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Fareway Fathers Day

At Fareway, it’s no secret that we value both our employees and their families as one of our biggest success stories. This Father’s Day, we want to honor several Fareway fathers who have a unique bond with one or more of their children. In addition to being their parent, several Fareway fathers work alongside a child at Fareway. Take a moment to see how these families of Fareway came to be and how they’ll spend Father’s Day this year.

Fareway Fathers Day

Richard Paul Beckwith (Rick), Chairman of the Board, began his love of the grocery business as a young boy in Vinton, Iowa where his father was the grocery manager. Rick has worked in the Boone store in the produce warehouse, Oelwein, Charles City, Storm Lake, Clear Lake, Lemars, Winterset, and Cherokee Fareways, just to name a few. Rick’s son and daughters have worked for various managers throughout the years, as well as his sons-in-law and daughter-in-law. Rick’s son, Rick II, currently serves Fareway as the North Ankeny grocery manager. Rick II has previously worked at South Ankeny, Indianola, Iowa City, Urbandale and Boone Fareways. Rick's son-in-law, Jeff Dighton, works for Fareway as a controller in the downtown office and his grandchildren, Paige and Carter, work at the Boone store as well.

When thinking about the best part of having family members work at the same company, Rick II said, “When I think about the demands and energy that this career enlists, having a family member share that common ground is definitely a positive. It's great to know that we can help one another in different areas of the work field while helping the overall outcome that benefits everyone”.

A favorite memory Rick II has of working with his father was when he was very young, traveling to help get a store ready for opening. Anyone who has been a part of store openings knows how hectic and crazy they can be, so when the time came to take a lunch break, and all the seats were full, Rick II found a perfect perch up high on a pallet of birdseed. After eating lunch, he was so worn out he fell asleep on the birdseed. Several hours passed before Rick work him up. This experience was one of many that the two can look back on, laugh, and remember what it was like to work alongside one another.

“When parents and children work in the same company, and particularly have the same area of interest, it is natural that both our passion for work and family passes to the next generation,” Rick said, “Many decades later, my children remind me of some of our greatest family memories. They might have seemed insignificant at the time, but my children saw them as life’s lessons.”

Rick II finds joy in following in the same footsteps as his father and grandfather and equally, if not more rewarding, is seeing his children, Ricky III, Charlie, and Emily, mimic what he remembers from his childhood. “I can only hope that I can raise them to the same standards and values that I was given,” Rick II said.

Fareway Fathers Day

Rick II’s children, Ricky III, Charlie, and Emily follow in their father and grandfather’s footsteps by ‘helping’ to stock the Fareway shelves.

The Beckwith’s have always enjoyed a meal cooked over the grill for Father’s day. Sharing stories, spending quality time outdoors and thick cut Fareway steaks are a must-have!

Fareway Fathers Day

Fred congratulates Nick on his promotion to Manager at the Des Moines Euclid Fareway in 2011.

Fred Greiner, Fareway President and COO, has three children, Nathan, Emily, and Nick, all of whom have worked for Fareway. Nathan worked for Fareway for 15 years, Emily worked at the Boone store throughout highschool and Nick continues to work for Fareway, currently as a supervisor.

Fred started his Fareway career in Independence, IA and had worked at the Winterset, Cherokee, and Boone stores before being promoted to the corporate offices in 1989. Nathan, who has worked in both the grocery and meat departments, started working at the Boone Fareway and worked in Clear Lake, Cedar Falls, Humboldt, East Iowa City, Eagle Grove, North Liberty, and Carroll. Nick started working at the Boone Fareway in high school in 1995, worked at the Clear Lake store during the summer months and continued working during his time at the University of Iowa at the Iowa City Fareway. Nick then worked at Spirit Lake, where he became an assistant manager, followed by South Ankeny and North Ankeny. Nick managed the Des Moines Euclid Fareway from 2011-2015 until becoming a supervisor in 2015.

“The best part of having a parent in the business was being able to talk about work and getting valuable feedback and guidance. I grew up in the store when my dad was the manager, so I got to see the inner workings from a young age. I grew up watching him and wanted to follow in the same footsteps,” Nick said.

A memory that Nick will never forget is when he was promoted to Store Manager of the Des Moines Euclid Fareway. “I was ready for the next step and to have my Dad be the one to tell me that I ‘finally made it’ to manager was a feeling I will never forget.” Nick’s wife, Stephanie, has also played an important role in Nick’s career, “Being able to work with my Dad wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my wife, Stephanie. She was very supportive of my career path and was willing to sacrifice her career for mine. I look forward to the day that my two children, Finley and Knox, may one day get to work with me.”

