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Summer brings warm weather, fun with friends and family, grill outs and, last but not least, beer. If you’re lucky, craft beer. Over the last decade, craft beer has risen to the forefront for beer drinkers everywhere. Today, the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery, unheard of just a few years ago. Now that Americans are reaching for an ice cold craft beer to quench their thirst, let’s take a look at why craft beer has gained its well-deserved popularity.

Fareway, Craft Beer, 12 Reasons Craft Beer is on the Rise


1. More Alcohol

The variety of beer within the craft beer industry comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same across the board, they all pack a punch! Craft beers typically range from 5-10% ABV (alcohol by volume) with some reaching even further to 15% and above. This is due to the types of beer being brewed such as IPA’s, lagers, porters, etc. and the emphasis on the fermentation process.

2. Better Ingredients

Microbreweries genuinely take pride in using the best ingredients for their beers. Microbreweries are typically known for a vested interest in high quality and organic ingredients.

3. A Wide Variety

Similar to art, craft beer offers a wide variety of flavors and styles, setting it apart from the overall beer market. With flavor being a big piece of the growing beer puzzle, microbreweries and breweries alike are consistently working outside the box to provide their customers with the variation of beers they crave.

4. Taste

The fundamental value of craft beer is that craft beer drinkers are willing to pay a little more for beer that holds more taste, flavor, variety, and alcohol. The magical flavors craft beers offer are finely tuned, tweaked, and aged to give a delicious taste and quality you don’t find in the mass produced beers.

5. Food Pairings.

With most food and alcohol pairings, many people limit themselves to the popular choice; wine and cheese. Since craft breweries are passionate about their flavor and taste, there are an endless amount of exciting eating and drinking experiences available with craft beer. Learn more about craft beer and food pairings!

6. Constant Innovation

Throughout the years, breweries have changed the way they create and brew beer. As market demand continues to grow, the want for new and unique beer options do as well. Breweries are continuously fighting to bring their customers interesting and creative beverages to stay ahead.

7. Increasing Mobility

Craft beers have caught onto the current trend by making beer more mobile friendly for their customer base. It has become more and more common for craft brewers to produce and offer their beverages in both cans and bottles, allowing their customers to take them on the go.

8. Exclusivity

Over the years, and more recently with the boom of craft beer, people want to be a part of something that is thought to be ‘exclusive.’ Popular brands are losing their edge while craft beer offers beer drinkers something different and unique to them.

9. It’s Anyone’s Business

As the craft beer industry continues to grow, so does the ability for anyone to enter the ever-expanding field. Hundreds of new breweries continue to open annually (with thousands more giving home brewing a go) opening the industry to almost anyone who has aspirations to become a brewing entrepreneur.

10. You Support Your Local Businesses

As small businesses are the backbone of our nation, supporting them is rewardingly delicious when it comes to local microbreweries.

National State Craft Beer and Production Ranking

  • Iowa (15th)
  • Minnesota (16th)
  • Nebraska (29th)
  • Illinois (32rd)
  • South Dakota (43rd)

11. Breweries and Beer Drinkers are Experimenting

Beer drinkers have become more open to new and diverse flavors of beer within the last decade. As the craft beer market reaches 19.6 billion in sales and holds 18% of the overall beer market, beer drinkers are looking for new, unique approaches to the flavors. Additionally, breweries are meeting these high demands by continuously innovating with different varieties of flavors, hops, etc. to keep their customers coming back for more.

12. Retailers are Embracing Craft Beer

Since craft beer has continued to gain a large following of dedicated and loyal customers, retailers are responding to the growing needs. Now that craft beers have entered more stores and gained more shelf space, demand has continued to drive further.

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