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February 2024 - Darren Oppman

Darren Oppman is celebrating 42 years with Fareway!
Darren has been at units 491-1 Mason City, 551-1 Eagle Grove, 386-1 Ames, 925-1 Altoona, 703-1 Humboldt, 384-1 Boone, 561-1 Waverly, and 974-1 Cedar Falls, starting as part time, to full time, then transitioning to Assistant Store Manager and currently Store Manager. When asked about his experiences with Fareway, he said Fareway has provided him with the opportunity to meet many wonderful people throughout Fareway’s footprint. He enjoys being challenged and
being kept busy. “Working for Fareway has given me the opportunity to impact people in a positive way and for that I am truly thankful.” He would like to be remembered as trustworthy and caring during his time working for Fareway.

In his free time, Darren enjoys watching Hawkeye football and basketball games, deer hunting, golfing, and spending time with his children and grandchildren. He also takes a family vacation every year for the last 38 years with his family in laws where they jet ski, fish, golf, and play family games together.

“Don’t wake up every day with a critical spirit. Try to find a way to be a blessing to someone each and every day. Having a positive attitude is contagious and creates a healthy work-space”.

A huge thank you to Darren for 42 years of dedicated service! You've made a lasting impact.

January 2024 - George Baack

George Baack is celebrating 42 years with Fareway! George has been at units 719-1 LeMars, 900-1 Des Moines, 407-1 Estherville, 491-1 Mason City, and now currently 792-1 Toledo. He has had a traditional journey to manager by starting full-time, then Assistant Manager, and finally Store Manager. He said he enjoys working for Fareway because of the employees and customers he works with on a daily basis. His two favorite memories while working for Fareway have been opening 900-1 Des Moines and taking first at a Fareway sacking contest. He wants to be remembered at Fareway as being a hard worker and good role model for younger employees.

In his free time outside of work, George enjoys spending time with family, friends, and grandkids as well as hunting, fishing, Ranger rides, and being outdoors in general. He is married to his wife Laurie of 34 years and has two daughters, Kelby and Madison, two sons-in-law Brett and Eric, and three grand- children, Emerson, Avery, Kenlee, with one more on the way.

Congratulations on 42 years, George! We are so thankful to have you on our team.

December 2023 - Deanna Scully

Deanna Scully is celebrating 42 years of service with Fareway! Over the years Deanna has worked as a courtesy, cashier, scanning coordinator, section manager and now currently
an e-commerce lead. She’s been at units 412-1 Oelwein (1981-1984) and 467-1 Marshalltown 1984-present. One of her favorite memories of working at Fareway has been being able to work and learn from her dad, Dennis Scully, and Roger Wiltgen. She said she’s learned so much from the “many wonderful people” that she’s worked with over the years and has made the best friends with co-workers and customers alike. Deanna said she enjoys working at Fareway because she genuinely enjoys helping people, "If I can make their day just a little bit better or easier, then my job is complete.”

In her free time outside of work, Deanna enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She has one daughter, Caitlin, who lives in North Liberty and will graduate from the University of Iowa in spring 2024. When asked what she’s proud of she answered, “My daughter and the work ethic that she has shown while completing her degree”. She wants to be remembered as someone who is willing to jump in, learn new things and get the job done.

“Everyone has a choice everyday, to either make their job a drudgery or to enjoy the experience. It’s much more fun and rewarding to enjoy what you do every day.”

Cheers to 42 years, Deanna! Your commitment and contributions are deeply appreciated.

November 2023 - Bruce Cook

Bruce Cook is celebrating 42 years of service with Fareway! Over the impressive years, Bruce has worked as a full-time department manager and on the SCORE team at units
589-1 Decorah, 502-1 Cherokee, 941-1 Greenfield, and now currently at 705-1 Clear Lake. He’s enjoyed working for Fareway over the years because of the family friendly environment and his favorite work memory was helping with the Clear Lake store opening.

Bruce has been married to his wife, Debbie, for 36 years and has two children, David, who is full time at Cedar Falls, and Bryant who just graduated from UNI with a teaching degree. In Bruce’s free time outside of work he enjoys golfing, going to auto races, fishing, and traveling. He is also a firefighter and EMT on the Ventura fire department, he does this because he enjoys being able to help people in his community.


Wow, 42 years, Bruce! Thank you for your incredible dedication.

October 2023 - Matt Shannon

Matt is celebrating 42 years with Fareway!

Matt is currently the Store Manager at Eagle Grove 551-1. Throughout the years he has been full time, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager across Mason City, Clear Lake, Des Moines 900-1, Eldora, Cedar Rapids 963-1, Oelwein, Webster City and Eagle Grove.

He says he enjoys working for Fareway because of the people he works with and the customers! “Fareway has been very good for me and my family.” One memorable moment in his career was opening Des Moines 900-1, which was the first store in the Des Moines metro area. Matt says he wants

to be remembered for enjoying his work and being a good role model to the young people that worked for him.

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and friends, golfing, doing yard work and gardening. He also likes help- ing out with the local high school announcing home football games and wrestling meets.

Matt and his wife of 37 years, Colleen, have two children. Abby lives in Webster City and works for Fareway as a Data Analyst and Luke lives in Des Moines, with his wife Halli, their daughter Paisley and are expecting their second child in January 2024.

42 years is something to celebrate! Thank you, Matt, for sharing your journey with us.

September 2023 - Doug Cosgrove

Doug is celebrating 42 years with Fareway!

Doug is currently a full-time Bakery Driver for Bondurant, Pleasant Hill, and West Des Moines. Over his 42 years Doug has been an Assistant Manager in Greenfield and Morningside and the Store Manager in Centerville. Along the way he also worked at Osceola, Newton, Euclid, North and South Ankeny.

Doug says he enjoys working for Fareway because he likes to take care of the customers and work alongside employees and management staff and have fun while at work. He says he would like to be remembered as a hard worker and one who took good care of the customers.

In his free time Doug likes to attend his grandkids’ activities and spend time with his family. He loves boating at Lake Rathbun! Doug is also a huge Iowa State fan, he goes to the Big XII Basketball Tournament in Kansas City with his brother every year and has had season tickets for Iowa State football for 20 years.

Doug and his wife of 40 years, Renae, have two daughters Tara and Brittany, along with two son-in-laws, Ben and Eli, and five grandchildren, Kane, Kinsley, Blakely, Easton, and Sutton.


42 years of amazing service - thank you, Doug! You're a true asset to the team.

August 2023 - Gary Engelken

Gary is celebrating 42 years with Fareway!

Gary is currently the Produce Manager at 594-1 Manchester and over the years has worked in all of the grocery departments in the store. When asked why he enjoyed working for Fareway he said he enjoys talking to customers every day and that each day is different, making time go by fast. He’d like to be remembered as a hard worker and a team player.

Gary enjoys DIY projects and has recently acquired a wood lathe, so he is looking forward to doing some wood turning projects! He also enjoys boating, motorcycling, and spending time with his family and friends!

He and his wife Julie have two sons! Ben and Ally are expecting their first daughter in November 2023. Sam and Kenzie just had a son named Winston. Gary and Julie take every chance they get to spend time with their grandkids!


We're incredibly grateful for your dedication, Gary! Thank you for 42 years of service.

July 2023 - Daniel Bunning

Dan is celebrating 42 years with Fareway!

Dan is currently a Construction Technician in the construction and wood- working shop. Previously he has worked as a Forklift Operator, Order Picker, Freight Receiver, and shag trailers. He says he enjoys working for Fareway because of the great people and good benefits.

Dan stays very busy outside of work! He is constantly working on his acreage, going to granddaughter’s sporting events and son and grandson’s dirt bike motorcycle races.

He and his wife of 39 years, Cyndi, have two children, Cody and Carli. He also has two grandchildren, Baylee and Tate.


42 years is something to celebrate! Thank you, Dan, for sharing your journey with us.

June 2023 - Kelly Sweet

Kelly celebrates 42 years of service in Manchester!

Kelly and his wife, Shelly, have two children, Alan and Dani. They also have four grandchildren, Oliver, Mela, Cooper, and Quinn. As a family, they enjoy kayaking and golfing together. In Kelly’s free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, and motorcycle riding.

Kelly enjoys working at Fareway because of the variety and opportunity to visit with customers. He has met many customers he’s become friends with over the years.

A memory that stands out to Kelly while working at Fareway, was being able to work with both of his children while they were in high school. When people look back at his Fareway career, he wants to be remembered as a hard worker; always putting the customer first. Kelly is most proud of his kids and the way they’ve turned out. He is also proud of his work ethic, having had both customers and colleagues share positive feedback.


What a milestone! Thank you for 42 years of service, Kelly. We're truly fortunate to have you.