Fareway Fathers Day

Fred received the 2006 Retailer of the Year Award from the Iowa Grocer’s Industry Association with Nathan, Emily, wife, Stephanie, and Nick.

The Greiners’ favorite meal is steak on the grill, but if Father’s Day falls over their fishing trip to Canada, walleye is king! They will be joined by another father-son combo, Dave and Bryan Greiner.

Fareway Fathers Day

Dave Greiner, his son, Bryan, and daughter, Kellie have shared many memories working for Fareway.

Dave, currently Vice President of Category Management, previously worked in Independence (his hometown store), was assistant manager at Vinton, Harlan, Nevada, and LeMars before becoming manager at Red Oak, Des Moines Euclid, and Urbandale. Bryan Greiner, Corporate Supervisor, has previously worked in the Des Moines, Waterloo, Urbandale, Cedar Falls, Nevada, Washington, Charles City, and Norwalk Fareways. He and his father, Dave, worked together at Des Moines (900) and now again in the corporate office. Kellie Greiner has worked as a grocery sacker/carryout, cashier, and bookkeeper in the Des Moines Euclid, Urbandale, and Cedar Falls Fareways.

When Kellie was 14, her dad would pick her up from school so she could work the 4-7pm shift. One of Kellie’s favorite memories of the Fareway days were the drives home together and being able to share all of the stories of the day. She also recalls watching him teach other employees and empowering them to carry out those new responsibilities.

Fareway Fathers Day

Bryan trying on his dad's Fareway black and whites while Kellie keeps the books.

The Greiner’s have spent many hours working together; they could fill books with all of the memories. Kellie remembers when they all worked together at the Euclid store, “It truly was a joy to work together and to be able to share that time while working hard and interacting with the customers. A few phrases/messages I remember my dad instilled in his employees include: 1) The importance of facing the product. We should be able to roll a dime across the products that are all faced up in a line. 2) If there was a plastic sack on the floor or stuffed in the corner of a check stand, he would coach employees that was a nickel not to be wasted. 3) To always treat customers with respect and kindness, no matter how difficult certain situations could become.”

Bryan remembers when Dave managed the Fareway in Red Oak, “One of my favorite things to do was to go to the store on Sunday when it was closed. My sister Kellie and I had the run of the place! There was a seemingly unlimited supply of cardboard, sign markers, and places to hide! It wasn’t all play, though, and there were a few jobs that we were able to help with. One of my favorites was to help get all the carts from the backroom up to the front after the floor cleaners were through. I also got to roll out the bread racks and my sister would organize the cigarettes! Once I was old enough to be officially employed, I saw firsthand his work ethic. I believe that one of his greatest gifts was his ability to instill that work ethic in me, and my sister as well.”

“We all have mentors in life that make us who we are. People who we try to model ourselves by and who we can count on for advice and guidance. The best part about having a parent work for the same company is that I get to call my mentor ‘Dad.’ I feel very fortunate to have someone I can call and ‘talk shop’ with when needed. He has been an invaluable resource for me at every stage of my career. While I’m sure some of those hour-long phone conversations were painful for him, he has always been there for me with good advice,” Bryan said.

A Greiner favorite on Father’s Day are Top of Iowa Sirloin Steaks.

Fareway Fathers Day

Photo (top to bottom) Dru, Ashley, Blaine, Wrigley, Marketta, Jeff, Trevor, Brock, Holly, Corey, Parker.

Jeff Leyden, Market Manager in Storm Lake, IA, is the proud father of Dru Leyden, Assistant Market Manager in Nebraska City. Jeff started in Washington, IA and went on to work at Storm Lake, Monticello, Sioux City, New Hampton, and Iowa City. Dru has previously worked at Emmetsburg, Greenfield, Shenandoah, Cherokee, Storm Lake, and Marion.

When asked what are some of the best parts of having your father work for the same company, Dru replied, “I have someone to call if I have any questions but I know what to expect and how things work because I have lived it with my father throughout my childhood. My father is always there to push me and help me strive to be a better Fareway employee”.

“We learn together, teach each other, and brainstorm new ideas,” Jeff said, “and Dru’s computer skills are excellent so he can help me with all the new changes happening.”

Both Dru and Jeff’s favorite memory is when they worked together to help open the new store in Storm Lake, IA in 2009. Dru was working in Greenfield at the time and his boss, Kirk Wagner, was nice enough to loan Dru out and let him come work for the day. “It made the pressure of opening day much easier to deal with. It was great working side by side with my son,” Jeff said.

