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Fareway Party Trays

If you are looking for a dish for a party or special occasion, we can help you celebrate! Fareway offers a wide variety of affordable party trays and treats that can be custom-made to suit any celebration. Call your local store for pricing, details, and festive party platter tips and ideas.

Party Trays

Approximate Serving Sizes:

  • 12" Tray - Serves 15 - 20 people

  • 16" Tray - Serves 20 - 30 people

  • 18" Tray - Serves 30 - 40 people


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Fruit & Veggie Trays:

Tray Size Price
Veggie Tray 12" $24.99
Veggie Tray 16" $34.99
Veggie Tray 18" $39.99
Fruit Tray 12" $29.99
Fruit Tray 16" $39.99
Fruit Tray 18" $49.99

Meat & Cheese Trays:

Tray Size Price Serving Size
12" Tray $20-30 Serves approx. 10-20 people
16" Tray $40-50 Serves approx. 20-30 people
18" Tray $60-70 Serves approx. 30-40 people

Custom made for your gathering, inquire at your local meat counter. (Prices vary based on product selection)

Tray Suggestions

  • Assorted Cheese Tray

  • Assorted Fruit Tray

  • Deli Meat Tray

  • Vegetable Tray

  • Shrimp Tray - with sauce 

  • King's Hawaiian Sandwiches

  • Buns - for all sandwich sizes

Other Party Ideas

  • Watermelon Boat

  • Barbecue Pork

  • Barbecue Beef

  • Ham Salad

  • Chicken Salad

  • Potato Salad

  • Fruit/Vegetable Kabobs

Bakery Treats

Fareway has a large selection of bakery items available, including custom ordering options at select Fareway Bakery locations.

  • Sheet Cakes

  • Cupcakes

  • Decorated Cookies 

  • Specialty Bars 

Fareway Fresh 

We are committed to our foundation of personalized service and providing for the freshest, highest quality food. Fresh foods are an essential part of family meals. Nearly half of every store's footprint is dedicated to fresh items. We keep the size of our stores modest, so you won’t be overwhelmed every time you make a trip. Visit your nearest Fareway Store today!



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