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Real Estate

The site criterion for new store locations is provided as a general guideline. Exact market and site requirements will vary based on proposed location.

Properties listed as available for purchase or lease is subject to change and/or withdrawal at any time. All drawings, plats, and dimensions for specific parcels or lease spaces are for illustrative purposes only and need to be verified.

The following information is needed before a site will be considered by Fareway:

  • Location (quadrant, intersection, city, county, state)
  • Proof of Control
  • Zoning
  • Trade area map showing site, competition, existing Fareway stores, and distance from site to other stores
  • Demographics - 1, 3, and 5-mile radius (minimum population in 5-mile radius: 5,000)

The following is appropriate minimum acreage for the following prototypes:

  • 20m (18,000 sq. ft) = 3.0 acres; 28m (30,000 sq. ft.) = 3.5 acres; 39m (35,000 sq. ft.) = 4.0 acres

Please submit the information listed above by mail to the following address:

Fareway Stores, Inc. 
715 8th Street, P.O. Box 70
Boone, IA 50036

Opportunities to buy or lease real estate next to Fareway exist in the following communities:

Land for Sale:

Space for Lease:

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