May 2023 - Ron Grote

Ron celebrates 42 years with Fareway! Ron started his Fareway career at 790-2 Harlan, working both part-time and full-time positions. He transferred to 384-2 Boone and got promoted to assistant manager and transferred to 902-2 Hampton.

He then transferred to 949-2 Marion, again as assistant manager. He got promoted to manager and transferred to 879-2 Belmond. He transferred to 554-2 Washington, where he currently serves as market manager.

Ron has been married to his wife, Kim, for 37 years. They have one daughter, Megan, and her husband, Lenny, who live in Brooklyn, New York. They also have one son, Matthew, and his wife, MacKinzie, who live in Polk City, Iowa. Matthew and MacKinzie have two children, Cash (3 years old), and Charlee, (3 months old). In his spare time, Ron enjoys taking trips with his wife on the Harley. He also enjoys deer hunting, and spending time with his family and grandchildren.

Ron enjoys working at Fareway because he likes the interaction with customers and working with his crew. He
is proud of all the young people he has worked with and helping them get a start in whatever career they choose. Ron’s favorite memory at Fareway occurred while working at the downtown Boone store. On an early morning, a deer jumped through one of the front windows of the store and they had to chase it out the back door! When others look back at
Ron’s career, he wants to be remembered as fair and treating everyone with respect. Ron’s advice to others is to work
hard and treat others how you want to be treated.

Congratulations, Ron, on reaching this incredible milestone! 42 years of service is a testament to your character, thank you.

April 2023 - David Workman 

David is celebrating 42 years of service! David has worked at seven different Fareway locations, including 470-1 Perry, 561-1 Waverly, 531-1 Algona, 699-1 Osceola, 949-1 Marion, 974-1 Cedar Falls, and 067-1 Evansdale. He has held the positions of carryout, assistant grocery manager, and currently, grocery manager at 067-1 Evansdale.

When David is not at Fareway, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He has three daughters, Dani, Brittany, and Alex, along with seven grandchildren. David is very proud of his children and the lives they have built.

Meeting new customers and employees is one of David’s favorite things about Fareway. He has had the opportunity to build many friendships throughout the years at different locations. When others look back at David’s career at Fareway, he wants to be remembered as a caring manager.

For 42 years, you've exemplified excellence, David. Thank you for your service, it's been a pleasure working with you.

March 2023 - Robert Bills

Robert has served at Fareway for 42 years! He began his Fareway career at 467-2 Marshalltown, where he worked part-time in the meat department. He was promoted to full-time and transferred to the former 828-2 Sioux City location. Robert then transferred to 407-2 Estherville as an assistant manager. From there, he was transferred to 386-2 Ames as assistant manager, and is currently the manager at 949-2 Marion.

Robert and his wife, Angela, have one daughter, Marissa. Together, they enjoy watching Marissa in bowling competitions. He is very proud of Marissa and all of her accomplishments. Robert also enjoys bowling and working in his yard. A fun fact about Robert is that he has shot fourteen 300 games in bowling! He also likes to travel with his family to different places on vacation.

Over the years, Robert’s favorite things about Fareway have changed. It began with cutting meat but has transitioned into showing others how to cut and display products. His best memories at Fareway are all of the friends he’s made over
the years. When others look back at Robert’s career, he wants to be remembered as honest and hardworking.

42 years of outstanding service - thank you, Robert! Your contributions have been instrumental in our success, and we deeply appreciate your lasting impact.

February 2023 - Jeff Borrill

Jeff Borrill celebrates 42 years of service. Jeff currently serves as the senior vice president of retail operations. Previously, he has held the roles of assistant grocery manager, grocery manager, supervisor, and vice president. During his tenure, and before coming to corporate, Jeff worked at 705-1 Clear Lake, 829-1 Morningside, 412-1 Oelwein, 407-1 Estherville, 470-1 Perry, and 491-1 Mason City. Jeff is commonly known as JB, a nickname Gary Worrall gave him. In high school, he was also known as Fro, due to his mop top. 

Jeff is married to his wife of almost ten years, Angie Borrill. He has two beautiful daughters, Amanda (Justin) Kabrick of Ames and Brittany (Lucas) Petersen of Ames. Angie has two wonderful children as well, Kaleb (Kelsey) Wills of Ankeny and Ashley (Jon) Reader of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Together, they have seven amazing grandchildren. During his spare time, Jeff likes to play golf, is an avid Vikings fan and enjoys going to games. He also loves to make memories with his children and grandchildren. You can also find Jeff enjoying yard work, going on tropical vacations and cruises, being an advocate of Peloton and working out, but mostly, he loves being around family.  

Jeff enjoys working for Fareway because of the excellent family values, and the recognition and reward of those internally who can excel in other aspects of the company. Jeff has many great memories of individuals who have helped him reach his goals. Making corporate supervisor was an honor and opened up many other opportunities for him and his family that are immeasurable and for which he is very thankful. When looking at his career, he hopes people remember him as being fair, open-minded, trustworthy, and a good teammate. His piece of advice, enjoy what you do and others will follow – life is too short to focus on what you cannot control!  

Thank you for 42 years of service, Jeff! We are so lucky to have you.

January 2023 - Pamela Peterson

Pam Peterson celebrates 42 years of service. She works at 479-1 Independence, has served as a checker and is now scanning coordinator. She enjoys working for Fareway because she likes her colleagues at 479-Independence.  

Pam is married to her husband, Kevin. They have one daughter, Cassi, and two grandchildren, August (3) and Marlee (1). They also have two cats, Jack and Molly. Together, Pam and Kevin like snowshoeing and turkey hunting in the spring. She also enjoys knitting, crocheting, weaving baskets, and sewing. Pam spends as much time as she can playing with her two grandchildren! 

When asked about her career at Fareway, she hopes that people remember her as hard-working but fun! She enjoys making her co-workers laugh and always works to treat people how she wants to be treated. 

Congratulations on 42 years of service, Pam! We are so thankful for you.

December 2022 - Mike Merchura

Mike “Merch” Merchura celebrates 43 years of service. He works at 384-1 Boone as a grocery clerk, leading the frozen foods department. Before his time at 384-1 Boone, Mike worked at 461-1 Storm Lake and 639-1 Maquoketa and helped lead produce, dairy, and freezer departments. Mike enjoys working for Fareway because of the customer interaction, and he’s seen a lot of changes during his tenure.  

Mike’s family includes Paige and Ty. During his spare time, he likes to race cars, go snowmobiling, and travel.  

Mike is proud to have won the National Best Bagger Contest. He likes to have fun at work and wishes to be remembered as hard-working and someone who always puts the customer first.  


Thank you for 43 wonderful years, Mike! We are so grateful for you.



November 2022 - Will Golberg

Will celebrates 42 years of service. He is currently the Grocery Manager at 153-1 West Des Moines. His tenure includes working part-time at 395-1 Webster City, full-time at 461-1 Storm Lake and 561-1 Waverly, becoming an assistant at 594-1 Manchester and 015-1 Denison, and manager at 975-1 Des Moines South and 153-1 West Des Moines. He enjoys going to work every day, knowing it will be different than the last, with new challenges to help the crew work through.  

Will has been married to his wife, Angie, for 29 years. They have four children: Elizabeth, who is expecting their first grandchild in June; Melissa, who is finishing her art degree in Seattle, WA; Chris, who is taking classes at Iowa State University; and Ryan, who is in the National Guard and getting married this coming summer. The family also has three cats and one dog, but the number of pets seems to change every year! In his spare time, Will likes to play golf and billiards. His billiards game might be better than golf – but both are fun! 

Will is proud that for nearly 20 years, Fareway has sponsored the Little Hands at the Farm at the Iowa State Fair – thanks to Rich Stearns for making it happen! Will, along with some help from others (including his family), have stocked the Little Hands store every morning before the Fair starts.  

Will feels blessed that after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 19, he has been cancer-free for over 40 years. He is grateful that he and his family have made so many friendships over the years with other Fareway families. When reflecting back on his career, he hopes people remember him as hardworking, dedicated, and always striving for continuous improvement.  

Thank you for your many years of hard work, Will! 

October 2022 - Gaylon Dayton

Gaylon has served Fareway for 42 years! He has held both full and part-time market positions at 737-2 Grinnell, 900-2 Des Moines, and is currently at 933-2 Urbandale. He enjoys working for Fareway because he has the opportunity to interact with customers. Over his years of service, he fondly remembers breaking down quarters of beef and has enjoyed watching the business change over his tenure.  

Gaylon is married to his wife, Janet, they have two sons William and Matthew, and one daughter-in-law, Kelli. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, yard work, raising money for Variety Telethon (he started in 2002 and has raised more than $52,000 for the organization), volunteering at Meals for the Heartland, and serving as an active member at Shepherd of the Valley Church.  

