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Fareway Stores, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been honored as a 2013 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award Winner.This award recognizes select Iowa businesses that act with the highest integrity.

Fareway is excited about this award for a number of reasons. First, Fareway was nominated for the award by one of its business partners. Second, this award recognizes our valued employees for acting with the highest integrity.

From Fareway's inception 75 years ago, Fareway's core values have included holding family values in the highest regard, and demonstrating integrity, fairness and honesty in our relationships with customers, employees, vendors and suppliers. These values are founded and carried forward by our dedicated employees, who we firmly believe are the reason for our success.This single award exemplifies the everyday conduct of our dedicated employees and this award is for each one of them.

Additional details about the award are available at Better Business Bureau.

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