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March MEAT Madness is here! Vote for your favorite meat each round for your chance to win a Fareway meat bundle!

Fareway Meat Madness, 3 rounds of voting, March 14th through April 3rd.

Tournament time is here! To mix it up this season, we wanted to extend a fun game of our own known as ‘Meat Madness.’ Rather than creating a bracket of college men's basketball teams, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite meat to move on each week and ultimately win the tournament. By voting, you’re automatically entered to win a Fareway Meat Market bundle! Are you ready to play? Let’s “meat” the contenders!

Butterfly Pork Chop

Fareway Butterfly Pork Chop

Have no fear this Meat Madness, the butterfly pork chop is sure to bring it’s A game. Recognized by the National Pork Board as the ‘most popular cut from the pork loin,’ we guarantee this meat will be quick and versatile throughout the tournament.

Beef Ribeye Steak

Fareway Beef Ribeye Steak

Other teams better beware because we are sure the beef ribeye steak will be the team to watch out for during Meat Madness. Known for its rich flavor and Kobe-esque cuts, we know this meat will have your tastebuds on fire.

Boneless Whole Pork Tenderloin

Fareway Boneless Whole Pork Tenderloin

Looking for a lean and tender team of meat that will be a buzzer beater this Meat Madness? You found it! The tenderloin is notorious for being an all-purpose cut that will be dunking on all of its opponents.

New York Strip

Fareway New York Steak

Get ready for the flashiest team in the tournament. This lean and delicate cut will make the crowd go wild throughout Meat Madness. From its incredible flavor to the team’s lean physique, watch out for its surprise tenderness and famous windmill dunk move.

Prime Rib Beef Roast

Fareway Prime Rib Beef Roast

Are you searching for a team of meat that is guaranteed to provide you with nothing but net this Meat Madness? Look no further than the prime rib beef roast. Recognized for its natural tenderness and rich seasoning, this team will be shooting three pointers all game long.

Top of Iowa Boneless Beef Sirloin Steak

Fareway Boneless Beef Sirloin Steak

This team of meat is cut from the ‘heart’ of the sirloin, making it a team to be reckoned with this Meat Madness. It is hard to find another team of meat as juicy and with as little waste as this one. Well-flavored and functional, we know this team will provide fast break after fast break during the tournament.

Smoked Pork Chops

Fareway Smoked Pork Chops

This team of meat is too good to be true. Almost all of their fans know they only need a little warm-up before the big game and they are ready to go. Throughout Meat Madness you can expect this savory team to drive it to the net all game long.

Pork and Bacon Cheddar Patties

Though they may be the underdogs of the tournament, the pork and bacon cheddar patties prove time and time again why they may win Meat Madness. Exploding with flavor and hops, these patties can give and go straight to the net, unlike any other team.

Ready, Set, Vote!

With such great contenders in the tournament, choosing your favorite meat will no doubt be a challenge. Are you ready to vote? If so, get started with the link below. To learn more about the meats available at Fareway check out our online meat market!

Fareway Meat Madness | Vote Here!

Meat Market Madness | Official Rules

How to play?

Online: Visit our Facebook page to “vote” on each matchup by choosing your favorite Fareway Meat Market item.


  • Anyone is welcome to enter
  • One entry per email
  • One grand prize will be selected from all completed entries

Tournament Timeline

  • March 14 - 20
  • March 21 - 27
  • March 28 - April 3
  • The winner will be announced April 4th


Thanks for playing and good luck! 

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