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Collage of wedding couples.

Love is in the air! Over the years, we have watched so many of our loyal employees find true love at their local Fareway. With family values always being held in the highest regard, we couldn’t be happier that Fareway was the one that brought these beautiful couples together. Since it is the season of love, we wanted to share a few of our favorite love stories that have blossomed at Fareway.

Wedding photo of Kent and Roxanne.

Kent and Roxanne Roush

Roxanne and Kent met each other while working at the Indianola Fareway back in 1975. The couple got married in May of 1985 with a beautiful ceremony that many of their Fareway friends attended. Nearly 30 years later the couple is still happily married!

Zach and Megan Lane

These two lovely individuals both worked at the Decorah meat market when they were introduced by a mutual friend. Zach had started his career in 2008 at the Decorah Fareway, and Megan had originally worked at the Cresco location before applying to work at the Decorah store halfway through college. They worked in the same location for a few months before finally being introduced to each other. The couple dated for about five years before getting married on July 4th, 2015 (their wedding was officiated by Decorah meat manager Brett Robinson) to ensure all Fareway guests would be able to attend. Both Zach and Megan will always be grateful for Fareway bringing them together.

Wedding photo of Brian and Michelle.

Brian and Michelle Schmith

In May of 1990 Brian began working part-time for Fareway at the Euclid location in Des Moines. Like many other Fareway employees, Brian became friends with of his co-workers, including a delightful woman named Michelle Wilson. In the fall of that year, Brian focused on making a career at Fareway and went full-time and was put in charge of the night shift. On one of his many evenings running the night-shift, Brian noticed that Michelle and another employee were talking a little too much in the front, near the courtesy counter. Brian went up to them and told them something to the effect of ‘stop chatting and get busy,’ and Michelle then made a joke about the situation that made Brian laugh. 

The other employee and Brian thought Michelle was still seeing another man that worked at the meat counter, therefore, encouraging the other employee to tell Michelle she shouldn’t be flirting with Brian. It was then that Michelle stated that she broke up with him last week and that she could flirt with whomever she wanted. This was just the nudge that Brian needed to realize Michelle was interested in him. The rest of the night Brian lingered around Michelle and what she was working on. Each night Brian would always walk the checkers out to their cars and that night Brian decided he would ask Michelle if he could call her later. That night Brian and Michelle talked on the phone until 3 A.M., and a date was set up shortly after. Since neither had money for a fancy date, they had dinner at Brian's apartment, then watched a movie, when Michelle fell asleep immediately. Now twenty plus years later, Brian and Michelle are still happily married, with Michelle still falling asleep almost immediately when watching a movie.

Wedding photo of Danielle and Bill

Danielle and Bill Snook

In May of 2006, Danielle had just graduated from college and was offered an opportunity to come back and work full-time as the Scanning Coordinator at the Urbandale Fareway. Danielle had heard about Bill, who liked to have other Fareway employees/friends over on the weekend, and since Danielle was ready to meet new people and possibly start dating, she decided to approach Bill about it. Danielle was closing one Saturday when Bill came in, and it was then that Danielle hollered down to Bill ‘why don’t you ever invite me when you have people over?’ Bill replied, ‘I don’t have your number.’ It was then that Danielle simply yelled her number down to him, thinking he would never remember it. 

After the encounter, Bill continued his shopping and Danielle didn’t think any more about it. To Danielle's surprise, later that night she received a text from Bill saying that he was having people over, and she should stop by. The interesting part was that neither believed they had a chance with each other. Before asking Danielle out, Bill would stop by and see her on his days off and come by the office on his breaks just to say hi. It was in April that Bill finally asked Danielle out. They both tried their best to keep their relationship a secret, not wanting people to talk about it, and knowing how difficult relationships can be in the workplace. 

At one point Danielle was pulled aside by John Cramer to talk about her relationship with Bill. John knew how serious their relationship had become and was very supportive of both of them, but wanted to make sure Danielle knew Bill would most likely be transferred to another location at some point. After two quick years, Bill was transferred to a Fareway in Bettendorf, IA. Danielle was frightened by the situation since they were not engaged. To Danielle’s delight, Fareway transferred her to Moline, IL to give her and Bill’s relationship a chance. After a year in the Quad Cities, Bill proposed to Danielle. 

Nearly four years later, Bill was promoted to Assistant Manager at the Bettendorf location. It was in 2014 that they left Bettendorf and Bill transferred to North Ankeny where he is currently the Market Assistant. Danielle was transferred to Pleasant Hill to help open the location as the Scanning Coordinator. Today both Danielle and Bill are happily married and have two beautiful daughters.

Megan and Jeremy's photo.

Megan and Jeremy Pingel

Megan began working at the Eldora Fareway her senior year of High School (1999). It was that same year that she met Jeremy. It wasn’t until 2000 that they began dating. The next year Jeremey joined the Management Program, and Megan decided she would follow and support him on his journey. Over the next couple of years, the couple got engaged and then married in 2004. Today, the couple celebrates three boys together. Both Megan and Jeremy thank Fareway for the love that they share and the friends they have made along

Matt and Angie wedding photo.