Jeff and his wife, Marketta, are so proud of their children and blessed to have five wonderful grandchildren. Dru and his wife, Ashley, have a son, Blaine, and daughter, Wrigley. Jeff and Marketta’s daughter, Holly, and son-in-law, Corey, have three sons, Trevor, Brock, and Parker.

The Leyden family always has something on the smoker but this Father’s Day they look forward to grilling some delicious ribeyes with potatoes.

Fareway Fathers Day

Gary, Hannah, Maggie and Rene’ Worrall

Gary and his daughter Maggie Worrall are current Fareway employees. Gary is currently Senior Vice President of Produce Retail Operations and Maggie works in the corporate office as a Human Resources/Payroll Coordinator. Maggie’s previous positions include Training and Development Specialist and working in the Boone and Pella Stores. Gary has held many positions including Supervisor and Regional Vice President, manager of store 849, and working at stores 683, 705, 554, 479. Hannah also worked for Fareway at the Boone store growing up.

“With a parent working for Fareway, I have grown up in this company and always wanted to work for Fareway as I saw how great of a company it was to work for,” Maggie said.

Maggie and Gary agree that one of their favorite memories is working together to open the new Boone store.

When asked about the best part of working alongside his daughter, Gary stated, “Seeing my daughter grow up and succeed with the same great company that I have had the pleasure of working for is the greatest.”

The Worrall family plans to spend this Father’s Day together enjoying some delicious Fareway steak on the patio!

Fareway Fathers Day

Mark and Jason Kay

Mark Kay, Market Manager at Urbandale, has previously worked at the Harlan, Mason City, Spencer, Oelwein, Eagle Grove, and Urbandale Fareway stores. His son, Jason Kay, is the Assistant Grocery Manager in Dubuque, IA. Jason has previously worked at the Eagle Grove (1998-2002), Iowa City East (2005-2006), Bettendorf (2006-2008), Sergeant Bluff (2008-2011), and Spirit Lake (2011-2014) stores. Jason’s uncle, Doug Monaghan, also works for Fareway as the Grocery Manager of Jefferson.

Both Jason and Mark agree that one of the best parts about having family work at Fareway, is being able to “talk shop,” or tell stories of your experiences, and also sharing tips and money making ideas that work well in various stores.

Jason’s favorite memory of working together was during the hectic holiday season in Eagle Grove while both were running around like crazy trying to keep the shopping madness under control! Mark loved the days at Eagle Grove especially on late closing nights; it allowed him to know where Jason was at (a plus for any father of teenagers).

The Kay family will be enjoying some of Fareway’s Gourmet Burgers and Brats on the grill this Father’s Day.

Fareway Fathers Day

Jim Hoover, Market Manager Iowa Falls, has two sons that also work for Fareway. Collin (16) works in produce, helps stock, and carryout and Drew (14) is also a stock and works carryout.

“The best part of having my boys work with me at Fareway is knowing that our company is offering them experiences that will have a positive impact on their future. Working for Fareway allows my boys the flexibility to be successful at school, meet new people, and take pride in a new responsibility,” said Jim. “As a dad, it makes me proud when customers stop at the meat counter to tell me how much they enjoy my boys helping them in the store and carrying out their groceries.”

“While my boys and I all enjoy working for Fareway, it was actually my wife, Laura, who had worked for Fareway and had such a positive experience that she suggested that I should apply there when I had returned home from the military. The boys also have an uncle who works for Fareway, Eric Rich, currently at the Decorah store, so you could say we're a big Fareway family”.

A Hoover family favorite on Father's Day would have to be Bacon Cheddar burgers on the grill.

Fareway Fathers Day

John Christman, Michelle Heffernen, Josh Watts, Cari Watts, Stephen Heffernen, Aidan Watts (baby), Paul Heffernen, Liz Heffernen, Kyle Heffernen, Megan Heffernen, two little guys in front; Jaxson and Aidan Watts

Paul Heffernen, current Grocery Manager of the Manchester Fareway, has five children who have all worked in his stores! Paul started his Fareway career in Manchester and worked in Cresco, Vinton, Oelwein, Perry, Urbandale (manager), and back to Manchester. His sons, Stephen and Kyle, have worked for their dad since they were 14. Stephen (22) is graduating from Luther and has been accepted into the Fareway internship program, and Kyle (22) is a student at University of Northern Iowa. Both boys continue to help out on weekends and holidays.

