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Fareway Meat Market

Fareway Stores, Inc. announced today that it is working towards opening a 6,000 square foot full service Fareway Meat Market at the Loveland Centre, located at 90th Street and West Center Road, Omaha. The new concept originates from Fareway’s 77-year commitment to provide only the best in fresh, high quality meat, with full-service meat counters.

“Our Fareway Meat Market will offer a new opportunity for customers that don’t have a traditional Fareway Store near their home. We are going to complement our unmatched, full service meat department by offering an expanded seafood section, artisan cheeses, high quality wines and craft beers, as well as other exclusive items,” said Fareway CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “This new concept not only offers a unique Fareway shopping experience, but it adds a great dynamic to our commitment for expansion by allowing us to explore alternative options.”

Construction is anticipated to begin within the next 90 days, with expected completion in spring 2016. The space is being designed by local firm TACKarchitects. It will offer high end finishes, blending Fareway’s history of fresh tips and ideas with a fresh perspective.

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