Matt and Angie Elthon

It was in 2009 that these two lovebirds met at the Cedar Falls Fareway. Both Matt and Angie were part-time employees while attending college. It was in May of 2010 that they both decided to go full-time at the store with Matt entering the Management Program. As time went on Matt was transferred to the New Hampton Fareway to further his career with Angie right by his side. The two were married in June 2012 and now have two sons, Benjamin and Jackson. Today, Angie and Matt live in Ottumwa, IA where Matt is the Assistant Manager at the local Fareway.

Ryan and Megan family photo.

Ryan and Megan Ahrens

These two began their story while working at the Boone Fareway. Megan was back from Iowa State University for the summer, and Ryan was just beginning his full-time career with Fareway at the same time. They continued to see each other though Ryan was transferred to Geneseo, IL a year later, while Megan continued her education at Iowa State and joined him a month later after she graduated. While living in Geneseo and furthering their careers, Ryan and Megan got married. Soon after getting married the two were transferred to Red Oak where Ryan and Megan welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Hadley. They were then moved to Ryan’s second assistant position in Dyersville where they had their second baby girl, Sylvie. Today, the couple is on their third assistant position in Knoxville and are excited to welcome their third child in June of 2016. Though traveling and moving every couple of years is difficult; the couple cherishes all of the memories and friendships each move has given them while on their Fareway adventure.

Benjamin and Emily family Christmas photo.

Benjamin and Emily Meyer

Emily and Benjamin began their journey together when Benjamin hired Emily to work at the Sioux Center Fareway. When Emily was hired, Benjamin was just beginning his first-time assistant position at that location. Emily was in her last year of college at the time and looking for part-time work. After Emily had begun working at the Sioux Center Fareway, she began dating Benjamin. A bit after they began seeing each other Benjamin was moved to the Humboldt location. Emily decided to accompany Benjamin on his exciting Fareway journey.

While Benjamin worked at Fareway in Humboldt, Emily worked in Algona. Shortly after that the couple got engaged, married and soon welcomed their first child. And in what Emily and Benjamin call ‘true Fareway fashion,’ right before they were due to have their son, they were re-located to Burlington. The couple has a running joke that if you want to be moved get pregnant, and just like that, they did! Once re-located in Burlington, the couple became pregnant with their second child and right before Emily was due to have their daughter, the couple was moved to Olewein. Today, the couple still lives in Olewein with their daughter and son. Both Emily and Benjamin have enjoyed the journey Fareway has given them as a couple and now, as a family.

Holly and Nathan family photo.

Holly and Nathan Nelson

About ten years ago, Holly and Nathan met each other at the Fareway in Pella. Holly’s dad Scott Parks (passed away in 2014) was the meat manager who caught onto the remarkable work ethic Nathan possessed. It was then that he mentioned to his daughter Holly that she should get to know him. And of course, the rest is history! After years of dating the couple has now been married for three years and have a beautiful daughter together. Today, Nathan is the assistant grocery manager in Norwalk and just like Holly’s family moved around with Fareway, her little family is now doing the same.

Melissa and todd smiling.

Melissa and Todd Tucker

Melissa and Todd met in 2004 while working at the Fareway in Cedar Rapids while both were in college. Todd began working at that location a year prior in 2003 with Melissa’s sister. The interesting part was that when Melissa began at Fareway, Todd thought the two were the same person until they both happened to work the same shift one evening. The couple began dating in December of 2004 after being introduced through mutual friends outside of work. The next year Todd joined the Management Program and was transferred to the Burlington location. Melissa finished school and relocated to Burlington to be with Todd. 

After years of dating, the couple moved to Charles City due to Todd being relocated. Once they had settled into their new home, Todd proposed to Melissa and the couple were married in October of 2009. The very next year Todd was relocated again to Waukee. Around the same time, the couple was excited to find out that they were expecting their first child, Kevin. While living in Waukee, the couple was blessed again with their youngest son, Kael. It wasn’t until April of 2014 that Todd was re-located to Stewartville, MN, which is where they currently reside. Both Melissa and Todd are grateful for the amazing journey Fareway has taken them on, as well as all of the people they have met along the way and will meet in the future.

Bri and Ryan standing outside.

Bri and Ryan Pille

This lovely couple met while working together at the Cedar Falls Fareway and have been married since June 1, 2013. Today, Ryan is the assistant grocery manager at the Shenandoah location. Both Ryan and Bri are ecstatic to welcome their first child very soon!

Jack and Maggie Christmas family photo.

Maggie and Jake Jeppeson

Maggie and Jake met each other while working at the Storm Lake Fareway during high school. The couple went to rival schools, so it took a lot of persistence from Jake to convince Maggie to go out with him. Finally, Maggie agreed to go out with Jake and, of course, the rest is history! Maggie and Jake have been together for ten years now and have been married for the last five and a half. The couple currently resides in Red Oak with their three children, Emma, Isaac and Aubrey. Both Jake and Maggie thank Fareway for bringing them together back in high school.

Mike and Shelley family photo.

