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Partners Fareway and MDA pose with co-branded delivery truck

This year, Fareway Stores and MDA are celebrating their 25th year of a successful partnership. 

This relationship began with participation in the Shamrocks program. This collaboration has grown significantly over time to include other customer activation promotions, store managers participating in MDA’s Lock Up program, participation in MDA’s Aisle of Smiles program, and other fundraising events.

Fareway Stores has raised more than $2.96 million for MDA since the partnership began in 1990.

Five years ago, Fareway Stores and MDA partnered up to have the first Fareway Stores and MDA annual golf outing, which continues to expand and grow. 

MDA salutes Fareway Stores, Inc. and their impact on MDA’s mission to save and improve the lives of those fighting muscular dystrophy, ALS and other diseases that limit muscle strength and mobility.

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