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The free app that pays you cash for shopping at Fareway Stores

Download the free Ibotta app and link your phone number to get cash for buying your favorite products, on top of in-store savings.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free app that rewards you with real cash on top of in-store savings and manufacturer coupons.

How Do I Get Started?

Download the free Ibotta app on the App Store or Google Play. After creating an account, link your phone number to Fareway Stores. To do this, go to the Grocery category and find Fareway. Follow the prompt and you're on your way! 

How Ibotta Works at Fareway Stores:

Image of a lock being unlocked.
Before shopping, unlock your rebates. The more you unlock, the more cash you can earn.

 Image of a check mark.
Go shopping at Fareway Stores. During checkout, give the cashier your phone number. That's it!

Image of cash.
Yep, real money within 48 hours of shopping. Remember, your earning potential is unlimited! 

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