Gaylon is most proud of working on the family farm and of his volunteer work. He is known for his long-term drive and commitment. He hopes that people remember him as being both fair and sociable. His piece of advice? Be determined and do everything as well as you can! 

What a wonderful 42 years! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Gaylon.


September 2022 - Mike Fratzke

Mike celebrates 42 years of service at 479-1 Independence. He has worked in dairy, freezer, and produce, and currently serves as the dairy manager. He enjoys seeing and conversing with customers and employees alike. One memory that stands out from his years of service is sandbagging the old store on the river, when the river would begin to flood.  

Mike is married to his wife, Shelly, and they have three daughters and four grandchildren (with another one on the way!) In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, disc golf, metal detecting, and simply hanging out with the grandkids.  

Mike is proud of meeting and keeping friendships with all past and current employees. He hopes to be remembered as a good and fair fellow employee and friend.  


Thank you for service of 42 years, Mike! We are so lucky to have you!



August 2022 - Linda Buchan

Linda marks 42 years of service at 386-1 Ames. Previously she held the role of grocery clerk, but currently serves as scanning coordinator. Linda shares that she has too many great memories to simply list one.  

In her spare time, she likes reading and shopping. Linda enjoys working for Fareway because of the interaction with customers. She is most proud of her years of service and being able to adapt to the changes in the industry.  

Linda has the patience to teach and work well with others, and she hopes that she is remembered as a mentor and teacher. 

Thank you for service, Linda! We are so lucky to have you!


July 2022 - Jerry Bostian

Jerry celebrates 42 years of service! Sometimes he is known as “Jerard”, which is a locally known BBQ dipping sauce that he’s created. Jerard, or Jerry, first started with Fareway in his hometown at 792-2 Toledo and moved to 828-2 Sioux City (former Pierce Street location), 705-2 Clear Lake, and 594-2 Manchester. He was promoted to assistant market manager at 561-2 Waverly, before moving to 412-2 Oelwein. Jerry has been in Oelwein for 29 years and in recent years been named assistant market manager at the Oelwein store. Additionally, he helped contribute to store openings at 554-2 Washington, 849-2 Belmond, 559-2 Iowa Falls, 479-2 Independence, and 922-2 New Hampton. After 42 years in many towns, Jerry enjoys visiting with former employees that stop by. He shares that it’s a great feeling when these employees thank you for helping get their career started!  

Jerry has been married to his wife, Dana, for 33 years. Dana works as a captioner for the hearing impaired. They have two children Levi (wife Betsy, granddaughter Eden) and Penn. In his spare time, Jerry loves woodworking, gardening, biking, and visiting new craft breweries. He enjoys spending two weeks every June at Camp Dodge in Johnston, where he volunteers at the American Legion Boystate. Jerry helps at his local American Legion as a Sons of American Legion (SAL) member.   

Jerry shares that through the crazy last couple of years of COVID, he has enjoyed helping customers find items in the store, making them just feel relaxed while shopping, and passing along cooking ideas. He is proud of being accepted into Fareway’s new assistant managers program, which gives career employees an opportunity to assist with supervision at Fareway.  

Jerry is known as the Energizer bunny because he keeps going and going! When asked, he wants his customers to remember the guy with that friendlier smile in every aisle. His advice for people that are trying to find themselves in the workplace? Try Fareway – relax, enjoy the ride (although it’s like a roller coaster), but at the end of the ride – well, it’s fun to get back on the next day! 

We are grateful for your hard work over 42 years, Jerry! Thank you for your service.

June 2022 - Dave Lohse

Dave celebrated 42 years of service in January of this year. He has worked at 737-1 Grinnell, 386-1 Ames, 554-1 Washington, 407-1 Estherville, 850-1 Spirit Lake and 501-1 Charles City. Dave served as an assistant grocery manager and was named grocery manager at 850-1 Spirit Lake. He currently serves as manager at 501-1 Charles City.  

Dave enjoys working for Fareway because of the customers and the community. He says every day is different! A memorable moment that stands out is attending a manager’s meeting as an assistant and becoming a manager before the meeting ever started.  

Dave has been married to his wife, Michelle, for 35 years! They have three children, Jennifer (husband Craig, son Jackson), Ryan, and Kayla (husband Justin, daughters Addie and Taylor). In his spare time, Dave enjoys traveling, getting together with family, woodworking, and motorcycle trips with friends.  

When asked what advice he wanted to share, Dave says, treat everyone how you would want to be treated and thank them for what they do for Fareway.  

Thank you for all your hard work over 42 years, Dave! We are so grateful for you.

May 2022 - Jeffrey Hoerner

Jeffrey marked 42 years of service in January 2022. He has worked at 639-2 Maquoketa, 561-2 Waverly, 827-2 Centerville, 815-2 Cresco, 412-2 Oelwein, and is currently at 988-2 Moline. Jeffrey has worked part-time in the meat department, served as an assistant market manager, and is now a full-time meat cutter. He enjoys working for Fareway because you meet interesting people.  

Jeffrey has two sons, Zach and John. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, motorcycle riding, and boating. When asked how he wants to be remembered, he shares as a hard worker who always got the job done!


Thank you for 42 wonderful years with us, Jeffrey! We appreciate your dedication and hard work.



April 2022 - Mark Kay

Mark celebrated 42 years of service with Fareway in January. He has worked at 790-2 Harlan, 491-2 Mason City, 788-2 Spencer, 412-2 Oelwein, 551-2 Eagle Grove, and currently serves at 933-2 Urbandale as market manager. During his tenure, he has been full-time, assistant manager, and manager. Mark enjoys working for Fareway because it’s a great company that takes care of its employees. His best memories are just the amount of people he’s gotten to know over the years.  

Mark has two sons, Jason and Aaron, one granddaughter, Aria, and two grandsons, Carver and Odin. In his spare time, he tries to golf as much as possible and to take a yearly trip. He traveled to Kentucky for many years but switched to Arizona for better weather! 

When asked how he wants to be remembered, he says as hard-working and dedicated. His advice – work hard, be reliable, and you will be rewarded! 


Thank you for a wonderful 42 years of service, Mark! 


March 2022 - Christine Gonterman

Chris Gonterman has 42 years of service at 412-1 Oelwein. She has worked in the second and third locations of the Oelwein store and has done a little bit of everything over the years, including ad work, ordering, office, training, cashier, and carryout. When her son, Ian, worked part-time at the store, he nicknamed her G. But many of her co-workers, both past and present, refer to her as Chrissy.  

Chris enjoys working at Fareway because she gets to meet all sorts of people. She has made many friends over the years and worked with some fine people. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Chris worked beside now CEO Reynolds W. Cramer and Senior Vice President Jeff Borrill. She has also had four great managers!  

Chris has one son, Ian, aged 24. He is engaged to be married in November 2022. In her spare time, Chris likes to read, walk or bike ride, listen to music, go dancing, and do a little traveling.  

She is proud of the work she does at Fareway. Times keep getting tougher, and she tries to be a bright spot in people’s lives, even if for a short time. She hopes to be remembered as a kind and compassionate person. She is a good listener and cares about people. She has learned a lot over the last 42 years, and it has been an interesting experience!  

Thank you for 42 years of going above and beyond, Chris! We are lucky to have you.



February 2022 - Todd Dorenkamp

Todd marked 43 years of service in January 2022. He has worked in all departments but is currently the freezer manager at 559-1 Iowa Falls. He enjoys talking to customers and interacting with employees. When he served as produce manager, the produce cooler was a refrigerated trailer. The freezer was outside as well! Every time they received a cart of freezer or produce items, they had to go outside. He said unloading truck by hand with a track was also memorable.  

Todd has been married to his wife, Tracy, for 8 years. They both enjoy walking and doing stuff outside. Tracy has a convertible, and they enjoy driving around. Todd lives on an acreage, and he has a big garden. He enjoys canning, especially making salsa and pickles. He mows 3 ½ acres, cuts trees, and splits wood to burn and sell. He simply loves spending time outside!  

Todd is most proud of his work ethic and doing his job well. He appreciates how family-oriented Fareway is, and that they really care about their employees. He says he has seen so many changes in customers, employees, and management. Todd still believes Fareway is the best job you can have. He can’t believe when he started there were 35 stores, and now there’s nearly 130! When asked how he wants to be remembered, Todd shares “Live every day like it was your last day and do the best you can do. Don’t be so serious. Have a good time every day!”  

Thank you for your hard work over the last 43 years, Todd! 