Paul and his wife, Liz, also have three daughters, Cari Watts (Council Bluffs), Megan (Davenport), and Michelle (Madison, WI) who worked for Paul from age 14 through college. Paul credits his wife Liz for being the backbone of the family and making their house a home through all the various moves of a Fareway career.

Paul has found that the best part of working with his children is being able to contribute to his children’s understanding of what it takes to be successful. Stephen appreciates being able to see his dad in a professional atmosphere and how he can wear so many different hats!

One of Stephen’s favorite memories is getting to help build the holiday candy displays while Kyle’s fondest memory is getting to come in when the store was closed on Sundays. Both boys are extremely grateful to get to learn the business from their father, Paul.

The Heffernan family’s favorite Father’s Day meal is Fareway Porterhouse Steaks and Grilled Salmon.

Fareway Fathers Day

Back: Bryan, Jeff and Justin Youngstrom, Alex Schwartz. Front:Kandice and Karen Youngstrom and Darci Schwartz.

Jeff Youngstrom, Grocery Manager at Sioux City Riverside, has previously worked in the Estherville, Marshalltown, Ames, Nevada, and Oskaloosa Fareway stores. His son, Bryan, Assistant Manager at Emmetsburg, has previously worked in Oskaloosa, Sioux City Pierce, Des Moines #2, Boone, Cedar Rapids, and Ottumwa. Jeff’s daughter, Darci Schwartz, is the Bakery Manager at Sioux Falls and has previously worked at Sioux City Riverside and Sioux Falls. Jeff’s wife, Karen, has helped along the way. While the kids have moved on, she continues to help Jeff clean the coolers and tunnels, take care of the flowers in the summer and fall, and keep the grounds looking nice.

The best part of having family work in the same company is everyone knows you. From truck drivers to supervisors, everyone says hello and your dad says, ‘hi.’ The Youngstroms agree it was nice knowing that they could see their dad just a little bit more. “Not a lot of kids could say they got the pleasure to work with/for their dad,” Darci said.

“Both my older brothers and I worked under our dad, except at different stores. Justin and Bryan both worked with our dad in Oskaloosa for a couple of years each and I worked for him in Sioux City Riverside for seven years. Surprisingly, we all agreed our favorite memory was pushing truck in the morning. Another was cleaning the produce or dairy coolers on Sundays and putting displays back after the floor got waxed. He’d usually treat us to brunch somewhere afterward,” Darci said.

Justin recalled having breaks with him on Saturday mornings and going in on Fridays before football games to have break with him. Bryan remembers pushing truck and closing Thursday nights with him in Oskaloosa. Another favorite memory was when the meat department left the water on, and the hose burst off and flooded the back room. He called Darci and Karen down to help squeegee the floor. Another was helping with resetting the can wall. Even during the busy holiday season dad would be up front helping sack groceries. I’d be checking and turn around and he was there.”

Jeff’s three children would all like to thank their dad for his generosity, selflessness, and sacrifices, "He always put his kids first and made sure there was food on the table and clothes on their backs. He’s a great role model and a great teacher. One of the best lessons he’s taught us is hard work pays off in the end."

The Youngstroms will definitely have the grill out this Father’s day. Favorites include ribeye, ribs, or Jeff’s famous chicken wings that pair nicely with Karen’s homemade baked beans, homemade coleslaw or potato salad. If you go hungry in the Youngstrom house, it’s your own fault!

Fareway Fathers Day

The Mulcahy family gather for a wedding. Left to right: Patrick, Carly, Bill, baby Aiden, Rita, Amanda, Jack, Erica, Megan, and Austin.

Bill Mulcahy has been the manager of Dyersville Fareway for 16 years. He has five children, Amanda, Patrick, Austin, Erica, and Megan who have all worked for him! Austin and Megan currently work at Dyersville and Erica has worked at Dyersville, North Ames, and currently works at the corporate offices.

Fareway Fathers Day

Bill and his wife, Rita proudly welcome baby Quinn Rose into the world. Quinn is the daughter of Patrick and Carly.

The Mulcahys find that the best part of working together is sharing stories of the day and really being able to understand one another’s challenges and accomplishments.

Austin, Erica and Megan remember hearing Bill whistling every morning while they would stock and cut fruit. Being able to talk about the day and the game plan for the future around the break table has been a blessing for the Mulcahys.

This Father’s Day, the Mulcahys will fire up the grill with some delicious Fareway steaks.

Happy Father's Day to All of the Amazing Fathers Out There! 

We want to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all of the incredible fathers out there! Enjoy your special day!



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