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Participant enjoying bike from Variety and Fareway.

Fareway and Coca-Cola representatives were proud to partner with Variety Children's Charity to present Suzanna Soe a specialized bike at the I-Cubs game on August 14, 2013.>

Fareway has worked with Variety, the Children's Charity, for many years, and when we heard about their new Specialized Bike Program we jumped at the chance to take part.

The specialized bike program provides bikes to children with special needs. Children require an adaptive bicycle for a multitude of reasons, such as challenges with balancing on two wheels or lacking coordination to balance and move the pedals. The adapted bicycles have a number of features to minimize these issues, such as a three-wheeled design, back and trunk support, straps on the pedals, pulley mechanisms to decrease effort required to pedal, and attendant control. These bikes allow children with various physical challenges to experience the joy and excitement of riding bikes with their family and friends and gain a higher level of independence.

To find out more, visit Variety's Specialized Bike Program!

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