January 2022 - Scott Zaruba

Congratulations to Scott for celebrating 43 years of service in January 2022! He works full-time as the produce manager at 639-1 Maquoketa, where he has been since the beginning. Scott has worked in all areas of the store during his tenure. He goes by the nickname Frank, a name that has stuck from high school.   
Scott most enjoys working for Fareway for the customer interactions. He likes to see and visit with his regulars. Memorable moments for Scott include making lifelong friends at Fareway. He is most proud of working at Fareway for 43 years and being able to make a difference in the store and with employees. When looking back at his career, he hopes to be remembered as friendly and helpful.    
Scott is married to his wife, Wendy, and they have two children. During his spare time, he enjoys golfing, snowmobiling, family vacations to a cabin to fish and relax, and car trips with his ‘70 Chevelle convertible. 
The management team at Fareway shares, “Frank is most definitely a vital part of the Maquoketa store. He has high expectations for his produce department and takes a lot of pride in the job that he does. He is also our "fix it man", whenever we need something looked at or a motor in one of the cases goes down, he is there to get it fixed right away. He knows so many of our customers by name and they all love to chat with him when he has a minute to spare. We want to give a big congrats and "thank you" for the job you have done and continue to do at the Maquoketa store!” - Mike, Trevor, and Kevin. 

Thank you for your dedication to Fareway over the last 43 years, Scott! We appreciate you and your hard work.

December 2021 - Michael Claggett

Mike celebrated 42 years of service in July 2021. He has worked full-time at 479-1 Independence, assisting with freezer, dairy, and the grocery sales floor.  

Mike enjoys interactions with fellow employees and customers and looks forward to having Sundays off for church. He fondly remembers when he first started, that Earl Ferris would let them take their ties off in the summer when it was hot out (before the current dress code of polos!) 
Mike is married to his wife Linda, and they have three children and two cats. Two of Mike’s children work for Fareway and they love it! His daughter Laura Claggett works at 412-1 Oelwein and his son John Claggett is the Assistant Market Manager at 462-2 Vinton. In his spare time, Mike likes reading and serving as a church bus chaperone.  

When asked how he wants to be remembered, he says as someone who worked hard and hussled. His piece of advice - SMILE; it will brighten someone’s day!  

We appreciate your dedication over 42 years to us, Mike! 

November 2021 - Les Curry

Les will celebrate 43 years of service in July 2022. He drives truck for Fareway and is sometimes known as Buck, which was his dad’s nickname, handed down by a family friend.  

Les enjoys getting on the highway and doing drive-by crop reports. He is proud to have driven tractor 021 for over 860,000 miles, then buying it in 2014, and still driving it for his son’s farm operation.  

Les has been married to his wife Dianne for more than 47 years. They have two children, Chad and Kara, and three grandchildren, Sawyer, Case, and Sabrina. He enjoys attending their soccer and basketball games, taking them to state parks for trail hiking, picnicking, the zoo, and side-by-side Ranger riding and cutting trails. He also enjoys going to fairs, livestock shows and sales, and helping with his son’s farm operation.  
He is most proud of his family and grandchildren, and they make him laugh. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says as being a long-term, dependable, and friendly employee. His piece of advice, don’t brag, just state the facts. 

Thank you for 43 years of service, Les! We are so lucky to have you with us. 

October 2021 - Gary Worrall

Gary celebrated 44 years with Fareway in January 2021. He has worked at 683-Winterset, 705-Clear Lake, 554-Washington, 479-Independence, 849-Emmetsburg, and at the corporate office. He has served as an Assistant Manager, Manager, Supervisor, and Regional Vice President.  

Gary likes helping store units improve their numbers and grow their crews, but his biggest joy is the relationships he’s gotten to build with employees and vendors over the years. Memories that stand out include the day he was promoted to Manager and the day he was asked to come to the corporate office as a Supervisor.  

Gary is married to his wife Rene, and he has two daughters, Maggie (future son-in-law Rob) and Hannah. In his spare time, he enjoys going to ISU events, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.  

Gary is proud of his transition to 849-Emmetsburg, and growing the business with two great partners, Jim Anthony and Brian Baldus. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he shares as a person who strived to work hard and to give Fareway his best over his career. Gary is very grateful for the many mentors and friendships he’s had the privilege to learn from and work with over the years. 

Thank you for 42 years of wonderful service, Gary! The corporate office has been lucky to have you!


September 2021 - Randy Lubben

Randy celebrated 42 years of service in January 2021. He is currently the Market Manager at 988-2 Moline, but has also worked at 719-Le Mars, 412-Oelwein, and 461-Storm Lake.

Randy remembers how hard they had to work to break down beef carcass (before boxed beef), which weighed more than he did. He also fondly remembers getting paid in cash on Saturdays. He has enjoyed his time at Fareway, as he’s met a lot of interesting people and has formed lasting friendships. He is most proud that still to this day, he works right alongside his crew, setting an example for excellence.

His family includes his wife, Heidi, and Snickers the beagle, along with a few horses. In his spare time, Randy enjoys big game hunting, fishing, working with horses, and vacationing with his wife. He also serves as an active member of the Sherriff’s Department Search and Rescue Team.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, he shares as someone who always showed up, ready to work and get the job done. His piece of advice, you can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic!

Thank you for the last 42 years with us, Randy! We are so grateful for you!

August 2021 - Jon Curry

Jon celebrated 42 years of service in January 2021. He currently serves at the Grocery Manager of 502-1 Cherokee. Jon started working at 657-Indianola at the age of 16 and has worked at the following locations during his career: 589- Decorah, 491-Mason City, 829-Morningside, and 467-Mar- shalltown. He was named Assistant Grocery Manager at 829- Morningside, and Grocery Manager at 502-Cherokee in 2001.

Jon enjoys interacting with customers and employees. He
has met and kept great friends in every town he has worked, both in the community and at Fareway. At the age of 16,
he remembers asking Ralph Kanne for a job in Indianola. He instantly told him to ‘grab a dust mop and mop the floor.’ He called him ‘Mike’ for two weeks. He also remembers working in the old Decorah store, unloading trucks into the basement by hand, placing them on tracks, then to a conveyor belt to be taken upstairs.

Jon has two children, Jon Benjamin and Allison. His family includes girlfriend Jenifer Haler and her son, Clayton (9). In his spare time, he enjoys fishing in north Minnesota at Leech Lake a couple times a year, golfing, woodworking, and hunting.

He is most proud of the young men and women that he has worked with over the years, that went on to be successful. Additionally, Jon has also worked for some great managers, who gave him the opportunity and skills to manage people and the store. When looking back at his career, Jon wants to be remembered as fair and honest, helping others when they need it. He is very proud to be a part of this amazing company!

We're glad to have you as part of the Fareway family, Jon! Thank you for your 42 years of service!

July 2021 - Barbara Higdon

Barb celebrated 42 years of service with Fareway in January 2021. She currently works as a Scanning Coordinator for 462-1 Vinton. She has also held the roles and responsibilities of cashier, carryout, section managing/ordering, office duties, and evening supervision.

Barb enjoys helping customers, greeting friends and family as they shop, helping co-workers, and getting the store ready to open in the morning, including hanging signs, stocking shelves, etc. She shares that it’s amazing the changes that have occurred throughout the years. From getting paid in cash, to receiving a paycheck, to direct deposit. Barb also fondly remembers the different types of cash registers,
from pull-down lever, to the power penny, the registers that operated like a calculator, the electric system, and now the scanners. There have been too many changes to talk about!

Barb is married to her husband, Dan, and they have five chil- dren, Matt, Nichole, Laura (husband Matt), Ryan and Tony. They also have seven granddaughters, Allison, Emily, Kylee, Riley, Kinley, Venna, and Nicala. She has one grandson, Kason, who is Nicala’s twin brother. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, attending her grand- children’s sporting events, quilting, gardening, and canning produce and meat.

She shares that she’s ordinary and hard-working but does pride herself on her thoroughness and accuracy. She is proud of her 42 years of service and her family. When asked how she wants to be remembered, she shares as having a strong work ethic and instilling it in others. When someone asks Barb if she’s having fun today, she always says, “Every day is fun at Fareway!”

Barb would like to express her appreciation for this honor, as she is very thankful for the opportunity to work for Fareway. She shares that Fareway has been good to her over the years. Being family-oriented, all her superiors and co-workers have understood when she needed to take time-off to care for her parents, husband, and her children. Her Fareway family has seen her through the great and not-so-good times, and she feels very blessed.

Thank you for an awesome 42 years, Barbara! 

June 2021 - Dave Kelchen

Dave celebrated 42 years of service in January 2021. He is currently the Grocery Manager at 462-1 Vinton, but has worked at a number of locations, including: 594-Manchester, 508-Fort Dodge, 788-Spencer, 384-Boone, 683-Winterset, 589-Decorah, 949-Marion, and 790-Harlan. Dave was named Grocery Assistant Manager at 683-1 Winterset and began his tenure as Grocery Manager at 949-1 Marion.

