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NEWS RELEASE (February 18, 2021) – As the Food Industry Association celebrates Supermarket Employee Day on February 22, Fareway Stores, Inc. will showcase its appreciation of employees in a week-long event from February 21-27. More than 11,000 Fareway employees in a six-state region will receive a fifteen percent discount to use in-store during the week. 

“We are incredibly thankful for our Fareway Family,” said Fareway President and CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “Our employees have faced a year of challenges and continue to rise above. They offer a sense of stability and community in each location. While we celebrate our wonderful employees every day, we hope this week showcases our sincere appreciation for their continuous efforts.”   

During the week, Fareway will highlight different teams of employees and their contributions. These stories and more can be found on Fareway’s Facebook and Instagram social media channels. 

For more details on the inaugural Supermarket Employee holiday, visit FMI – The Food Industry Association.  

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