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Welcome to Fareway's virtual meat counter. This is the place to learn about the different varieties of meat and cuts of meat offered at your local Fareway and online. Additionally, get tips from our meat experts, and find delicious recipes to try at home.

Our Fareway Meat Markets are an American Midwest tradition, and we’re always striving to put quality and service first. Take a look into a Fareway case, and you’ll find fresh cuts of the highest grade of USDA Choice beef, all-natural chicken and pork, and other specialty items.

We work closely with our processors to ensure every shipment meets our rigorous quality standards. Our knowledgeable Fareway Meat Market staff are happy to answer your questions and provide tips and ideas to help you get the most from your Fareway meat selection.

We hope you enjoy our virtual meat market and we invite you to visit us in person at your local Fareway.

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