He fondly remembers working with some of the best managers, from the time he started, until he became a manager himself. He is proud that many employees that are managers are either individuals he hired or worked with as assistant managers. He enjoys working with young people, teaching and watching them grow!

Dave is married to Christine, and they have four boys, one grandchild, and Lily the dog. In his spare time, he enjoys working in the yard, camping, and spending time with family and friends. One thing you can be sure, you will never see Dave’s truck dirty!

When asked how he wants to be remembered, Dave shares as someone who always tried to give back!

Thank you for your many years of service, Dave! 

May 2021 - Daniel McConnlee

Daniel celebrated 42 years of service in January 2021. He works full-time at 683-1 Winterset and has served as dairy manager and produce manager. He fondly goes by the nickname Mac Daddy.

Daniel enjoys working for Fareway because of the customers and the satisfaction of a good day’s work. Fond memories include helping open two new stores in the town of Winterset. Daniel is married to his wife, Martha, and they have two sons, Wade and Jarod. In addition, they have two grandsons, Konnor and Jaccub. In his spare time, he enjoys wood working and tinkering with cars.

Daniel is always there to help others in times of need. He is most proud of helping mold young minds and teaching good work ethic. When asked how he would like to be remembered, Daniel shares as firm but fair.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the last 42 years, Daniel! Fareway is lucky to have you!

April 2021 - Kurt LeFebvre

Kurt celebrated 42 years of service in January. During his tenure, he has worked part-time, full-time, as an assistant grocery manager, and as grocery manager. Store locations have included 699-1 Osceola, 386-1 Ames, 900-1 Des Moines, 501-1 Charles City, and 983-1 Grimes, where he currently serves as grocery manager.

Kurt enjoys working for Fareway because it’s a different challenge every day. His most important memories include all the people he has met over the last 42 years. Kurt is most proud of his children and seeing them be successful. He is also looking forward to being a first-time grandparent in June. In his spare time, Kurt likes to golf and spend time with family and friends.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, he shares as a good teacher.

Thank you for your 42 years of service and for always passing along your knowledge, Kurt!

March 2021 - Brenda McMahon


Brenda celebrated 42 years of service in January. She has worked in retail and wholesale, and currently serves as a Buyer Assistant at the corporate campus.

Brenda is married to Steve, and they have two daughters and two grandchildren. She shares that she enjoys working at Fareway because of the people!

Congratulations Brenda, thank you for your years of service!


February 2021 - Tami York

Tami recently celebrated 42 years in January. She currently works as the scan coordinator at 467-1 Marshalltown, but has also served as a clerk, ordering multiple sections, office closer, checker and carry-out trainer, fruit cutter, and evening supervision. Tami also goes by “T”, when a group of staff in the 1980’s was really close, and they called each other by first initial. Also, “Miss Tami”, as the group now calls the more tenured checkers “Miss”.

Tami enjoys people, and many of her customers have become like family. She also enjoys teaching others and has met many people at Fareway that she has created lasting friendships with. She also appreciates that the organization is familyoriented, as she has an elderly mother and husband with health issues that occasionally she has to take time off to care for. Tami has been married to her husband, Barry, for 25 years this coming October. She has three stepchildren that are like her own, and six grandchildren ranging in age from 5-20 years old. She also has three rescued cats. When she’s not working, Tami enjoys spending time with family, gardening, and canning vegetables (she is known for her spicy hot dill pickles), and reading.

Tami fondly remembers the Fareway softball tournaments that were held in the 1980’s. She shares that they had so much fun traveling to Fareway towns and playing ball against other employees. Tami served as part of the cheering team and first aid. One time, she accidentally brought rubbing alcohol instead of peroxide (sorry Mark Benbow!) She also remembers falling in the produce cooler and breaking her shoulder and the tornado of 1998, which put both customers and employees in the dairy cooler for several hours while waiting out the storm.

Tami is proud to have worked for the same company for 42 years. She has a strong work ethic and others respect her. No matter what type of day she is having, Tami can usually laugh and smile about it. When asked how she wants to be remembered, she shares as a hard worker and someone that was always there to help others. She always has a smile and kind words to share. Her piece of advice is to be the reason why someone smiles! Treat others as you want to be treated, work hard, and you can do anything!

Thank you for your 42 wonderful years of service, Tami!

January 2021 - Bryan Baumhover

Bryan will celebrate 42 years on July 5! He is back in his hometown of Carroll and serves as the grocery manager. He has held all grocery positions during his tenure and became manager in March of 1999 at 461-1 Storm Lake. Locations include: 409-1 Carroll, 705-1 Clear Lake, 508-1 Fort Dodge, 879-1 Belmond, 719-1 LeMars, 461-1 Storm Lake, and returning to 409-1 Carroll. Most often, he goes by Bryan, but in high school he got the nickname “Buffie”, as one of the full-time employees knew Bryan’s uncle, “Buffie” Bill Baumhover. He started calling Bryan by the same and it stuck.

Bryan enjoys working for Fareway because every day is different! He shares that you can help so many people in different ways, and he values being a part of his customers’ lives. Bryan has many great memories of his time at Fareway, but he fondly remembers one Halloween when a little boy came up and wanted to be Bryan – asking to borrow a tie for his costume.

Bryan is married to his wife of 27 years, Leann, and they have three daughters: Lauren (husband Ryan, daughters Kora, 5, and Kynlee, 2), Brynna, and Brea (husband Jacob). Bryan has always enjoyed farming and helps his brother and nephew on the family farm. He has a fully-restored 1956 Farmall Super MTA that he has used for many tractor rides (yes, RED is his preferred color). His most favorite thing to do is drive combine in the fall – experiencing technology, nature, and wildlife all at once.

Bryan loves getting to know as many people as he can and is most proud when someone he hired gets a promotion, does a good job, or does well in the community. He has put a number of employees through the management program and loves getting phone calls from them, telling him of their latest experiences or good news. Bryan wants to be remembered for making the job fun, in addition to providing the best in customer service! He shares that we are on stage, all of the time – as the face of the Fareway store, you must lead by example. Don’t ever give up on people, always treat them like you want to be treated!

Thank you for your wisdom and 42 years of service, Bryan! We're glad to have you as part of the Fareway Family!

December 2020 - Mike Hammel

Mike celebrated 42 years in January 2020! He is currently the grocery manager at 014-1 Sergeant Bluff, but has worked his way up from part-time, full-time, assistant manager. His tenure of stores include 501-1 Charles City, 827-1 Centerville, 719-1 Le Mars, 462-1 Vinton, 386-1 Ames, 829-1 Morningside (previously Transit store location), before coming to 014-1 Sergeant Bluff. Mike enjoys the customer interaction, working with fellow employees, and community involvement.

Mike is married to Nell, his wife of 33 years! They have two daughters, Anna (husband Dusty, children Caiden and Briella) and Ellen (husband Zack, expecting their first child in spring 2021) and a son, Michael (fiancé Stephanie). In his spare time, Mike likes to do woodworking and yard work, and watch old westerns and shooting sports. He has always enjoyed going to southwest Wisconsin in the fall to see the trees change colors and visit the apple orchards.

Mike is proud that he has always tried to treat people fairly. Fond memories include having his three children work for him, all the great people he’s met, and all the opportunities offered. He shares that things have certainly changed. His first manager was Mic Murphy, and Mike never filled out an application for him. Mike also remembers using ink stampers, tumbler scales, power penny cash registers, unloading watermelons by hand out of a semi-trailer in the middle of summer, and so many other memories.

When people look back at his career, Mike wants to be remembered as the fair person that was not easily angered, who cared about his employees, and was part of the team. Mike’s advice is 1) when moving up the ladder worry about yourself and what you’re doing, and you will succeed (Rich Stearns) and 2) maintenance is cheaper than replacement (Leo Hickey).

Thank you, Mike, for caring for your job and fellow employees for the last 42 years! We appreciate your years of service.

November 2020 - Matt Kenne

Matt celebrated 41 years in August 2020! He is currently a meat cutter at 531-2 Algona. Matt has enjoyed being able to converse with the many customers over the years. Watching the changes, as small children in their parent’s carts have grown to become adults with families of their own. He appreciates updates on how their lives have progressed and being asked how his own kids are doing.

Matt has been married to his wife, Karla, for 38 years! They have two daughters, Erinn Garman (husband Jim and 2-year old daughter Freya) of Urbandale and Emillie Brandt (husband Ryan with a baby on the way) of Colorado Springs.

