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Fareway employees hold up oversize check for Toys for Tots.

We recently presented a check for $55,316.33 to the U.S. Marine Corps for their Toys for Tots campaign, which provides toys to less fortunate children during the holiday season. In addition, more than 50 pallets of toys were collected and donated. Monetary proceeds and toy donations were accepted at all our 112 Fareway store locations from Friday, November 27 through Thursday, December 24. 

“We are proud to have partnered with the U.S. Marine Corps for more than 20 years on the Toys for Tots campaign,” said Fareway Stores, Inc. CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “We want to thank our generous customers for helping make this a record-breaking year. They always go above and beyond to make the campaign successful, and this year is no exception.”

For 2015, the U.S. Marine Corp currently reports that 16,961 children were served, 33,922 toys were distributed, and total campaign proceeds topped more than $156,000. 

“We are humbled and thankful to be able to participate in the Toys for Tots campaign,” said Fareway Stores, Inc. Director of Direct Store Delivery and Toys for Tots Coordinator Tom Laven. “This year we raised more than $10,000 than the previous year, thanks in large part to our customer’s continued support of Iowa’s underprivileged children.”

Pictured above from left to right: Tom Laven, Fareway Director of Direct Store Delivery; Braedi Kinman, KCCI Marketing Consultant; Jeff Stearns, Fareway Vice President of Marketing and Advertising; Amanda Hull, KCCI General Sales Manager; David Hartman, KCCI Account Executive; Pat Wells, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Sergeant Stadig, U.S. Marine Corps; Captain Adamson, U.S. Marine Corps; Emily Toribio, Fareway Corporate Outreach and Communications Coordinator

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