved patio season is back and with that comes evenings by the grill with friends and family. This year investigate some new grilling options rather than grill the same items time and time again.  

Infographic of Simple Tips for a Healthier BBQ.


No matter how you spin it, kabobs are a win in our eyes! Having the ability to mix and match meats and veggies gives you the power to control both portion size and ingredients. Try adding veggies to make it an extra healthy option. Zucchini slices mixed with cherry tomatoes is our favorite kabob combo.

Not Your Ordinary Burger

This season, widen your options when it comes to grilling your favorite burgers. Here are some of our favorite items to place on top of your traditional burger.

Try Thin Buns Instead of your typical bun, try a whole wheat sandwich thin instead. At just 100 calories, this is healthy option loaded with flavor.

Substitute for Cheese Try replacing your favorite cheese for a grilled vegetable or fruit. This thought might be hard to stomach, but we promise it’s easy on the taste-buds! Think pineapple, avocado or green pepper.

Mix Up the Meat While we are used to beef for a traditional patty, substituting ground turkey or even a black bean burger is just as tasty!

Vegetable Boats

The more veggies, the better! Simply pile up some of your all time favorite veggies, wrap them in aluminum foil, and toss them with your favorite seasonings. Consider using coconut oil instead of butter or olive oil for a lighter option. Plus, the light flavor from coconut oil is just the right amount of sweet.

Grilled Dessert? Why Not!

Believe it or not, grilling fruit is absolutely delicious! From pineapple kabobs to watermelon “steaks”, some of our favorite side dishes have the ability to become the main course with a few simple steps. If you’re not quite ready to move fruit to the main course, make it a tasty dessert instead. Here are several ideas to try at your next grill-out:

  • Pineapple Place large slices of pineapple directly on the grill, once you notice the sugars starting to caramelize, remove and enjoy
  • Peaches Cut your peaches in half, place cut side down on your grill and dd a drizzle of honey, or a scoop of vanilla yogurt for sweetness.

Fish on The Grill

If you’re used to fixing fish inside, it’s time to make your way outside to the grill. Grilled garlic tuna steaks is one of our favorite summertime recipes. With only 10 minutes of grill time necessary, this is one of the easiest and healthiest options for the summer.

No matter what your favorite grilled food is, there is always a way to make it a bit lighter and healthier. Surprise your guests this year with a mix on his longstanding favorite. Venture to your local Fareway produce and meat counter for the best ingredients and guidance for a top notch BBQ!

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