Matt is a constant reader and a lifelong birder in Iowa. He has assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Iowa DNR in conducting various wildlife surveys. In recent years, he has expanded to the study and collection of moths and other insects. Matt is regularly asked questions at the counter about the odd bird a customer has seen at their home, or being shown pictures to try and help identify different species.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, Matt shares that he hopes he did a good job for his customers and made them happy. He says that he’s worked with numerous part and full-timers and assistant managers who have moved on at Fareway. Matt might not be able to recall them all in order any more, but they’ve all provided great memories!

In addition, he shares that when he started, they broke hanging beef on wooden blocks on a sawdust-covered floor. While the surroundings have changed, the basic connections with customers have remained the same.

Thank you for doing such a good job for 41 years, Matt! We appreciate your above and beyond customer service.

October 2020 - Jim Giardino

Jim celebrated 42 years in January 2020! He is currently a regional vice president, and has worked at 554-1 Washington, 501-1 Charles City, 815-1 Cresco, 719-1 Le Mars, 531-1 Algona, and 974-1 Cedar Falls. He has held the positions of assistant manager, manager, and supervisor, before becoming regional vice president. Jim enjoys working with all the different employees and says that no two days are the same.

Jim is married to his wife, Kim, and they have three children and two grandchildren. He comes from a large family and has six sisters and three brothers. He is most proud of his children, sharing that they all have great work ethic. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, boating, and watching the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Jim remembers working at 554-1 Washington when they went from using stampers to being the first store in the company to have scanners. When people look back at his career, Jim wants to be remembered for always being honest and fair with all of his co-workers. He shares that Fareway has given him a lot of opportunities to work with some very talented people.

Thank you for more than 42 years of service, Jim! We greatly appreciate having you as part of the Fareway family.

September 2020 - Mark Holck

Mark celebrated 42 years of service in January 2020! He is currently a meat cutter at 719-2 Le Mars. Mark likes helping people in the community, and enjoys the people he works with at the Le Mars store.

Mark is married to Julie, his wife of 36 years! They have two sons, Jacob and Nathan. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, bowling, and working on his house.

Mark fondly remembers being named chamber employee of the month. He is most proud of his willingness to take extra time to help people, not only with meat, but anywhere in the store. When people look back at his career, he hopes to be remembered as helpful and kind.

Thanks for taking care of your customers and the store for the last 42 years, Mark!

August 2020 - Michael Medvedievs

Michael celebrated 42 years in January 2020! He is currently a full-time meat cutter at 462-2 Vinton, and has worked both part- and full-time during his tenure. Michael has enjoyed working with the many managers and assistant managers through the years, and has learned many things from them.

Michael has been married to his wife, Sheila, for 27 years. They have two sons, Kray and Kyle, who have both worked at Fareway as well. Michael has enjoyed multiple trips to Florida with his family through the years. He also likes fishing with his boys on a regular basis. Fun fact, Michael still has his 1984 Camaro, which he has had now for 36 years.

Michael is most proud when customers specifically ask for him to wait on them. A memory over the years that stands out, includes watching a new store being built right beside the existing store. When asked how he wants to be remembered, Michael says as a hard worker that took good care of his customers.

Thank you for working so hard for the last 42 years, Michael, and for taking care of your job at Fareway!

July 2020 - Dan Noack

Dan celebrated 42 years in January 2020! He is currently the grocery manager at 683-1 Winterset, but has worked his way up from part-time, full-time, and assistant manager. His tenure of stores include 703-1 Humboldt, 848-1 Newton, 531-1 Algona, 561-1 Waverly, and 989-1 Waukee, before coming to 683-1 Winterset. Dan enjoys working with the public and the employees. He shares that the job brings different challenges every day. 

Dan is married to Joni, his wife, and they have two girls, Bekah and Bethany. He likes to golf and fish whenever he can. Farm ponds are his favorite. In addition, he enjoys taking cruises with his wife and children.

Dan is generally a quiet and reserved person. He is proud to assist family, friends, and co-workers through the resources he has been blessed with by working for Fareway. He hopes to be able to teach his employees life-long skills, and to learn from them as well. Dan shares that we are all in life together, and we should help one another succeed and get through life’s challenges.

Thank you, Dan, for helping Fareway succeed over the last 42 years! We are blessed by your years of service.

June 2020 - Rex King

Rex celebrated 42 years in January 2020! He is currently responsible for unloading trucks in dry goods. He started in produce and transferred to the freezer, before coming over to dry goods. Rex enjoys working for Fareway because it’s a new experience every day.

Rex is married to Lori, his wife, and they have a son, Tucker (Kate) and daughter, Kahola (C.J.). They also have a granddaughter, Kaisley, and new grandson. Rex’s family has always shown horses and mules, and their son moved on to the rodeo arena in the roping team. All of their spare time is spent watching their son and son-in-law rope.

Rex is most proud of his family and having had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. He has enjoyed watching all the growth and changes at Fareway.

Thank you, Rex, for growing with Fareway for the last 42 years! We appreciate your dedication and years of service.

May 2020 - Mark Mourlam

Mark celebrated 43 years of service in September! He is currently the produce manager at 850-1 Spirit Lake, but has worked part-time, full-time, as an assistant grocery manager, and a grocery manager during his tenure. Locations include 395-1 Webster City, 412-1 Oelwein, 531-1 Algona, 840-1 Monticello, 462-1 Vinton, 461-1 Storm Lake, 021-1 Sheldon, 058-1 Orange City, and 850-1 Spirit Lake. Mark enjoys working for Fareway because he says “we are family” and there is always something different to do all day long. Fond memories simply include all the great people he’s had the opportunity to work with over the years.

Mark is married to Lori, his wife, and they have three children: Matt, Jeremy, and Faith. In addition, they have five grandchildren: Arica, Keith, Jada, Emily, and Allison. In his spare time, Mark enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting, and spending time with family.

Mark is simply known to be a nice, happy person. He enjoys his job and always comes to work in a good mood, and is willing to improve and train others. When asked how he wants to be remembered, he says as hard-working. He shares that attitude is everything! Come to work happy and stay that way, no matter what happens, as “It’s always a great day at Fareway”.

Thank you, Mark, for your dedicated service for the last 43 years!

April 2020 - Russ Woods 

Russ celebrated 42 years in September! He is currently the freezer and liquor manager, but has worked in every grocery department at 554-1 Washington.

He enjoys working at Fareway because he likes to meet new people and try to help them with their grocery needs. One memory that stands out from his years of service is unloading truck by hand. They only received one truck, with groceries coming out the side door and produce out the back of the truck. On Saturdays, the team was paid in cash. Washington was the first store to install scanners and a computer system in the early 80’s and Russ says the store has certainly changed a lot between then and now.

Russ’ family includes his springer spaniel dogs. He also enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews. In his spare time, Russ likes to hunt deer and pheasants, and fish. Every year he and his brother’s family camp in Decorah, taking time to tube, canoe, kayak, and fish. Russ and his brother have traveled all over the country together.

Russ is proud and feels lucky to be an American. He says we live in a great country! Russ likes to make people laugh, and make stupid jokes and puns. At Fareway, he would like to be remembered for his smile and telling a joke or two.

Thank you for keeping us laughing for the last 42 years, Russ!

March 2020 - Keith Borcherding 

Keith celebrated 42 years of service in January 2020! He is currently the market manager at 594-2 Manchester, but has worked in several locations during his tenure. Keith started at 461-2 Storm Lake in 1978, served as assistant manager at 501-2 Charles City, 909-2 Ankeny, and 561-2 Waverly, and moved up to the position of manager in 1997 at 938-2 Shenandoah and 594-2 Manchester. He likes creating friendships and helping employees have fun while working, and hopes they enjoy their job along the way. He has many great memories with employees and customers over the last 42 years. 

Keith has been married to Norma, his wife, for 34 years! They have two daughters, Heather and Kristen, and one son, Kory. In addition, they have two son-in-laws, Nick and David, and three grandchildren, Ben, Rylee, and Wyatt. They enjoy attending the kids’ many sporting events and Keith loves taking them golfing and fishing! In his spare time, Keith likes to golf, fish, and spend time with his family and grandchildren.

He is proud of working to create a fun and successful environment at the store, not only in the market, but with grocery as well. When asked how he would like to be remembered, Keith shares as fair, fun, honest, hardworking, and caring towards customers and employees. He says Fareway has been a great company to work for over the years. Keith shares that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it hadn’t been for the support of his wife and family (and of course, all the people that have worked for and with him). His piece of advice? Try to save as much time as possible for family, while having your heart in what you do.

Thank you, Keith, for sharing your heart and spirit with Fareway for more than 42 years!

