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Juicy fun facts, tips, and tricks with one of our favorite fruits!

  • Have the whole watermelon at room temperature when you carve. 

  • Cut a small, thin, flat piece from the bottom of the watermelon before carving. This will make a flat base, making the watermelon more stable when carving.

  • Draw the design on the watermelon rind with a fine/medium point waterproof marker or a sharp pencil before you cut.

  • After you’ve drawn the design on the rind, insert toothpicks in key places to use as guides for your cuts.

  • Use a sharp knife with a pointed tip – the sharper the knife, the easier and cleaner the cuts will be.
    Be careful!

  • Consider using a channel knife for certain cuts and to hollow out larger areas.

  • For better grip and to help protect your hands, use a fresh, new thick pair of gardening gloves with gripper palms.

  • Choose a flat working surface on a solid base.

  • Be creative, careful, and have fun!

Check Out These Awesome Watermelon Sculptures: 

Two images of a watermelon bowl with watermelon salsa inside.

Watermelon Bowl with Watermelon Salsa

Two images of a watermelon beach basket.

Watermelon Beach Basket

Two images of a watermelon ladybug.

Watermelon Lady-Bug


You can find full carving tips, more designs and watermelon recipes here!

Caitlyn Ferin RD, LD

Caitlyn Ferin RD, LD

Registered Dietitian

Caitlyn graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Dietetics. She has worked in nutrition at Mid Iowa Community Action and as a clinical dietitian for the Iowa Veterans Home and Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center. Her goal is to help you and your family develop and maintain healthy lifestyles by sharing creative and practical nutrition tips.

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