Mike and Shelley Barbour

This lovely couple met while working at the Cedar Falls Fareway in 2002. Shelley had transferred from the Dyersville Fareway, and Mike had transferred from the Storm Lake store. In August of 2004, Mike was promoted to assistant and relocated to Spencer with Shelley in tow. It was in Spencer that Mike proposed to Shelley, and they were married in 2006. The couple welcomed their first bundle of joy, Taylor, in 2007. Later that year the couple relocated to Clinton and a few years later became pregnant with twins. It was while Shelley was pregnant that Mike was transferred to the Ankeny store. Today, the couple reside in Pleasant Hill where Mike was promoted to manager at the local Fareway. Both Mike and Shelley often joke of how it was Fareway that brought them together years ago.

Pete and Sara smiling.

Pete and Sara Thomsen

Pete and Sara met while working at the Waterloo Fareway in 2001. Sara’s sister Katie, who also worked at the store, had to convince Sara to go out with Pete since she wasn’t interested in dating a co-worker. After a bit of convincing, Sara said ‘yes.’ Pete and Sara were married in 2003 and now reside in Ogden with their son, Jacob.

Corey and Miranda Christmas.

Cory and Miranda Hallberg

Miranda and Cory met while working at Fareway in Manchester, IA. Miranda was the Pepsi merchandiser on the weekends, which is how Cory came to notice her. One evening Cory had a get together with friends and invited Miranda’s sister, who also worked at Fareway. Little did he know Miranda would accompany her to the gathering and formally introduce them. Shortly after meeting each other Miranda and Cory began dating. About six months after that Cory was transferred to Centerville, IA and invited Miranda to go with him. 

With Miranda by his side, Cory was promoted to assistant manager at the Centerville store. Two years later, in 2009, the couple tied the knot. After living in Centerville for a couple of years, they were transferred to Grimes, IA and from there moved on to Faribault, MN where they have lived for the last two years. The couple will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary this year.

John and Elizabeth wedding photo.

John and Elizabeth Kamienski

This wonderful couple began their journey at the new Morningside Fareway in 2012. John was the assistant market manager, and Elizabeth was the new bakery manager. Before the couple hit it off, a mutual friend tried to set them up for a period of time, however, Elizabeth was not interested. After a few months, John was finally able to coax Elizabeth out with a group of friends for karaoke one Saturday evening by giving her a note that said ‘I just met you and this crazy so here’s my number call me maybe?’ (Quoted from Carly Rae Jepsen). After that evening that the pair went on their first date, and we are happy to say that the rest is history. The two now reside with their son, Mason, in Pleasant Hill where Elizabeth is the bakery manager and John is the assistant at the Altoona Fareway.

Keith and Nicole smiling and dressed well.

Keith and Nicole Voss

Nicole and Keith met at the Marshalltown Fareway back in 1996. After hitting it off and dating for a period of time, the couple married in May of 1999. Since initially meeting, the couple has moved six different times and now resides in Centerville where Keith is the grocery manager. The couple has been married for seventeen years and has a fourteen-year-old son and nine-year-old-daughter.

Scott and Crystal smiling.

Scott & Crystal (Van Wyk) White

Even before Scott and Crystal began dating, they both had a similar rule. Never date anyone from work! Due to Scott’s relentless friends, this rule was eventually broken. After becoming engaged, they moved from the Waterloo Fareway to the North Liberty location. Coincidentally, they were married on Scott’s birthday, September 16th, 2006. They now have a little girl, Abby, who is 3 ½.

Josie and Ryan on the beach.

Josie & Ryan Zanker

Ryan and Josie met in Cedar Falls in 2001. He was working in the market while she was in grocery. They were married in 2006 and now have three children, Brady, Jackson and Abbey. Since they began dating, they’ve transferred to four different Fareway locations, Waukee, Geneseo, Perry & Monticello. Along the way, they’ve made great friends in each place and look forward to whatever location calls next!

Jerud and Michelle family photo.

Jerud & Michelle Thompson

While Michelle was attending school in Ankeny, she made the decision to move back to her hometown of Carroll to attend classes there. In the Fall of 2006, Jerud also made the move to Carroll to work at the local Fareway. For some time, the only exchange of words between the two was hello in the grocery aisles. Michelle began to check the schedule to see when their next shared shift would be and even offered to “run an errand” for her mother on her off days, just in case, Jarud was working that day. 

One day, Jarud left his freezer gloves on Michelle’s register. She knew they were his because of the initials “JT” written on them. When she had a moment, she found Jarud in the freezer aisle. When she gave Jarud his gloves back, he asked her how she knew they were his. She replied, “I just knew”. In April of 2007, they finally started dating and were soon engaged in the Summer of 2009. They were married in Carroll, on August 7, 2010. Their custom wedding koozies had a clever saying. “After meeting in an aisle, we are walking down the aisle.” Together, they have been transferred to five different stores in three different towns. They have two children, Addilynn who is four years old and Liam who is one. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to the families that started their journey at Fareway and to those love stories that have yet to begin. We are forever thankful for your devotion to the Fareway family. Our success over the years is a direct result of holding family values to the highest regard both in store and at home.

With Love,
Your Fareway Family

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