February 2020 - Bryan Ray

Bryan celebrated 41 years in January 2020! He is currently the freezer manager, but has worked as produce manager and ordered about every aisle of the store during his tenure at 386-1 Ames. Bryan enjoys interacting with the public and being able to help and answer their questions. In addition, fond memories include all the people he’s worked with over the last 41 years. There are too many to count, but they have taught him many things.

Bryan is married to Pam, his wife, and has three step-children and six grandchildren. He met Pam at Fareway, a fellow coworker. He asked her out on a date and 16 months later, they were married. They are celebrating 23 years of marriage!

In his spare time, Bryan likes to travel and hike. He is proud of being a life-long resident of Ames and seeing how much the city has changed and grown over time. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says as someone who was able to teach and pass on the knowledge he’s learned over the years.

Thank you, Bryan, for your dedicated service for the last 41 years!

January 2020 - Jon Wulfekuhle

Jon, fondly called J Dub, Dub, Dubya, or JW, celebrated 41 years in December. Jon is currently the produce manager for 909-1 South Ankeny (or the Ankeny South Super Store), but has worked at several locations during his tenure: 594-1 Manchester with Rich Stearns and Dick Smith from December 8, 1978 – February 10, 1987; 461-1 Storm Lake with Dennis Langholdt and Al Wiltse from February 10, 1987 – August 2, 1990; 639-1 Maquoketa with Dick Schut from August 6, 1990 –July 6, 1994; and finally at 909-1 South Ankeny with Doug Monahan, John Looney, Tom Laven, and Doug Haugland from 1994 – present. He has managed all grocery sections of the store, with the exception of candy and health/beauty, but produce has always been his favorite.

Jon enjoys working at Fareway because it’s fast-paced and competitive. He has many fond memories of his time at Fareway, including a few informative and interesting trips to Family Tree Farms and Mariposa Farms; setting 975-Des Moines with other assistants for Reynolds; and working alongside his son. Jon has two sons and a daughter, all of whom have worked at Fareway. His oldest son does sales in the western half of Iowa for Nike. He and his wife live in Omaha and have blessed Jon with two granddaughters. His daughter & her husband live in Brooklyn, New York, where she works as an interior designer. She is currently designing a 2,000 room hotel in Las Vegas and in her spare time, is a world traveler. Jon’s youngest son is in St. Louis in graduate school for chiropractic care. In his spare time, Jon enjoys playing with his granddaughters, gardening fruits and vegetables, canning, freezing, and preserving. Jon is most proud of his children.

According to Jon, one measure of success is how you treat others. He hopes to be remembered favorably for that, as well as someone who worked hard to get the job done. Jon says that when a task seems too big, it’s not, just knock it down in stages!

Thank you Jon, for your good, positive attitude for the last 41 years! We are proud to have you as part of the Fareway family.

December 2019 - Linda Niblo

Linda is a cashier at 683-1 Winterset, and has worked for Fareway for 41 years! Beyond cashier duties, she also trains new cashiers, orders sections, conducts ad work, price changes, and office work.

She enjoys working for Fareway because she’s had the chance to work with a lot of good people, and to learn from them. She has also appreciated getting to know her great customers, and helping them out on a daily basis. Linda has many memories of Fareway, and says that so many changes have come about, including the computer systems, scanners, and touch screens. She has always been proud to have worked for a great company like Fareway. It helped her raise her family and has made her grow as a person.

Linda has been married for 48 years to Steve, her husband, who serves for the Madison County Sherriff’s Department. They have two children: Scott, who is the market manager at 034-Iowa City East, and Laurie, who works for the Winterset Post Office. In her spare time, Linda enjoys walking, watching HGTV programs, cooking, shopping, and cheering on Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball.

She is known for her positivity, always having a smile for everyone, and sense of humor. Linda most enjoys helping people – they make her day! When asked how she wants to be remembered, she says as helpful, caring, friendly, and courteous. She also always does the best job she can and strives to get along with everyone. Her advice? Always put your best foot forward and appreciate what you have each day. She says Fareway has always taken good care of her, and she hopes she’s taken good care of Fareway.

Thank you for taking care of Fareway and our customers for the last 41 years, Linda. We appreciate your years of service as part of the Fareway family!

November 2019 - Bill Stearns

Bill is celebrating 41 years this month!

He is currently the grocery manager at 925-1 Altoona, but has worked in several locations prior, including: 703-1 Humboldt in high school, 386-1 Ames in college (full-time post-college), 848-1 Newton, 699-1 Osceola, and 470-1 Perry. While he’s always worked on the grocery side, he has held many roles: courtesy clerk, cashier, stocker, janitor, dairy manager, produce manager, frozen food manager, assistant manager, compliment and complaint department, teacher/mentor, and finally, grocery manager.

Bill has enjoyed working for Fareway because it is a family and community. A memory that stands out is stocking Brach’s pick-a-mix at his dad’s store in Maquoketa before grade school, and he still finds himself stocking candy today.

Bill is married to Deb, his wife. She is a market research director at Essman Research in Des Moines. They have two daughters: Stephanie, who works as a relationship manager for Fidelity Investments in Edina, MN, and Stacie, who works as a development officer for Living History Farms in Urbandale. They currently have two fur baby rescues as well, Packer (cocker spaniel) and Reggie (springer spaniel).

In his spare time, Bill enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and supporting the Iowa State Cyclones and the Green Bay Packers. Bill is most proud of his family, his store, and past and present employees. When asked how he wants to be remembered, he says as fair, honest, and respectful. His advice, remember to always treat others as you would want your own family treated. Use your God-given gifts as you received them, two ears for listening and one mouth for speaking.

Thank you for serving your store employees and customers with fairness, honesty, and respect, Bill. We appreciate your 41 years of dedicated service!

October 2019 - Dave Spowart

Dave, best known as Spowie, celebrates 42 years this month!

He is currently the grocery manager at 980-1 Knoxville, but has worked at several locations: 703-1 Humboldt since 16 years old, 502-1 Cherokee, 657-1 Indianola, 792-1 Toledo, and 788-1 Spencer. Dave has worked as a part-time courtesy, full-time employee, assistant manager, and manager. Spowie got his nickname in high school, and it’s stuck ever since. 

Dave enjoys working at Fareway and seeing the development of young people. He also appreciates the great relationships he’s built with his customers, and likes having Sundays off. Fond memories include the RV TV get-together on the square for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. He also remembers having a fire on the back dock at 703-1 Humboldt. He would like to reiterate that he was not to blame for the fire! 

Dave is married to Julie, his wife, and they have two children: Kyle and Paige. Kyle is married to Patty and they have a beautiful daughter, Emma. Dave also has two pet pigs, Chloe and Red. He looks forward to his annual family camping and fishing trip to Nakita, Ontario.

In his spare time, Dave loves outdoors activities, such as fishing, hunting, and boating. He also serves as the Treasurer of the Knoxville Sportsman Club. Dave is really proud of his store, because after 22 years, it’s still clean and organized. His is always the first smile you see in the morning, and he enjoys telling his truck crew to stock the top shelf, so he doesn’t have to grab an OSHA approved elevation device. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says as a great boss. One that’s always willing to listen to employee concerns, no matter how small. 

Thank you for putting in a great 42 years, Dave! We appreciate your service and dedication to the company.

September 2019 - Jeff Youngstrom

Jeff started with Fareway in August 1977 at 407-Estherville. He moved to 467-Marshalltown, 386-Ames, 426-Nevada, 625-Oskaloosa, and finally 022-Riverside, where he has been a Grocery Manager since 2004.

Looking back, Jeff has worked with some great managers, and has learned a great deal from them. He remembers his first morning at Fareway and unloading the trucks by hand. He said it was just him and the truck driver in the back of the truck, putting the stock on rollers and shoving it down to another employee who would put everything on a cart.

Jeff has been married to Karen, his wife, since 1982. They have three children: Justin, Bryan, and Darci, along with three grandchildren. Karen and Jeff enjoy going out to the Black Hills and to the Twin Cities to watch baseball and football games. In his spare time, he also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Looking back at his career, Jeff says he and his family have enjoyed the towns they’ve lived in, “It’s what you make of each and every move, getting to know your neighbors, schools, church, and community.”

We appreciate you making the most of your time at Fareway, Jeff. Thank you for your dedicated years of service!

August 2019 - Terry Thein

Terry celebrated 42 years in January, and is currently a grocery clerk at 998-1 Muscatine. Previously, he was an Assistant Grocery Manager for seven years, and has worked at 639-Maquoketa, 461-Storm Lake, 597-Creston, 888-Jefferson, 815-Cresco, 900-Des Moines, and 975-Des Moines.

Terry enjoys working for Fareway because he gets to meet many customers. During his tenure, he has moved around a lot and has had the opportunity to work with different employees. He has worked with 13 managers, and is most proud of putting a smile on employees’ faces.

