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Meat Experts Tip:

Have your meat expert trim the breasts and remove the connecting tissue between the two breasts. This will make for the best cooking experience. A quick and easy way to prepare delicious and moist chicken breast is through the use of a counter top press grill or panini maker. The heat from both the top and bottom ensure a short cook time to reach the necessary 165°F internal temperature. The quick process helps this lean piece to retain moisture.

Preferred Cooking Method:


Other Cooking Methods:

Roasting, Baking, Frying, or Poaching

Cooking Temps:

Needs to reach 165°F with 3 minute rest period


Nutritional Information

Per 3 ounce cooked serving with skin - Roasted : 170 calories; 7 g fat (2 g saturated fat); 25 g protein.

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