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NEWS RELEASE (Boone) – Fareway Stores, Inc. CEO Reynolds Cramer, announced the following promotions at the company’s quarterly managers’ meeting today: 

•    Senior Vice President – Procurement: Aaron J. Irlbeck
•    Senior Vice President – Merchandising: Michael J. McCormick
•    Vice President – Engineering: Matthew J. Sherwood
•    Vice President – Direct Store Delivery: Thomas J. Laven
•    Vice President – Warehouse and Trucking Operations: Wesley D. Bass
•    Vice President – Produce Purchasing: Christopher E. Boothe
•    Vice President – Regional: Benjamin J. (B.J.) Van Der Linden
•    Assistant Vice President – Category Management: Andrea Chase             
The eight Vice Presidents listed above will participate in the company’s officer group.  

“These outstanding individuals are a sample of the overall strength of our employees; working hard in their respective areas and playing an important role in our growth and success. These promotions reward them for their efforts and will allow them to be engaged in other areas of the company’s operations. I’m excited about their evolving roles and how their future contributions will contribute to the company’s continued success,” said Reynolds W. Cramer, CEO.

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