Terry has been married to Mary Jo for 32 years. They have three children, who have all worked for Fareway: Tyler (April), Trevor (Natalie), and Tiffany (Cory). They also have two grandsons: Clayton (3) and Jameson (1). In his spare time, Terry likes to bowl, golf, and spend time with family. He is a current member of the Muscatine Bowling Hall of Fame.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, Terry says as someone who cared about the employees and the customers.

Thank you, Terry, for caring for our people for the last 42 years! We are proud to have you as part of the Fareway family.

July 2019 - Robert Baker

In January, Robert celebrated 42 years with Fareway. He is the current produce manager at 461-1 Storm Lake, and previously worked at 551-Eagle Grove and 699-Osceola in both produce and dairy.

Robert enjoys working for Fareway because of the employees, customers, and vendors. They make the job fun! He shares that every year he has worked for the organization has been filled with fond memories.

Robert is married to Rose, his wife, and she has four adult children and 12 grandchildren. They attend many of their grandkids’ sporting events and dance recitals. In his spare time, Robert enjoys collecting Cardinals baseball memorabilia and attending games. He is most proud of the years they’ve collected for Toys for Tots and shopping for the new toys.

Robert has the ability to interact and joke with customers and vendors in the store. When asked how he wants to be remembered, he says as fair, hard-working, generous, and thoughtful. His advice? Have fun, work hard, learn the set of goals, and challenge yourself at work and life.

Thank you for having fun and working hard for 42 years, Robert! We appreciate your dedication and can-do attitude.

June 2019 - Bret Bjustrom

Bret, fondly known as B.J., has been with Fareway for 42 years, and works the day shift in dry goods. His current title is Fork-lift T.S. Operator in high pick and superslots. He has also worked in the refrigerated and frozen buildings, and has order picked on the night shift, loaded trucks, and driven a fork-lift for the refrigerated sections of the warehouse.

He enjoys working for Fareway because many co-workers have become life-long friends, he likes seeing the company expand and grow, and knows that Fareway is a solid and strong corporation. Bret fondly remembers being a part of the warehouse softball team, beating the drivers, and winning Fareway tournaments. He also enjoyed working with the older guys, who have since retired from the organization.

Bret is married to Julie, his wife, and they have three children: Lyndsey (40), Ryan (38), and Ryley (36). They also have eight grandchildren! In his spare time, he likes to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle with friends, listen to good music in his garage, and stay in close contact with his children. He also likes entertaining friends for Iowa Hawkeye and Dallas Cowboys games, and serving as a Babe Ruth baseball umpire.

Bret is especially proud of his three children. Lyndsey serves as a nurse in Ames, Ryan is the manager of 882-1 Eldora, and Ryley does sales in Chicago. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he says as friendly, helpful, and in it for the long haul.

We appreciate you sticking with Fareway for the long haul, Bret. Thank you for your commitment to the company!

May 2019 - Nancy Altenhein

Nancy celebrated 42 years of service at 409-1 Carroll in January. She is currently a cashier and oversees operations of the front end. Nancy has also handled office work and ordering of the health/beauty department and bagged candies.

Nancy is proud to have worked for Fareway for 42 years, and says that she enjoys meeting the different customers that shop at the store. She fondly remembers working with Bryan Baumhover back in 1979 and teaching him to check. She always wondered if he would come back to the Carroll store as a manager, and she is excited to have him back and be able to work with him again!

Nancy is married to John, and they spend time with their great nieces and nephews; attending all their sporting events. She loves to bake, and enjoys bringing it to work to share with everyone. In her spare time, she also likes going to the figure 8 races and visiting her mom to play cards and Mexican train. She enjoys working in her garden and doing puzzles, as well.

Nancy appreciates that Fareway works with their employees when they need time off. When asked how she wants to be remembered, she says as a person who is kind and helpful. Her piece of advice? Just take care of your customers, and they will take care of you!

Thank you for taking care of our Carroll customers for the last 42 years, Nancy. We are glad to have you as part of the Fareway family!

April 2019 - Kris Brockmeyer

Kris, fondly known as Brock, celebrated 42 years of service in January. He currently works as a meat cutter at 683-2 Winterset, and previously worked at 594-Manchester and 589-Decorah. 

Kris enjoys working at the meat counter for the steady work and interaction with the customers. In his 42 years, he’s seen a lot of changes, but is really proud of his tenure at Fareway. 

Kris and Kristina, his wife, have two children and two grandchildren. He loves to cook, and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. 

When asked how he would like to be remembered, Kris says as respectful and honest. 

We want to thank you for your years of service, Kris. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to Fareway. 


March 2019 - Glen Hessing

Glen Hessing celebrated 42 years of service in January of this year. He works as the aisle manager for canned goods, water, and cereal, and has been in charge of about every section of the store between his time at 719-LeMars, 559-Iowa Falls, and his current location, 625-Oskaloosa.

Glen has good memories of all three stores, including softball tournaments and get togethers. He also remembers unloading trucks one case at a time using wheeled tracks, getting paid in cash each week, using Garvey stampers instead of scanners, and incinerators instead of balers for boxes. He has enjoyed working at Fareway because of all the good people he's worked with and for. Glen also appreciates getting to help and know the customers and vendors. He said it's simply a good work environment!

Glen is married to his wife, Sheryl, and they have one daughter and three grandchildren, who of course he enjoys spending a lot of time with! In his spare time, Glen likes gardening (vegetables and flowers), exercising, sports, and an annual trip to the state fair.

When asked about how he would like to be remembered, Glen says he hopes everyone can say they enjoyed working with him. There have been a lot of changes over the years, but he says the importance of store cleanliness and customer service has not. He would like to say thank you to past and present Fareway employees for being so good to him.

We certainly appreciate how good you've been to the Fareway organization with 42 years of dedicated service, Glen. Thank you for your commitment to the company!

February 2019 - Ron Smith

Ron has been with Fareway for 42 years, and he vividly remembers his first position with the company; Bottle Boy. He worked behind the 559-Iowa Falls store sorting and stacking glass pop bottles and putting them in a shed, so they were ready for the different companies to come and pick them up for redemption. Ron started when he was 15 years old, and was excited when he turned 16 and was working inside the actual store with a part-time title!

Ron enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is married to his wife, Lori, and they have two children: daughter Amanda (son-in-law Dan Klinkenberg, 055-1 Hiawatha) and son Ryan (daughter-in-law Megan). They also have four wonderful grandchildren: Caleb, Annalise, Paxton, and Niles. During his spare time, Ron enjoys driving his 2010 Camaro and cruising around the Caribbean every March.

He would like to thank Fareway for all the opportunities over the last 42 years. Ron's enjoyed working with young adults and helping them grow to be respectful, responsible workers and citizens. He also appreciates the importance Fareway places on family, and likes spending every Sunday with his family and friends.

His Christian faith has been very important, and says without it, relocations and promotions with the company would not have been possible. Being in the transfer program taught him patience and perserverance, and he always enjoyed the challenges of working in new stores. Ron feels like his family was blessed with these opportunities to meet new people and experience different things around the state. He shares that it was an honor to open and manage the first Fareway store in the Quad Cities.

When asked how he wants to be remembered, Ron says, as the manager that ran his store with honesty, fairness, and respect.

Thank you for 42 years of service, Ron. We certainly respect the many years of dedication and work you've given to the Fareway organization!

January 2019 - Tim Burke

In January 2019, Tim Burke celebrated 42 years of service with Fareway. He is the current market manager at 950-Iowa City West, but has worked at various stores during his tenure, including: 479-Independence, 386-Ames, 531-Algona, 657-Indianola, 551-Eagle Grove, and 912-Sioux Center.

Tim has served as a market manager for the last 24 years! He enjoys the daily interaction with both customers and employees, and says that the connections he's made will last a lifetime. Fond memories include playing golf with legends, such as Joe Leonard and Tom Downs (before they started to cheat!)

Tim has been married to his wife, Cindy, for 41 years. He is really proud of his marriage, his wife (for putting up with him), and says that they are still best friends. They have one daughter, Danielle, who is married and lives in Lakeville, Minnesota. Danielle and her husband, Jared, have three children. Tim and Cindy really enjoy visiting and babysitting often!

In his spare time, Tim enjoys golfing. In particular, he looks forward to an annual golf trip to Bella Vista, Arkansas with past and present Fareway friends. He also loves spoiling his three grandchildren in Minnesota whenever he gets the chance!

When asked about how he would like to be remembered, Tim says dependable, and a good friend to those he's made connections with. Personally, Tim takes more satisfaction in assisting someone else reach their goals, than to gain any sort of personal reward.

Thank you for your time and dependability over the last 42 years, Tim! It has certainly been rewarding to have you as part of the Fareway family.

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